Monday, January 30, 2012

Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged

Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment that you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, "Let me take the speck out of your eye," when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.

Matthew 7.1-5

Any guesses as to what this post is about? Ha ha. I think it's time we have a serious talk ladies. I've gone back and forth on whether or not to write this post with full knowledge of its controversies and major backlash it could receive. But, this is MY blog and I am entitles to state my views, opinions, and feelings. So with that said, Here it goes.
I have been struggling lately with judgment of others. I have VERY strong opinions that judging someone is anything BUT Christ-like and our Heavenly Father is the ONLY one with the power to do so. Now, let me also state that I, like everyone else in this world, am not perfect by any means. I too have passed judgment on others. But being a convert in my religion I have always tried to see both sides of the fence. You are probably wondering where all this is coming from. Right? This weekend I decided to have one of those "Slumber Parties". You know the type...if not look it up if you are curious :).  In the process of inviting people to this party I have learned these things
  • I am trashy
  • I am perverted
  • I have no morals
Pretty awesome right? These are a few of the things that were said about me. This is why we are having this talk ladies, It seriously broke my heart. Don't these people know me? I knew this party would not be for everyone and I am COMPLETELY fine with that. My thought process was that I think the sex stores are not for me and I feel like a lunatic whenever I've been in one. So how nice would it be to be able to be in the comfort of your own home to browse those types of items, learn about them, and and shop without feeling all awkward and not having to see porn videos everywhere you look? I guess I thought most people would feel that way. Well, you know what happens when you assume. 
Now heres what I don't understand. Is it that hard to politely decline, say its not for you, and let it be? Why go as far as put the person down and pass judgement on them? I would rather go to one of these slumber parties then lay my head down at night knowing I have judged someone. But my feelings have been hurt and I feel like I need to defend myself. When you pass judgement on someone do you know the whole situation? Do you know what is going on behind the scenes? If not then maybe you should either A. Get to know the person better or B. Don't Judge Them

This goes way beyond some stupid party. I just want to inspire those of you who need to to work on this. I know that even with me writing this I have learned more about myself and the way I treat people. It is so sad that we as woman are always looking to bond at someone else's expense. I'll never understand that. Maybe I feel so strongly on this because I've been on the short end of those conversation most of my life. When I chose to have God be a part of my life and be baptized into the LDS church and get married in the temple, I had people saying "I can't believe SHE is getting married in the temple". Instead of "WOW, I am so happy and proud of her for wanting to better herself and choose a life with God by her side." And that makes it hard to have sympathy.Thankfully I have enough wonderful people in my life to reassure the person I truly am. So while my feelings were hurt they were right there to make me remember the love and confidence I should have for myself. I am one lucky girl.
Ok. Enough of my pitty party . People may do things that you do not understand or agree with. Instead of judging them, love them. You don't have to love what they do but love them as a brother, or sister. As long as what they are doing isn't illegal, nine times out of ten they are a good person. And if you let that one thing you disagree with interfere with how you feel about them you could be missing out on a wonderful person in your life, friend, or maybe even family member. As woman we are naturally the motherly and nurturing type. We should be giving confidence boosters and always looking for the good in others. Teaching our children not to judge and love all with no judgement. Just like Christ. 

 No matter their race, faith, political views, and certain opinions. I promise if you remove the close mindedness and negativity, you will live a much happier life and will be surprised by the blessings you will receive. Sometimes those that are hardest to love, are the ones who need it the most.
It's like going back to when we were five. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Follow Friday! :)

How did you guys do with getting ready this week? I did preeeeetty well. I made it four out of the five days. What do ya do, no one's perfect.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be spending all day today at the grocery store. Costco, Sams, know, all the places that make me want to run people over with my shopping cart. Tomarrow I'll be hosting a Slumber Party. Whoo wooo ;) I'll let you know how THAT goes.
Anyway, Since I spent pretty much the entire day working on yesterdays post, I decided to relax on this one a little bit. I thought I'd post some links to things that I am LOVING on the web right now. Including myself :). Enjoy!

