Monday, September 7, 2015

Charmingly Cute

This week has been exhausting.  iMac crashing (I'm dying without my lightroom),  first of three bathroom tearouts, and lastly potty training.  Weirdly, I am so thankful for these challenges.  Many around me have been suffering with medical issues, losing children, and even losing faith.  So my problems are so minor compared to others struggling. 

Is it just me or is being a two and a half your old a tricky job?  Even harder, being a mom sometimes.  My sweet girl has her flustered moments, but still at the end of the day we fall back in love, say our prayers, and fall asleep happy.  What helps you work through your struggles with your kiddos?  I'm still figuring this out lately.  Heavenly Father has been the true guiding light for me in how I view my kids.  Don't get me wrong, I still occasionally lock myself in my room and scream into my pillow.  What mom doesn't?  I feel like I'm constantly being reminded to be thankful for each challenge we have to overcome.  3 years ago, all I wanted was a baby and now I have 2 precious miracles.  Children ARE so rewarding and totally worth it.

Now for the lighter side of post. 

Ava and I both have a jewelry obsession.  A couple on months ago the fabulous Cheri Holden shared her wonderful jewelry making talents with me.  You know when you just meet someone who is just an incredible gal, mother, and wife plus she's gorgeous?  That's Cheri.    I had been searching everywhere for the perfect gold bar necklace, well it so happens that she makes them.  I love supporting local businesses, plus if you meet her she's amazing.  Cheri's Etsy Shop has the most darling creations and I urge you to check it out and get your hints started for Christmas.  Yes, it will come before you know it and my sweet jewelry maker would love to take care of you.

I can't wait to get sis her own necklace one day. Ava's my best friend and I will do everything I can to remind her of that for at least the next 16 years.  

Here is a link to my necklace that Ava is wearing.

I hope each of you have a wonderful Labor Day.  Be safe. 


Friday, July 10, 2015

Metallic Ice Ice Baby

Guess what I did?!!!...............

Whew I feel brand spankin new you guys! You wouldn't believe what a crazy hair color can do for your soul! I think I have an alter ego now...and she is a superhero. Right? All I need is some spandex.
After I had taken out my extensions I had a mini meltdown that involved tears and staring at myself saying "I have the ugliest hair in the world". Not kidding....
Originally I had this plan that when I  turned 40 I would cut my hair and go platinum so I could rock the fun colors. I was already preparing myself for my midlife crisis. Serious. Well turns out that crisi came 10 years too early so I dove into all the pretty Pinterest hair pics and pulled out the bleach and OLAPLEX!
Ahh there you are future self....I pick this one.

OK lets talk OLAPLEX for a minute. If you have yet to hear of this miracle product STOP what you are doing and go HERE NOW!!!
Basically with this product, we as cosmetologists are able to push the envelope with hair WITHOUT compromising the integrity of it. It's insane.

Can you believe that?!! My hair should be in a mushy mess down the drain of my sink! Not even close! It feels amazing and I only needed to cut about an inch off my ends. Which it needed before the bleach anyway.

I am a licensed Cosmetologist. I do not recommend you trying this at home unless you are a professional.
This process did not happen all in one day. It was achieved over the course of 5 days. While OLAPLEX is an amazing product, you still need to use caution. 

Just a little FYI. If you are going from all over dark to all over blonde bleach will inevitably touch your scalp....and it doesn't feel super great.
If your plan is to go Platinum or a pastel color you blonde needs to look like this!
NOT this!

While I was going through this lightening stage I was Periscoping the whole thing!
(Don't know what Periscope is either? Go HERE and sign up! Oh... and follow me of course! SheenaLaRose)

While periscoping I was chatting with Mandie of Thatblondegirl Mandie and we decided that she NEEDED to do My pastel color!

I just love this girl and she is truly an inspiration to us all. She has worked her little booty off to build her platform and for her to take the time out of her extremely busy schedule to make my pastel dreams come true was just .....EVERYTHING! 
We YouTubed the whole process and became Hair Besties 4 Life! 

