Friday, June 27, 2014

Crop Tees Sealed with a KISS

 LETS GET, LETS GET, LETS GET, LETS GET ROCK! Bad cheerleading cheer? Nope, guess again! If you guessed Def Leppord then, WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Do people even say that anymore? Oh well.. this post is full of old throwbacks anyway. 
My husband and I got to go to the first show of KISS and Def Leppord's 40th Anniversary Tour. Now I loooove me some ol Def L, but KISS was never really my thing. Now they still aren't, but for a group of 60+ year old dudes they brought the house (well… it was at USANAwhich is outside sooo DOWN! I've never seen so many pyrotecqnics on a stage! I was legitimately concerned for their Aqua Net Hair. (wigs?) Also, I found myself daydreaming about how I could recreate those costumes. For my children. That's O.K. parenting right?
 Here's a little ditty I like to call "Love Bites". One of my all-time faves!

Have you ever loved a fashion trend but it didn't work with your modesty? It happens to me all the time. But GUESS WHAT?!! Jokes on you crop tops! You thought you were creating more skin but you are helping me cover up! 
You know those cute dresses you see everywhere that don't have sleeves?

Problem solved. Crop Tees work perfect to cover the tops of dresses where you want more coverage. And you can normally get them super inexpensive! 

I'm surprised that when I walked to of Kohls with the cropped booties for $12 that the alarms didn't go off… because that was a STEAL! 
Get it? ;) 
I apologize… Thank goodness it's Friday.
Seriously though. A good deal is like a massage to my soul. That's the real retail therapy right there!

RAD Crop Tee// Rue 21
Plaid Dress// Forever 21
Buckly Booties// Kohls
"L" Necklace// Rue 21

I'll leave you with a few other options on how to utilize the crop tee. Have a great weekend Loves!

XoXo- Sheena

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I had a dream the other night.

It's summer.

It's almost 1/3 of the way over.

Yep.  Count your weeks parents.  Before you know it, you can ship the kids back to school for a few short hours a day so you can drink your rockstar in peace. 

You thought I was going to say the opposite right?  Enjoy your kids while they are home all summer... blah blah blah.  I mean that too of course.  But, sometimes you need a break with just adults.  As my grandma tells me, you can love your baby all you want- but love yourself too.  

(insert lovely dreamy music here)

Sometimes I imagine I AM a rockstar.  I walk out on stage, the crowd screams, & I hit the perfect pitch every time.  Not to mention I have stellar dance moves & if you have heard me sing or dance we all know how far from perfect I am. 

(exit lovely dreamy music for loud alarm...  reach for the snooze button...)

When One Republic adds a Salt Lake show to the list, I'm there.  And for a few short hours, I can pretend all the above with 10,000 other people around me doing the exact same thing.  I've now seen them more times than albums they've released.  I'm that girl that knows way too much trivia about the band & all the obscure lyrics.   They rock my world.  Any chance I have to sing live with them-yes-I said "with them."   

That love yourself time for me involved a babysitter, a couple redbulls(never again), & some of the best friends this chick could ask for.  Basically, Sheena & I took our husbands & the Hassells along for our ride.  My music-filled, friend-singing, stranger-dancing night was pure perfection(minus the cluster to get in & out of the venue).  

Music is my passion.  Everyone loves a good song.

Sheena only knew a few songs & stuck with me the entire time.  That's true friendship.  I promised her she could pick the next concert which I'm guessing will involve something country.  Get your spouse/bestie (or both) & find a summer concert, dance your a$$ off and sing like you think you can. If you don't, you will only regret not having a much deserved kid-free evening.  
No mommy guilt for this girl.
Thanks One Republic for an excellent show!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'd Settle for a Slowdown...