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This woman is amazing and has NEVER steered me wrong on a recipe
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LOVE this Woman. We met her at one of the movies she hosted and she is just the sweetest and really puts a ton of effort into helping us all save mulah!
Freebies 2 Deals

What are your favorite places to browse?

*TIP of the day* NEVER look on Pinterest when you are hungry and making your grocery list :(

Thursday, January 26, 2012

15 minute Beach Waves

I am dragging butt this morning. Seriously. Are there ANY Mom's that don't have huge dark circles under their eyes? I need to invest in some serious concealer.

There are about a million different tutorials on how to get that beach-y look. Now there are 1,000,001. :) I just wanted to show you my methods on doing this style quick and easy.  Just play some awesome music while you watch this video because I lack the skills to make this video awesome besides my old fashioned self.

PLEASE know that if you really want that full on Victoria Secret hair you are most likely going to need extensions. Unless you have been SERIOUSLY blessed! Extensions and length and texture and you need BOTH to have it at that level. I have completely come to the terms that I have crap hair. My hair will never look the way I want it without extensions. BOO. If you want a consultation on possibly getting some done feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to help out. But more on extensions at a later date. We are talking BEACH WAVES! Maybe you could imagine yourself ON a beach while you do this style! How awesome would that be? Just kidding. BUT...You could treat yourself to a nice exfoliating scrub once the kiddos are all snuggled in bed. Don't forget the candles!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spanglish Sandwich

Every once in a while we come across some weird concoction of a recipe that tastes D-E-licious. This is definitely one of those! While browsing the world of Pinterest I came across this little gem and simplified it even more. It is basically a BLT with a fried egg on it. WAIT!! Don't leave! I promise it waaay less weird than it sounds! It get's it name from the move "Spanglish". You know the one with Adam Sandler? Wasn't one of my favorites, but thats not the point. Chef Thomas Keller created it specifically for that movie. There. You have officially been edgimacated on "The Spanglish Sandwich". Informative or with it what you will. I don't care.

Spanglish Sandwich

3-4 slices of bacon
2 slices of  cheese (your preference)
2 slices of toasted whatever type of bread you prefer
1 tbsp of mayo
4 tomato slices
4 Slices of Avacado
2 leaves of  lettuce
1 teaspoon butter
1 egg
salt and pepper

1. Cook the bacon until crisp, drain on paper towels 
2. toast your bread in the toaster
3. Spread mayo on top of bread and top with bacon, sliced tomato, cheese, and lettuce 
4. On non-stick skillet, melt butter over medium heat. (If you are feeling real dangerous you can even fry your egg in your bacon grease! Mmmmm) Fry egg, turning over briefly when the bottom is set (keep yolk runny) and seasoning with salt and pepper.
5. Slide finished egg on top of lettuce, top with other slice of bread 
6. Place sandwich on plate and slice in half, letting yolk run down sandwich and enjoy!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fancy Up Them Letters

I haven't seen this in the bolt world so unless one of you tell me differently I am giving FULL credit on this one to my SIL Trinity. She has a special gene for these types of things. Isn't her "P" adorbs?! Love it.

These are super easy and best of all they are inexpensive and there are about 1 million places in your home for it! I think this will be a staple gift from me. So If you are reading this and you receive one, don't be surprised.

Wooden Letter
Paint and Paint Brush
Sander or good old fashioned sand paper

Fist off, take one of THESE BABIES to your local craft store and grab yourself a letter.

 I got this sweet little thang from JoAnn's.

Then, using your favorite paint, paint the letter whatever color your heart desires.

Let it dry completely

Once dry, sand it to your liking. I like to distress mine quite a bit. Since this one is for a little newborn's nursery I decided not to stain this one. But if I were to make one for a family room or bedroom I definitely would take that approach.

Then I added some cherry blossoms and her name to match her nursery theme. (ha ha SURPRISE Maria! I'll bring it over soon.)

SERIOUSLY? Can you stand it? So stinkin cute. DONE. It took me maaaaaaybe an hour and a half tops.

I used my Silhouette for the vinyl. You can purchase some at your local craft or hobby store OR just ask your friend who owns one of these babies to do it for you ;)

This one is in my living room. Don't mind that sweet little bum next to it (for the sake of his future embarrassment I one say who's bum ;)) and my precious little hud bug to the right.

