Friday, January 27, 2012

Follow Friday! :)

How did you guys do with getting ready this week? I did preeeeetty well. I made it four out of the five days. What do ya do, no one's perfect.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be spending all day today at the grocery store. Costco, Sams, know, all the places that make me want to run people over with my shopping cart. Tomarrow I'll be hosting a Slumber Party. Whoo wooo ;) I'll let you know how THAT goes.
Anyway, Since I spent pretty much the entire day working on yesterdays post, I decided to relax on this one a little bit. I thought I'd post some links to things that I am LOVING on the web right now. Including myself :). Enjoy!

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This woman is amazing and has NEVER steered me wrong on a recipe
The Girl Who Ate Everything

Our Best Bites

Real Mom Kitchen

Crafts & DIY-

Reckless Glamour

Tatertots and Jello

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Money Saving Tips-

LOVE this Woman. We met her at one of the movies she hosted and she is just the sweetest and really puts a ton of effort into helping us all save mulah!
Freebies 2 Deals

What are your favorite places to browse?

*TIP of the day* NEVER look on Pinterest when you are hungry and making your grocery list :(

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  1. I am laughing right now at this..Spent all day on this pot. So I will relax on this one. lol. Share the wealth. JK. However, I too hate all those places if I do not arrive very early in the morning. I did well also with getting ready I made it 4 out of 5 days also. Today is a no go since I will be sitting here with fevering boys. :(