I have watched my two older boys hit milestone after milestone and couldn't be more proud. Birthdays have come and gone, school's started, bikes conquered, and I faced each with a smile and pure joy. No tears.. not one. I always wondered if there was something wrong with me. I didn't even cry when they were born for goodness sake. I know that crying doesn't mean you care more… I just never understood the blubbering parent as the nurse handed them their tiny human or sobbed as they watched their child walk into their first day of school. Enter my Ariana Jo. She broke me. When my baby girl was first born at 34 weeks it was a rough birth. My flight to my dream vacation went crashing down. Meaning my epidural failed me when I hit a 6. I like to think of epidurals as a nice little spa date. You get to finally enjoy a piece of your third trimester and be waited on hand and foot. Not giving a crap about who walks in and out that door. You are COMFORTABLE. Nuff said. Having a baby natural was not my plan. Maybe it would have been different had I been anticipating the fury that was about to be unleashed on my lower region. Have you ever had a bowling ball boulder its way through your pelvic bone? I have. And she was beautiful. After a bunch of "OH MY FREAKIN HECKS", (Yes I literally yelled that multiple times. True blue Mormon here folks) and one push she was here. They handed her to me and I bawled. I'm talking like..snot dripping, can't get a word out, bawling. People were calling me and I couldn't even calm down enough to take the phone. She had taken my "keep cool" world and blown it to smithereens. She topped me off and my cup was overflowing. She has had this affect on me ever since that day. Fast forward to now, my sweet baby girl that I feel has been with me for much longer than a year, is turning one this week and I am struggling. I don't know if it is because she is my last child, or because every time I look at those piercing blue eyes I see a tiny me. I have found myself doing daily life happenings and I'll start to feel the waterworks coming. The near thought of her turning one sends me into a emotional wreck. What happened to me? I made it just fine through two other 1st birthdays. Why is this crippling me as she reaches her 1 year mark? My baby is growing up and there is nothing I can do about it. It's a funny thing to be closing the baby chapter. Of course we will have fun with the new ones, but to think that I will never have the rush of heading to the hospital as I know it's time to meet my child is weird. It's hard to wrap my head around it. And to be quite honest, it's hard to close this chapter. But I know that 3 is our magic number and that 4 would turn me into a bat S#!@ crazy mother. Sometimes I already feel like that now. This little miss is having an Audrey Hepburn party for her big day. Stay tuned for that post probably next week. I went overboard on her party... It's in my blood. When I turned 10 my mother had a maypole at my party and crowned me as princess Sheena. What do ya do :) 

 Headband// DIY
Bracelet// DIY
Gray Ruffle Tee// Crazy 8
Boyfriend Jeans// H&M
White Sandals// Walmart


Monday, June 16, 2014

Boulder, Mary Jane, & a dirty 30.

The last month has been crazy.  I quit my job at Sephora after 6 years so I could spend more time with Tim & Ava.  Since then, we have traveled twice, ran a half marathon, met a couple celebs, planned more vacations, & celebrated Tim's 30th birthday three times (at least).  
Now to back up a bit.
After quitting my job, we were able to schedule a great little trip to Colorado.  I have never been.  It sounded like a great idea, but for those of you who know me.  It's NEVER that simple. 
We hopped on a quick flight to Denver & it was perfectly short.  My adorable baby girl is rapidly turning into a rowdy pre-teen.  Let's just say she doesn't have the patience for long flights.  Or maybe that's me.   
 We stayed in Louisville, right next to Boulder.  Travel tip 1: Download Tripadvisor.  Tim always looks at the top places to eat & visit in any city we go to.  First stop: Pearl Street in downtown Boulder.  It was beautiful & quaint.  If you head down to it, parking happens on the streets around Pearl.  Be prepared to pay for parking almost everywhere.  Also take a stroller for the littles & take the time to watch the street performers.  It's free entertainment.

Tim hit the big 3-0 while we were on our travels.  
He's the bee's knees.  

I found the best mall called Flatiron.  It's about 15 minutes from Boulder & it's magnificent.  You might think I love to shop.  Not really.   Maybe for makeup.  Yea, I could spend a lifetime in Sephora. Ever since I had little miss, I haven't loved looking for clothes.  This mall... Holy crap it was huge.  I spent 5 hours too many in it.  I left with some goods that later got lost on a plane.  Yep.  That my friends is why I HATE clothes shopping.  Later this summer we will be talking to a clothes buyer who is the ultimate shopper!  Maybe she can relight my love for clothes.