You can also view the video HERE

Huuuuge thank you to OLAPLEX for providing me the tools to to safely achieve this hair! And to Mandie for being my cheerleader throughout this entire process! 
I looooove my hair! Nothing to cry about now my friends!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you are in the Ogden, Utah area tomorrow (Saturday July 11th) make sure you head over to the Riverdale ULTA for the smash box event! They will be doing FREE makeovers by major makeup artists! You can cross your fingers and just show up or call 801-621-4639 to make an appointment. There will be a Photobooth as well. Jamie and I will be there joining in on all the fun!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

#IRMO2015 Makeover Giveaway!

With summer coming up, we thought a makeover give-away would be just the ticket to start it off right!  We want you to nominate somebody that would love to be pampered!  Maybe it's that sweet mom who never pampers herself, a teen getting ready to start college, or a friend that you just want to celebrate.  Tell us by nominating her on your Instagram!

The winner will receive the following prize worth $800

Photo Session by Jamie Healy Images
Haircut, Color, and Style by Sheena LaRose Hair Artistry
Full Makeup by Tia Celise Artistry
Custom Teeth Whitening by Howe Dental
Spa Treatment by Kahakai Spa

How to Nominate

Post a picture of your Mom, sister, aunt, friend, etc. on Instagram and tell us why they deserve a pampered makeover as a caption.  Make sure to use the #irmo2015 somewhere in the comment and tag @individualrivalry in the image.  
Winner will be chosen June 1, 2015

Nomination Example

Now for the small print!
  • Winner must be 18 years or older
  • Winner must be able to travel to Ogden Area to receive services
  • Not all treatments/services will be done on same date
  • Model Release must be signed for use on websites for all businesses listed
  • None of the above sites are liable for any injury or loss associated with this giveaway
  • Winner will not be compensated for time and travel outside the above services mentioned
  • If winner is unable to receive entire package, a new winner will be chosen
  • Winner will be chosen by above businesses no later than June 1, 2015
  • Any of the above info subject to change at anytime without any notice
  • Please contact Jamie or Sheena at with questions

Monday, May 4, 2015

Cesarean. It's not the end of the world, it's the beginning of your baby's life.

As I start this next post, here is my usual disclaimer: This is my view of my life and medical situation.  My choices are made on what has been best for me and mine.  I've consulted medical doctors and made decisions based on their information.  

Cesarean or C-section seems to be a hot subject.  It's gotten a bad rap and for a lot of women this is their birth option.  I'm hoping that I can help others to understand why I made my choice for my baby and me.  Please be understanding with someone's decisions, especially those sweet and hormonal moms out there trying to get their baby here safely.

When I gave birth to Ava it was a tricky situation.  She was a breech baby.   At 5 months, my midwife started preparing me for the idea of a cesarean birth.  

Why did she prepare me for so long?  She told me that sometimes when women are not prepared for the idea of a c-section they struggle with having one.  Depression can set in, they might be upset that their "birth plan" changed, and so on.  During my pregnancy with Ava, I also had low amniotic fluid.  This factor also put me on bed rest and made it harder for her to turn into position in the final days of pregnancy.   Together with my midwife, another OB, and myself we made a plan to have me go on bed rest to raise the fluid and then try and physically turn Ava before the delivery.  

Things not to do while pregnant and on bed rest:
  • Watch a baby being turned, a vaginal birth, or c-section via internet videos
  • Listen to other people's hellish personal accounts of everything that went wrong with their birth
  • Get opinions from too many people
I did all three.

My Dr. tried turning my strong willed baby a few times. It was painful and unsuccessful.  My amniotic fluid wasn't cushioning the baby enough, so she would turn back to the breech position.  There I was, prepped and headed into surgery for my first c-section.  I would be lying to say I wasn't nervous.  With all the planning in the world I still had a little anticipation anxiety for sure.  Ava came out safe and perfect in just a few minutes.  She was beautiful and everything I had waited for.  The c-section was just a footnote in her arrival.


There was pain after the surgery.  Looking back, I feel like it was more from trying to turn her than the actual surgery. My stomach muscles were bruised.  I had experienced major surgery.  There were staples, I couldn't cough without pain, walking was rough, I needed pain meds for days, and I couldn't pee without help.  Would I do it all again?  Yes.  This was my birth option, she had to come out and that was her exit.  
Multiple women I know have had a "C" and it never really stressed me out as far as a scar, or the pain factor.  I've honestly never been that girl that wanted to be in labor for hours on end. I don't know anyone that would.  I knew from the miracle of modern medicine that my scar would heal and my baby would be safe.  I also never associated having a c-section with being selfish or being less of a mother.  You're birth plan doesn't make you a mother, your actions and how you love your baby does.

