Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Camera Shy photog & a little confidence.

First things first.  Ever since I had my sweet little miss, I've become a little camera shy.  I think that happens when you hit 50 months pregnant or at least what that feels like that and you no longer want to see what you actually look like.  Here are my thoughts on getting over it. 

1.  Start with a selfie.  One of my cute friends told me that I make her want to be in pictures again.  Why?  After I had Ava, I didn't like my middle & so I would selfie with her.  The glory of having a kid, is you can place them infront of the body part you like the least!  Place baby & snap the selfie!  You control the camera, the filter, & most of all you can take as many as you'd like until you're happy!  

2. It's hard to be the photographed & photographer at the same time.  So, I've had to let go and let my sweet husband take the camera reins & take my picture.  This is something I've had to make a concious effort to do since my babe was born.  She will want pictures of more than just her and her dad one day.

3.  If you wait for the day you think you will look good, it will never come.  It's time to feel good now.  In 20 years you will look back and think "what the heck was I complaining about!"

4. Embrace it OR crop it.  I love the moms who have the baby and get out there and show the world their post-baby body.  Most of us don't got back to a 6 pack a day later, don't feel bad.  You just had a baby.  You literally gave life to something.  Your body will not be the same for a while.  REMEMBER, pregnancy is temporary.
I cropped this way down and it went from one of my least favorite pics to a cherished moment!

5. Find something that makes you feel your best.  My sister had a first date shirt that she knew made her look her best.  When we look good, we feel good, & then we kill it with confidence.  Find that thing that you KNOW you look good in and rock it!  Dresses do that for me.  Enter the sweet shop over at   I know the chevron maxi-dress has been around for a bit & until around a month ago I had never even owned one.  Now that I have, I'm seriously wondering where this was when I was pregnant last year?  I know, I'm late on the trend.
I can't wait to wear it on my upcoming trip to Vegas!  I paired it with a sweater from Kim's Fashions to coverup the strapless top.  I did grab a sweet high-waist suit (thanks so Sheena) & this will also be my coverup when I head to the pool.

Grab this HERE before it's gone!

Sassy Steals Dress HERE - Shown in a small
Sweater in mustard // Kim's Fashion-Clearfield, UT
Bangles // Sassy Steals HERE

I love the twist on the regular chevron!

Target Sandals // HERE

Thanks lovelies for reading!

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