Dear friends that don't give a crap about this seasons Bachelor, big loves and I hope this project inspired you. If you have any questions just ask. But, now would be a good time to leave because I have some chatting to do with my fellow Bachelor viewers.

 Did you watch the Bachelor last night? Ugh...what a joke. It was fun to see them film in Park City though. Did you guys know we could creator dive in Utah? I'm adding that one to the bucket list. (Kelsey we TOTALLY should have gone!) I have a confession to make. I know who wins. Let's just say I cave under pressure and THIS darn guy sucked me in. WARNING!!! DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK UNLESS YOU JUST WANT TO BE IRRITATED THE WHOLE SEASON. With that being said. Lets chat about last night. Who does Courtney think she is? I mean Emily was a hot mess and DID pull a dumb move by spending her time with Ben talking about Courtney, BUT..... Courtney is a ....well I can't even think of an appropriate word. Who says thing like "I'm a sweet girl, don't @#$! with me!"? Claaaassy. I know producers edit and manipulate the show how they want but these girls have to say it for them to use it. Anyway, dang it, this blog is about being INSPIRED by other women. Shoot. Well, I'm human and right now I got nothing. That woman does not inspire me in anyway except for maybee how NOT to treat other women and I am definitely not jealous of her stank eye. 
To end this on a positive note, I loooove Kacey B. And I want her to be the next bachelorette. I'm over Emily. Kacey just seems like a sweet, beautiful, genuine person. I hope my sons find a girl like her some day. 

OH! And guess who is 10 months old today?

This guy! <3 him

Monday, January 23, 2012

But Seriously...Are you Available For My Kids Birthday Party?

Bahh ha ha. Kills me every time! Now onto serious matters. Our eyebrows. I don't know why but they seem to be one thing that our Mother's never passed their knowledge or beauty tips on down to us. Maybe it's because they had no clue themselves? My eyebrows and I have been through a lot together. 

Ya...feel free to zoom in. See what I mean?  I thought I looked so good! In fact this was my favorite high school picture. This is a perfect example of when you pick up the tweezers and just start plucking away. Next thing you know you you are left with commas where your poor eyebrows once laid. I think Michelle Money explains all cosmetologists views on this best:

I wish I would have known better. Even as a cosmetologist I get carried away sometimes too. So let's list the NEVERS:
  1. Attempt to shape your own eyebrow. Next time you go to your stylist to get your hair done just ask if you can have a little chat about your eyebrows and what they think would look best on you. If you want, just have them get you started with your shape and you can keep up the little grooming at home.Think of your brows as picture frames, your eyes as pictures and your face as the wall. No walls are exactly level, just as no faces are perfectly symmetrical. You need to hang each picture as level as you can to compensate for the wall being askew. We normally ask a friend to take a step back while we hang pictures for the same reason we need someone to take a step back from our brows 
  2. Just like how you should never pick up the scissors while on your period, don't pick up the tweezers either.
  3. Dye your own eyebrows. Just don't.

This picture is a great guide as to where your eyebrows should be placed.
Point A is where they should start
Point B is your arch
Point C is where they should end
Point D is their levelness. 
Image from

Here are my before and after eyebrows

The beautiful Megan Fox and her perfect eyebrows.

It's my personal opinion that everyone should look into purchasing eyebrow makeup. I stumbled upon it because I accidentally waxed off half my eyebrow right before family pictures. BEST mistake I ever made. As far as brow makeup goes, my favorable choice would be powder. I LOOOOVE Anastasia Brow Powder duo along with their angled brush. The angle brush it a must, they will not look good without it! You can find the powder here and and the brush here .I too agree that when people use pencils it tends to look fake and hard. Powder gives your a more natural look. Take it away once again Michelle...