After a couple days in the hospital, the bandages came off and I got my first look at my "new" stomach.  Post baby your stomach looks about 6 months pregnant and still full.  My incision was beautifully symmetrical and low on my belly.  They told me it would go down over time and shrink substantially.   Guess what?  They weren't lying.  By the following summer I was wearing a bikini and my scar was never visible to others.  The pain from surgery went away after a few weeks and I never looked back.

From my previous post on infertility, you might remember that it was a suggestion for me to try and have my babies somewhat close together.  So a year and a few months after having Ava, we became pregnant with Cohen.  Before and after he was conceived the top question I would get from everyone was "are you going to have a VBAC with your next one?"  

VBAC = Vaginal Birth After C-Section

Again, I carefully considered the pros and cons of a VBAC vs. a C-section:
  • A VBAC is a lot less expensive than a C-section
  • A VBAC can cause bladder problems and result in additional surgery
  • A C-section is major surgery and requires more downtime on your body
  • A C-Section can be a scheduled birth (which was a plus in my book!)
  • It had only been two years since my previous birth and the scar on my uterus might not be strong enough for a vaginal delivery
  • I had also been told that a second c-section isn't as painful as the first
Then I did the best thing for me and talked to a Dr. He was very receptive to all of my concerns and wanted to help me achieve the best and safest result for my baby and myself.  Tim, my Dr., and I went through every risk of each option and again I made the decision very early in Cohen's pregnancy to have a scheduled cesarean birth.  Even with the knowledge of my previous painful c-section, I figured that was it.  Decision made.  Then the questions of others poured in.
I'm opinionated, but a huge thing I have learned about motherhood is sometimes unsolicited advice, however thought of as helpful, can be hurtful to others.  I was really surprised about the concern I received about having a second c-section.  I'm using the word concern, but really it was more like a judgment.  Sometimes the questions hurt.  I felt like others doubted my choice, like I just made a snap decision without thinking.  I started feeling frustrated when other people would ask me about my birth plan, like I had to somehow defend it.  I only care about the safety of my baby and me.   Why does so-and-so care if I do it this way? 

Questions like "Why would you want to do that again?" "Why wouldn't you want to have a baby the real way?" "Isn't a c-section really bad on your body?" "You can't nurse if you have a c-section, right?  Surprisingly, this question came up a ton.

I think we are afraid of what we don't know.  Between the repeated questions and the hormones of pregnancy I was getting angrier by the minute.  I just never realized the lack of knowledge there was out there about C's.  Most of the mothers I've talked to that have had a c-section didn't find their birth to be that traumatic.  It was the people around them that made it seem that way. 

In a perfect world pregnancy wouldn't involve discomfort, weight gain, stretch marks, or morning sickness.  Birth would mean your body went right back to it's pre-pregnancy state, you could leave the hospital in your skinny jeans and not your maternity stretch pants, you would look gorgeous while pushing out that watermelon, and maybe somehow you could bypass 30 people seeing your lady parts in the process.  This is real life.  People have seen my lady parts and some days only my maternity pants fit. So just like my post-baby body, a birth plan isn't always perfect.

Cohen's big arrival came quickly.  I checked into Labor and delivery at 6 am.  The anesthesiologist gave me a spinal block for the surgery instead of an epidural.   With a c-section, you are not put completely out by the anesthesiologist.  I was numb, but could still feel pressure in my stomach.  Tim had geared up in his scrubs, the nurses prepped me, the doctors with scalpels in hand went to work, and within a few short minutes I could hear my sweet, fresh from heaven, baby boy crying.  He was perfect.  Tim rushed off with him to be checked and bathed.  Both times my husband has left with my baby and it can be rough.  The anesthesiologist distracted me while they closed me up.  This time instead of staples, they used glue and somehow made my incision site smaller than before.  

After the procedure I was taken to my room.  Within a few hours, I could sit up, touch up my hair and makeup (yes, I'm that girl), walk, and snuggle my baby.  I was a little sore, but the pain was manageable and I felt good.