Here are a couple pieces I bought knowing we would be going to the One Republic concert (yesterday, but more on that later).  I wandered into Old Navy to pick up Ava a couple things & I left with this cute tank.  I then headed over to H&M for this super light sweater.   Tip 2: Get the WRAPP app!  It's free giftcards for you and your facebook friends.  I had a free $6 to H&M making my sweater on $7.
Sweater// H&M $13
Tank// Old Navy $10
Black Skinnies// JCP $15
Now for our favorite part of our trip.  Food.  When we travel, we throw our diets out the window in the evenings & love to try out new places. 

We hit up the Yardhouse.  Yes, it's a chain- but not in Utah.  
Tim had the PARMESAN CRUSTED CHICKEN -garlic mashed potatoes with sun-dried tomato three mushroom sauce.  Yum!

   I'm sure most of your are pretty savvy when it comes to political happenings.  Colorado passed a law legalizing marijuana.   I only bring this point up for two reasons.  One: If you aren't a good driver, DON'T travel into downtown Denver without someone who is.   Not only is Denver a labyrinth of one way streets (just a minor nightmare-no biggy), but jay-walking is a huge problem.  Everywhere we drove, people were almost getting hit by trax or cars.  ANXIETY.  Holy crap.   
Where are you going with this Jamie?  
Where there is pot, there is smoke.  
Wait, I don't think that's how that goes.  Lets try again.  
Where there is smoke, there is the munchies.  
No, I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, or even have Diet Coke.  But, other people do- soooooooooo VooDoo doughnut rolled into town to help fulfill the late night needs.  Open 24 hours!  Imagine eating a doughnut and then multiply the best doughnut by 1000.  Seriously.  The BEST treat I've had in forever.  Prepare to wait.  There is a consistent line out the door, but they are worth it.  
Tip 3: know what you want before you get to the front!  
I had a blast on our little getaway.  The ride home was puke-turbulent & the airline lost our luggage.  
All in all I would say it was perfect.  
Happy Monday my loves. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Invented Post-Its/ Getting Reunion Ready

This past week was mine and my husband's 10 reunion. We both graduated in 2004 from the same High School. I knew the reunion was this year and last year I started having the thoughts:

-I'm going to start working out right now so I can be in awesome shape 
-Good thing we are done having kids so I won't be pregnant
-I better hurry and accomplish something great

Judge all you want for my vain-y-like thoughts, but I'm pretty sure at least a good 80% of people that go to their reunion have similar thoughts, if not the same. It is what it is. You want to have aged like a fine wine..not like your diet coke that sadly goes flat waaaaaay to suddenly. Why is it that we feel the need to impress people that we haven't seen, nor talked to in 10 years? Who knows… I think movies brainwashed us in that way. 
Anyway, the reunion snuck up on me too quickly and I guess when the last time I went to the gym was?
December. Freaking Christmas time. So what do I do? I run a half marathon that I didn't train for. In hopes that 3 hours of jogging/running would lift my butt back to where it used to be and that the constant forward/backward movement of my swinging arms would give them definition that didn't require the push of a finger. 
With the working out part out the window it was time to make due with what I could control. SPANX it is. 
So without further a due, here are my reunion ready tips.

1. Get Your Hurrr Did

Cover those grays girl! Seriously. I started going gray at about 20. Stupidest thing ever. Something I thought about after the fact, was call for back up. Remember in High School when you would get together with all your friends and get ready for dances? If life allows, have a hair sesh before the reunion. If life is too busy for day of, invite a few of your old group to go get pedicures. 

2. Treat Yourself to Nails and a Pedicure

For those awkward moments when you are talking to someone from high school and a conversation and you have nothing to say. They can just comment on how cute your nails are…
I promise you will at least have one awkward conversation. 