Now the DO's:
  1. Figure out what you want your eyebrows to look like
  2. Set up a consultation with your stylist
  3. Have them dyed if needed
  4. Purchase brow makeup
  5. Learn to control your tweezers and not let them control you!
I know this truly must make a difference in how my face looks because after I did it I turned to my husband and asked him if I looked like a clown. He said "No! I like it! It actually gives you a more "finished" look."  Whaaaaaa? Who is this man and what has he done with my husband? SOLD. I've never done my makeup without it since.
I hope this helps. I really never thought twice about brow makeup before "the accident". But maybe if someone had mentioned it to me before I would have. So this is me mentioning it to you!
You're welcome ;)

Remember to be INSPIRED by other women rather than Jealous.

    Saturday, January 21, 2012

    Kicking Out The Funk

    First off, thank you so much for checking out my blog! I am so excited to start the and I think it will be a wonderful thing for ALL of us! :) I figure, I do this crap everyday anyway so why don't I make a hobby out of it. 
    Today we are going to have a little chat about all things frumpy, mom-ish, slobby, lazy, etc. You get the idea. The epitome of me on most days. Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) I find myself in a funk and it impossible to find the energy/desire to do anything with myself. I figure I'm most likely not going anywhere anyway so why bother? And to make matters worse...I am a cosmetologist. That's right. I make people beautiful for a living while it seems I put quite a bit of effort into doing just the opposite to myself. By the time I hit the sheets I am waaaay to tired to take off my make-up, (That is if I even bothered that day) and in most cases I already have my pj's on so done and DONE. Then I wake up to my human alarm clocks and am ready to go in my mascara-smudged face and sloppy pony tail. Can you say B-E-A-utiful? I know, my husband is a lucky man. My favorite is when they come home from work and give you that look. You know the one, the one that says "What in the ____ have you been doing all day? " Cue rolling of the eyes. 
    Well NO MORE I say. Whenever I find myself at home not wanting to go anywhere, nine times out of ten it is because I don't feel like getting ready. Imagine if I were all ready to go? Oh the places I'd go! (and money I'd spend I'm sure. Just being honest.) We have all sorts of excuses.
    • too tired
    • kids are sick
    • I'm not going anywhere
    • I must catch up on my shows

    I have come to the realization that if I just wake up and get ready then not only will I feel better about myself, but I will be ready to go for whatever occasion might arrive. Like answering the door to our sweet delivery guy that will probably think he has the wrong house now. Girls call and want to go to lunch? DONE. I have compiled a list of things that will help you get motivated and stop being the girl that is out in public and runs into people from high school and they think "What happened to her?" I KNOW I have been that girl. And if it hasn't happened to you, don't think it won't. It is inevitable. UNLESS, you take these simple steps.
    • Get to bed as early as your life style allows
    • pray for the motivation 
    • wake up before your kids or take care of their needs first thing (please don't leave your loves in a dangerous situation or in complete control of the house. Make sure they are safe and happy. Nothing is worth compromising that.)
    • grab your favorite morning beverage (like a diet pepsi? Don't judge me)
    • plug in the tunes

    *whatever motivates you! like, maybe it's some backstreet boys from waaaaay back when. I find it helps if you listen to the music that you listened to back when you USED to actually get ready everyday ha ha
    Oh that Nick Carter

    • find a hairstyle that you enjoy fixing. If your hair sucks, so will your attitude about getting ready
    • your makeup will probably take you a while at first but as you do it more often you will have the mug going from drab to fab in no time!

    Things are going to interfere. Kids, phone calls, whatever. It happens. So just go with it. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to do it as long as you do it before your husband gets home! So you can be all "Oh I just did so much today honey!" *wink* Which you probably did anyway but now he can focus on how hot you look and not at the pile of dishes in the sink because you have been chasing around rugrats all day and 
    being their personal slave.

    What do you do to help yourself get ready? Do even have this problem at all? I hope this inspires you to take care of the beautiful body that God has given you and OWN it! I GUARANTEE you that if you just take the time to get yourself ready you will have an instant self esteem boost and a new found confidence. PLUS, you will be clean and no longer hazardous to society. (guilty)
    Aaaaand I just realized that my first post is showing you me in all my glory and confessing I didn't shower for two days.............................
    Oh Well.
    Welcome to Individual Rivalry.
    Be Jealous Of Yourself