We have created a space in hopes of inspiring women to be Jealous of Themselves.  Individual Rivalry is a place to stop and set your comparisons aside.  It’s all too easy to look upon another woman and think, “I wish I had her hair.”  “I wish I could do my makeup like that.”  “Her clothes are so cute!”  “I wish I had that look.”  Most likely someone is looking at you and thinking the same thing.  It’s time we see ourselves as we truly are and become Jealous of Ourselves.
This blog is designed to share freely of our triumphs, mishaps and love of beauty and fashion.  We will be sharing tips as we stumble upon them as we try them out ourselves.  We will share our love of a good deal and finding the perfect outfit at the perfect price.  Individual Rivalry is a place to share what is trending and an affordable way to keep up with the always changing world of fashion.  This site is a place to share your thoughts and beauty tricks and a place for you start to see yourself for the beautiful, confident, strong woman that you are and running with it.  For as Audrey Hepburn so simply stated,
“Happy girls are the prettiest.

It's so nice to meet you! Just a little FYI about myself-  I am a woman of Christ, a Wife, full time SAHM, and part time Cosmetologist. I love to dance, sing, bake, cook, craft, blog, celebrity stalk, read, have mini concerts/club scenes in my bathroom, play softball, shop, eat, and enjoy all that this life throws at me. I have a darling Husband, two completely insane boys, and the most precious baby girl that you ever did see. I am completely in love with my life. We are not perfection. Sometimes my house stays a hot mess for a week, my husband is welcomed home to no dinner, and a wife (and possibly kids) that has not yet left her pjs since the night before. Sometimes things get real. I wouldn't have it any other way. Unless I could afford a maid...then I might have it that way.

 If you read this far, good on ya! I'm a mom, wife, picture hoarder, I mean photographer, Sephora Makeup Artist, & church goer.  Ava is my tiny babygirl rockstar, new babes Cohen, & their pops, Tim is my sweetest.  We love to go on foody adventures for days and capture all the moments along the way.  

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