Wednesday, February 6, 2013


But seriously you guys. I suck. I really do have good intentions on this being the most awesome blog, but do to the fact that sometimes I just don't feel like it, it fails. (especially in the last 3 months) Let me explain...

I'll credit my SIL for getting me back up on this blog pony. She said, and I quote:
"You need to update your blog! You left it on a terribly depressing note and people need to know if you are ok!"

Oooh Burn. It is true, last time we chatted I was going through a rough yet necessary time. BUT... Here is my excuse for being gone so long.
(even though in the blogging world there is no excuse for 3 months i.e. the award I have given myself)


And guess what? We are finally going to have a little GIRL!

This little queen has been making high demands already and knocked me fat... I mean FLAT on the couch. My two boys made me sick but nothing compared to this. The nausea is still lingering but has taken a back seat to the hormone migraines. I won't give you too much of a pity party because I know most of us go through it whilst prego. The rest of you are freaks! Just kidding, I love you and your beautiful pregnant glow. Mine is more of a pregnancy dull....but whatever.
I am just happy to be pregnant! 

So, many apologies to you all who have come here the past 3 months to read about loss...and assume I died too I guess. I'm not going to tell you I am %100 percent back and just set myself up for failure so don't expect greatness over here. 
*please refer to picture above*

However, I will start posting again and I hope to have lots of cute girl crap on here now that I have a reason for it! Once my appetite is back, maybe even a food post or two. 
 One thing is for sure, we are CERTAINLY happy and healthy and super stoked about our little queen.
Especially these two!


P.S. If You are ever just looking for a good read, don't forget to check out my SIL over at 
Unlike myself, she pretty much posts everyday!! Let her know I sent ya :)