Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The nerdist, Dan Farr, & flower pots.

I had the best/craziest week last week:  4 photo shoots, including a beautiful wedding, Wiseguys with a couple of our besties, & Tim's 30th Surpise party.  So glad it's over.  You know by now that I loooooovvvvveeee the Walking Dead.  Well did you know that Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead, also of Singled Out (yes, throwing it back), does stand-up?  He does and it's hilarious.  He also has a podcast under NERDIST.  Check it out.  I think my favorite part about him is that he took the time to meet us, AGAIN.  He is THE nicest guy you've ever met & so is his darling girlfriend Chloe.   
Chris Hardwick of Nerdist & Talking Dead
The other best part of the evening was sitting next to Dan Farr.  He is the producer of Salt Lake Comic Con & I nerded out more than a little.  Like if Justin Timberlake talked to you - He is a geeky version of that for me.  I don't like to post bad pictures of myself, but I had to share the crazy/excited expression on my face (see below).  His wife was adorable too & told me how she is also a Walking Dead fan.  She went on to say that she has met THE Norman Reedus..... Uh, what?!?  Naturally I blurted out "What does he smell like?"  Reasonable question or not, I asked it.  She answered back "UH-mazing."  Night made.   
One day Norman.  One day.

Dan Farr of Salt Lake Comic Con

Oh how I wish I would have posted this next part around a month ago.  As per the usual, life happened.  I'm posting this for those of you who are like me, late to the game on planting &/or maybe for next spring! 

Have you seen those killer giant flower pots at Costco for $17.99?  I love them.  Well, mostly in love.  The thing is that whenever you have a giant pot, what the crap do you fill it with?  I was-in-no-way willing to buy 2-3 bags of soil per pot.  I also didn't want to use rocks to take up room in the bottom and make it soooo heavy.  So after quite a bit of perusing around the garden forums, I settled on plastic bottles.   I have 4 pots to fill & I got a little creative with the bottles.  Have a party before this project and only serve drinks in 2 liters.  It helps.  

I filled each pot 2/3 up with bottles of all sizes.  I tried to create as close to a flat layer with the bottles before adding the potting soil.

It took about 3/4 of a large bag of potting soil after I placed the bottles.   My husband, Tim would add the soil and I would shake the pot to move the soil down around the bottles. 
The beautiful Dareth Anderson (flower pot specialist) recommends doing 3 types of plants per pot.  Thrillers, fillers, and spillers. 

Thrillers: Anything like spikes or taller flowers that tend to be the center of the pot.
Fillers: Petunias or any little flower that will fill in the soil space.
Spillers:  Dareth introduced me to sweet potatoes.  If you are lucky enough to find them, they will be your favorite part of your pot.  They "spill" right over the edge and look so pretty all summer long.   Talk to your local nursery and they can help you find the right look for your pot.
Sweet potato on the left & Spikes on the right.

This is my pot after 1 week.  I typically use miracle grow one time per week to help my plants along.  That's all she wrote for today.  Happy Hump Day Lovelies.


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