3. Find the Outfit

This kind of depends on the venue. Ours was being held at a park so it was a no go on trying to fit into my old prom dress. 
Sad emoji face.
I really didn't want to wear Bermuda shorts. I have my reasons..
In High School I definitely marched to the beat of my own drum when it came to fashion. I took risks. Some were great, some were just as bad as your dad still wearing his retina damaging neon shorts from the 80's. I wanted to pay homage to my younger self and wear something that reflected good old me. I have definitely grown since High School, but there are parts of me that existed then that I embrace now. I say go with comfort and something with a little edge. I think ant a reunion is a great reason for new clothes. they don't come along very often so go ahead and treat yourself. Whatever you chose, make sure it is YOUR style. Don't forget to accessorize. If all else fails, maxi skirt it. Dress 'em up or down. Like I read on IG the other day:
Maxi skirts are just crotchless yoga pants
Completely acceptable if you ask me. Who does't love yoga anything these days?

4.What is Your Accomplishment?

The two main questions you will most likely hear are
What have you been up to?
What do you do?
Sadly I could not tell everyone that I invented Post-Its.

I did however marry the man of my dreams and have three beautiful children. That is my accomplishment. My best accessory was my family. What ever your accomplishment is, wear it like a statement necklace. Refined and finished. Be confident and proud of who you have become and where you are at in life. Be genuine and exude passion when you speak. If you do this, it won't matter the accomplishment, you might as well have won the Nobel Peace Prize. A mother of 3, or the inventor of Post-Its.

5. Reunions Are No Longer Like the Movies

Leave your expectations at the door because Facebook has completely sucked the fun out of reunions. There is no element of surprise. The people you care to know what is going on in their lives… are probably already in the know because you are friends on Facebook. You have already spied on your High School crush/boyfriend and know whether or not he is fat and bald and if you are cuter than his current wife. What's that? They don't have a Facebook? Then they probably won't be at the reunion anyway because that is how the reunions are mainly communicated. You already know who married who, who has kids, and who is the world traveler. It seriously puts a strain on conversations when you have been Facebook friends for years but when put in front of each other you can't find crap to say. 
Oh social media…. you oxymoron you.
All in all.. try not to stress over it. Be confident and love who you have become. Be proud of who you have grown into. Confidence will carry you a lot further and impress more than the perfect outfit… Although it definitely wouldn't hurt ;)

Sun Kissed Tee// American Eagle 
B&W Aztec Pencil Skirt// Rue 21
Breckelles Gladiator Sandals//
"L" Necklace// Rue 21
Hoop Charm Necklace// American Eagle
Wrap-Around Watch// Covet Boutique 
Extensions// Bellami *use code "sheena" for a sweet discount*

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The nerdist, Dan Farr, & flower pots.

I had the best/craziest week last week:  4 photo shoots, including a beautiful wedding, Wiseguys with a couple of our besties, & Tim's 30th Surpise party.  So glad it's over.  You know by now that I loooooovvvvveeee the Walking Dead.  Well did you know that Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead, also of Singled Out (yes, throwing it back), does stand-up?  He does and it's hilarious.  He also has a podcast under NERDIST.  Check it out.  I think my favorite part about him is that he took the time to meet us, AGAIN.  He is THE nicest guy you've ever met & so is his darling girlfriend Chloe.   
Chris Hardwick of Nerdist & Talking Dead
The other best part of the evening was sitting next to Dan Farr.  He is the producer of Salt Lake Comic Con & I nerded out more than a little.  Like if Justin Timberlake talked to you - He is a geeky version of that for me.  I don't like to post bad pictures of myself, but I had to share the crazy/excited expression on my face (see below).  His wife was adorable too & told me how she is also a Walking Dead fan.  She went on to say that she has met THE Norman Reedus..... Uh, what?!?  Naturally I blurted out "What does he smell like?"  Reasonable question or not, I asked it.  She answered back "UH-mazing."  Night made.   
One day Norman.  One day.

Dan Farr of Salt Lake Comic Con

Oh how I wish I would have posted this next part around a month ago.  As per the usual, life happened.  I'm posting this for those of you who are like me, late to the game on planting &/or maybe for next spring! 

