Friday, June 27, 2014

Crop Tees Sealed with a KISS

 LETS GET, LETS GET, LETS GET, LETS GET ROCK! Bad cheerleading cheer? Nope, guess again! If you guessed Def Leppord then, WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Do people even say that anymore? Oh well.. this post is full of old throwbacks anyway. 
My husband and I got to go to the first show of KISS and Def Leppord's 40th Anniversary Tour. Now I loooove me some ol Def L, but KISS was never really my thing. Now they still aren't, but for a group of 60+ year old dudes they brought the house (well… it was at USANAwhich is outside sooo DOWN! I've never seen so many pyrotecqnics on a stage! I was legitimately concerned for their Aqua Net Hair. (wigs?) Also, I found myself daydreaming about how I could recreate those costumes. For my children. That's O.K. parenting right?
 Here's a little ditty I like to call "Love Bites". One of my all-time faves!

Have you ever loved a fashion trend but it didn't work with your modesty? It happens to me all the time. But GUESS WHAT?!! Jokes on you crop tops! You thought you were creating more skin but you are helping me cover up! 
You know those cute dresses you see everywhere that don't have sleeves?

Problem solved. Crop Tees work perfect to cover the tops of dresses where you want more coverage. And you can normally get them super inexpensive! 

I'm surprised that when I walked to of Kohls with the cropped booties for $12 that the alarms didn't go off… because that was a STEAL! 
Get it? ;) 
I apologize… Thank goodness it's Friday.
Seriously though. A good deal is like a massage to my soul. That's the real retail therapy right there!

RAD Crop Tee// Rue 21
Plaid Dress// Forever 21
Buckly Booties// Kohls
"L" Necklace// Rue 21

I'll leave you with a few other options on how to utilize the crop tee. Have a great weekend Loves!

XoXo- Sheena

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