Typically, you can stay at the hospital four nights with a cesarean.  I'm totally that person that enjoys my hospital staycation.  You have help post-surgery, you don't have to worry about food, and you get to relax and bond with your newest arrival.  It takes a town to raise a baby, well for me it takes a hospital staff to get me through the first few days.  Recovery on my second round was a breeze compared to the first.  I'm so thankful that I was able to have options for my birth and a supportive Dr. I think if we take a step back and look at the upside of any situation we will realize what's really important.

Being a mother doesn't always mean you gave birth to your baby, it means loving that sweet, perfect child more than yourself.  Whether a natural vaginal birth, an epidural vaginal birth, a c-section, foster care, or adoption... they are all still the children that our Heavenly Father chose for us.  We are the ones who kiss them better, watch them grow, give hugs, are there for the good and the bad.  We are their warriors, their advocates, their cheerleaders, their best friends, and sometimes their heroes.  Even in our toughest moments, we know that it is all worth it.  We are their mothers.  

Happy Mother's Day
Make it the best one yet.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A new babe & my float spa experience!

Before I get started, I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful support of our new arrival, Cohen.  He smells like heaven and is just the sweetest little babe.  I'm working on his birth story for my next blog so stay tuned.  

Disclaimer: I was around 32 weeks pregnant when I went for my spa day.  I would suggest consulting your Doc before trying anything you aren't familiar with.  

A couple months ago, I was achy, pregnant, and about to turn 30.  That, my friends, is a dangerous combo.  Tim suggested that we have a spa day.  I was looking around for a fun package and I had a friend suggest his family's spa. 

Enter InSPArations. 

A couple things about this spa: they offer traditional massages and infrared saunas, but the cherry on top is the float spa.   If you want to do a full treatment, you do sauna, massage, and then a float.  When Tim and I got there we were greeted by a friendly staff and led to the infrared sauna.  We changed into robes and slippers and sat in the sauna for about 30 minutes.  

The Infrared Sauna isn't a normal sauna.   You don't get hot, but you feel relaxed.  It's pretty awesome and I felt like it helped my body get ready for the massage.  I found a site with some of the great Infrared Sauna benefits here which include: weight loss, pain relief, and detoxification.  

Next, I headed off for a prenatal massage.   I've had many massages, but none while pregnant.  This is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself anytime during pregnancy.  The difference between a regular massage and prenatal massage is the position they lay you in.  The therapist had me on my side surrounded by special pillows to support all areas of my body.   It was incredibly comfortable and relaxing.  I felt like my prego aches were gone when she was done.  Tim had a Swedish massage and also loved every minute of it. 

Now for the main event.  The Float Spa was the part I was most curious about trying.  Stay with me.  It might sound like a fad, but it has been around for decades.   The basic idea is that you float in heavily salted water and go into a meditative state.  The epsom salts also pull the toxins out of your body, which was perfect after getting a massage.  If you know me, you know I'm a germaphobe.  Well, the salt keeps the water clean, so that wasn't an issue for me.  You can float in your swim or birthday suit.  It's really up to you.  I posted the video below so you get the full idea.  

A lot of people asked if it was claustrophobic, but Tim and I both felt like it was very spacious.  You can also float with the lid open and lights on.  I floated in almost complete darkness to get the full effect.   The floating feeling the salt gives you is nothing like I've ever felt.  The salt supports your body at every angle and you feel weightless.  This was nice, especially since I felt about 2 years pregnant.  I lasted about 45 minutes, fell asleep a couple times, and came out rejuvenated.  It's not something that makes sense until you try it out.  I would recommend trying the entire spa experience together.   

InSPArations was super affordable and located in Layton!  Check out their facebook here for location info and current specials including the $99 sauna, 1 hour massage, and float!  You won't regret it.  
If you would like to have your business or product reviewed by us, email us at

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dream Pie

I hope you all had a lovely weekend with a face full of Pi. I should let you all know that Jamie and baby are doing well. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. She can't wait to share him with the world, but first she is taking all the first moments for herself. I don't blame her. Aren't those the times we all wish we could relive? Those first cuddles, the grunts, that smell!!? Spoiler alert!!! He is so adorable!
We encountered a little more sickness at the end of the week. Friday I forced myself out of bed because Waffle Love was going to be in the area and I was tired of seeing everyone else devour all that yummyness. 
I felt like crap and it was STILL amazing. It was a big two thumbs up all around our household. But I'm sure the majority of Utah already knows how freaking good their waffles are. We ended our weekend with full bellies, clear noses, full spirits, and a new sectional couch. We had our old ones for almost 10 years. They had survived 2 newlyweds, 3 kids, and 1 puppy. It was time. They were a little hard to let go of even in their condition because not only were they a special gift from someone who is no longer with us, but they held the entirety of mine and Kyle's marriage so far. I know... they are just couches, but they are what I called home after each hospital stay with all three of my babies. Lots of snuggles have happened there.
It's taking forever but operation redo the whole dang house is almost ...halfway there. Can you spy a little darling? 