Have you seen those killer giant flower pots at Costco for $17.99?  I love them.  Well, mostly in love.  The thing is that whenever you have a giant pot, what the crap do you fill it with?  I was-in-no-way willing to buy 2-3 bags of soil per pot.  I also didn't want to use rocks to take up room in the bottom and make it soooo heavy.  So after quite a bit of perusing around the garden forums, I settled on plastic bottles.   I have 4 pots to fill & I got a little creative with the bottles.  Have a party before this project and only serve drinks in 2 liters.  It helps.  

I filled each pot 2/3 up with bottles of all sizes.  I tried to create as close to a flat layer with the bottles before adding the potting soil.

It took about 3/4 of a large bag of potting soil after I placed the bottles.   My husband, Tim would add the soil and I would shake the pot to move the soil down around the bottles. 
The beautiful Dareth Anderson (flower pot specialist) recommends doing 3 types of plants per pot.  Thrillers, fillers, and spillers. 

Thrillers: Anything like spikes or taller flowers that tend to be the center of the pot.
Fillers: Petunias or any little flower that will fill in the soil space.
Spillers:  Dareth introduced me to sweet potatoes.  If you are lucky enough to find them, they will be your favorite part of your pot.  They "spill" right over the edge and look so pretty all summer long.   Talk to your local nursery and they can help you find the right look for your pot.
Sweet potato on the left & Spikes on the right.

This is my pot after 1 week.  I typically use miracle grow one time per week to help my plants along.  That's all she wrote for today.  Happy Hump Day Lovelies.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Whatever You Are, Be a "Good One" + Bachelorette Rambles

From your porch….. Just kidding. 
Abe Lincoln once said,
"Whatever you are, be a good one."
We love this quote and so does the super cute Kate from 
Ivory Kate. So much in fact, that she started making these amaze-balls Tees. Not only is the message "Good One" ..a good one, but the fit of these shirts are perfect. They are lightweight and LOOOOONG. What's worse than a short shirt? Almost nothing I say. I've washed my shirt 3 times and so far it is still in pristine condition. As per usual, just make sure you are following the care directions. Do this and your clothes will live long happy lives. Promise. 
This shirt comes in white or black xs-xl. Mine is a medium. I probably could have gone with a small but I always like to error on the "a little baggy" rather than "muffin top". Jamie loves it too! She is getting it in black so we can twin it like no ones business.
Be sure to head over to Ivory Kate while she still has a few of these left in stock. She has some amazing other products (accessories/ mary jane moccs) but she is on a little hiatus since she just had herself THE cutest little babe. 
You can find yourself the most comfy of shirts that you can dress up or dress down 

Did anyone watch The Bachelorette Part 1 last night? Prettttty sure I freaked a little when I saw 
Boys ll Men. They were my first concert EVER. I know… I am THE coolest….and old. Those boys butchered one of the best baby making songs of all time though. Let's just be real about that. And classically trained homeboy wasn't helping much. Like.. at all. I'm liking Nerdy Nick but I don't have any other loves thus far. Can we talk about how beautiful Andi looked as an older woman? I decided that when I get to be that age I will have to own a wig. It was her beautiful white hair! But there is no way I'm heading that direction with these thin locks. So I will be the old lady with the fabulous wigs. Who blogs about her fabulous wigs. ;) Bellami- Can you start working on that for me? Kay thanks!
Last but not least.. I can't help but feel a pang of sadness every time they show Eric Hill. Especially last night with all the talk of death and it could happen to any one of them. They were talking about Ron and his friend that had passed of course, but it was just eery. I couldn't help but wonder how it is for his family and friends to watch the show. Bittersweet I'm sure. 

Good One Shirt// Ivory Kate
Skinny Jeans// Rue 21
Black Pumps// Rue 21
Black Faux Leather Crop Jacket// Kohls
"S" necklace// Rue 21
Extensions// Bellami *Use code sheena for an extra discount*