Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fancy Up Them Letters

I haven't seen this in the bolt world so unless one of you tell me differently I am giving FULL credit on this one to my SIL Trinity. She has a special gene for these types of things. Isn't her "P" adorbs?! Love it.

These are super easy and best of all they are inexpensive and there are about 1 million places in your home for it! I think this will be a staple gift from me. So If you are reading this and you receive one, don't be surprised.

Wooden Letter
Paint and Paint Brush
Sander or good old fashioned sand paper

Fist off, take one of THESE BABIES to your local craft store and grab yourself a letter.

 I got this sweet little thang from JoAnn's.

Then, using your favorite paint, paint the letter whatever color your heart desires.

Let it dry completely

Once dry, sand it to your liking. I like to distress mine quite a bit. Since this one is for a little newborn's nursery I decided not to stain this one. But if I were to make one for a family room or bedroom I definitely would take that approach.

Then I added some cherry blossoms and her name to match her nursery theme. (ha ha SURPRISE Maria! I'll bring it over soon.)

SERIOUSLY? Can you stand it? So stinkin cute. DONE. It took me maaaaaaybe an hour and a half tops.

I used my Silhouette for the vinyl. You can purchase some at your local craft or hobby store OR just ask your friend who owns one of these babies to do it for you ;)

This one is in my living room. Don't mind that sweet little bum next to it (for the sake of his future embarrassment I one say who's bum ;)) and my precious little hud bug to the right.

Dear friends that don't give a crap about this seasons Bachelor, big loves and I hope this project inspired you. If you have any questions just ask. But, now would be a good time to leave because I have some chatting to do with my fellow Bachelor viewers.

 Did you watch the Bachelor last night? Ugh...what a joke. It was fun to see them film in Park City though. Did you guys know we could creator dive in Utah? I'm adding that one to the bucket list. (Kelsey we TOTALLY should have gone!) I have a confession to make. I know who wins. Let's just say I cave under pressure and THIS darn guy sucked me in. WARNING!!! DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK UNLESS YOU JUST WANT TO BE IRRITATED THE WHOLE SEASON. With that being said. Lets chat about last night. Who does Courtney think she is? I mean Emily was a hot mess and DID pull a dumb move by spending her time with Ben talking about Courtney, BUT..... Courtney is a ....well I can't even think of an appropriate word. Who says thing like "I'm a sweet girl, don't @#$! with me!"? Claaaassy. I know producers edit and manipulate the show how they want but these girls have to say it for them to use it. Anyway, dang it, this blog is about being INSPIRED by other women. Shoot. Well, I'm human and right now I got nothing. That woman does not inspire me in anyway except for maybee how NOT to treat other women and I am definitely not jealous of her stank eye. 
To end this on a positive note, I loooove Kacey B. And I want her to be the next bachelorette. I'm over Emily. Kacey just seems like a sweet, beautiful, genuine person. I hope my sons find a girl like her some day. 

OH! And guess who is 10 months old today?

This guy! <3 him


  1. I don't watch the bachelor but I would love to get together the day you decide to jump in the crater. I live about 10 minutes from it. :)

    1. DEAL! I think Kyle and I have been to Park City once our whole marriage so we might be 35 by the time we make it back ;)

  2. That is a cute craft project, Sheena! ;o)

  3. Oh my heck...I love how the 'M' turned out. It is too adorable. I will have to for sure make one for a friend whom is going to have a baby. I love my 'P' also. It fit perfectly above my shelf. Thanks for letting me use your nifty machine to bring my creation to life. Thanks again for the elpehant tags also. xoxo