I love Pie. I don't love cake. Growing up I would request pies, brownies WITHOUT the crust, and occasionally funfetti cake. As soon as they got rid of the only frosting you could pair with a cake so full of fun they litterally put it in the name... I kinda just gave it up all together. P.S. Cupcakes are different than cake. They don't count. The cake-frosting ratio is soooo much better.
This recipe was given to me by my sister in law. The first time I made was was after a long day of canning peaches.
 Side note: Next time you can peaches, make a batch of raspberry peach jam. It will change your mornings forever. 
You can make this pie using any fresh fruit you please with any toppings. Normally I top the pie with whatever fruit I am using, but sometimes I get fancy and top a strawberry one with chocolate shavings, or like in this case I topped my pie with coconut chips. Just don't get upset when you find yourself eating this for breakfast. I've found myself there a few times... 

Dream Pie

8 oz. softened cream cheese
2 C. powdered sugar
8 oz.- 3C of cool whip or dream whip
1 heaping cup of fruit 
1 graham cracker crust
* toppings if desired 

Beat the softened cream cheese and powdered sugar until smooth. Fold in the cool whip and then carefully do the same with the fruit. 
Pour the filling into your crust and add your desires toppings. Let the pie chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to an hour. 


Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'll Eat You Up I Love You So

We are anxiously awaiting baby boy H.
Last month we had the honor of celebrating the soon arrival of Jamie's baby boy. We decided to go with the theme of "Where the Wild Things Are". It turned out AMAZING. The colors of the book are pretty dark. So to make it a little more feminine for her I added white and gold to the decor. It was just the perfect touch. 

I spray painted some mason jars gold and went scavengering for twigs in people's yards. People, you are welcome. It wasn't weird at all. The little boxes are from my kids Melissa and Doug Toys.
How amazing it this little personalized binky clip from Cranberries and Capers? They have adorable other leather options too. The little twig pencils I ordered from Eva's Feathers and painted the ends gold. I had everyone who attended leave a little message for baby and mommy inside the book.

The garland I made from various yarns. The backdrop is one of Jamie's Photography backdrops.
The pennant garland was made out of burlap.
I am so proud of these little desserts. I conjured them up in this head of mine and I am so happy with how they turned out. I will have to do a tutorial on them. I wanted to incorporate green in the desserts and it worked! YES! Don't you love it when you fly by the seam of your pants and it turns out. 
*Air Fist*
These little decidants are dark chocolate toffee truffles topped with more toffee. You can find that recipe from My Baking Addiction HERE
Now THESE.. These round pieces of heaven are homemade "Swig" sugar cookies. They are everything. Swearsies. Swig is located in Bountiful and St. George so if, like us, that is quite a drive this is your next best option. The recipe is by cute Corrine from Mint Arrow's momma over at A Bountiful Kitchen.  You can find that recipe HERE. It did not disappoint... anyone ha ha.
How about that beverage bar?! This concoction is what has been helping me cut out Diet Coke from my life. It's been a long hard breakup but this definitely makes it easier. I will be posting that/those recipes soon. Your gut will thank me. 
For a little touch of a lite healthy snack I got a few bags of salad from Costco.

I came up with this little side table decor to rep the little man. It sat on top of a pretty white leather remnant and burlap I found at Hobby Lobby.
The wood slice and "H" are from JoAnne's.

These invitations by Paper and Pleats were Perfect! Obviously this one is for a birthday but she will custom that for you. Not to mention that Tiffany is like the cutest person ever and crazy talented. Check them out on Etsy HERE

Here are the three prints I used. The first one I found online (I can't remember where?!!!) and the other two I made in Photoshop

Feel free to use em if you need em.

Jamie you are just the best and we all wish you a happy, healthy birth of your sweet baby boy. You got this momma!

Sheena & Jamie