Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Man Mustache Bash Birthday Party

This little guys isn't so little anymore. He is Now officially a toddler! :( 
Hudson turned one and we decided to have a Little Man Mustache Bash for his birthday.
I got this idea in my head and called up the beautifully talented photographer Jamie to put my crazy ideas onto photographs. I told her what I wanted and she knew exactly where to go! I am in L-O-V-E with these photos! If you are in the Utah area you can contact her over at Jamie Healy Images.

Ahh...Exactly what I pictured! It captured the two and their personalities ridiculously well.

I made this cute invitation using Adobe Photoshop and had them printed at Costco.

When people arrived at the party they were created with a table inviting them to "Grab A Stache"

I used Hudson's picture, a cupcake stand complete with cupcakes, his smash cake, and a jar filled with root beer barrels. I just made his cake with one of those Giant Cupcake pans by Wilton and didn't fill it as much as you normally would to get a smaller version. Then My husband crafted the cute chocolate mustaches with the help of this tutorial. We just printed a sheet of them off and then laid wax paper over then top and traced. Easy Peasy.

These cupcakes were seriously to DIE for. Just saying. I made the cupcake toppers with my trusty Silvia. (my Silhouette HD)
The liners are from Michaels.

These were my party favors. They read "Thank You For "Popping" In At My Party You Really Tickled My Whiskers!"
I filled them with two different batches of Fruit Candy Popcorn. Lime and Blueberry. It sounds odd but it was delicious!

For drinks I had IBC Rootbeer and water battles that had labels  made by me and "Silvia". They read "Happy Birthday Hudson" and " Wet Your Whiskers" as well as the card stock sign in front.

I made a sign to go in front of the cupcakes that said "Flavor Savers". (Seriously, this party was so fun!) 
Going with the "Little Man" theme, the cupcake flavors were Butterbeer and Rootbeer Float. My fav were definitely the butterbeer.

Mustache straws!

I made this banner with Silvia as well. It had ties and number "1"'s. All the pictures are of his first year. From birth to 1 filled with all his firsts I took photos of. It was my favorite decoration :)

Look at these hotties! Our cousin Emilie and Aunt Carla.

All and all, this guy was pretty pleased! 

Before everyone left we had them stop by our photo booth. I got the cutouts here. I used Silvia again to cut them out and then hot glued them to wooden skewers.

 It was a GREAT party and we had lots of compliments. I was so sad to see my baby turn one, and yet so grateful at the same time. It was a rough start for this little man.

 He came into this world ready and eager four weeks early. We missed a lot it seemed like the first week of his life while he was in NICU. He was ready to be here but not able to handle breathing on his own. With lots of prayers, tears, the emotional roller coaster of trying to cope with coming home empty handed, and the support of loved ones, we made it through! He got to come home but not alone. He had to bring his friends Oxy (oxygen tank) and Mo (O2 monitor). One month later, just in time for his first photoshoot, he was a healthy boy!

We sure love our little Hud Bug. He is a blue-eyed little heartbreaker. THE happiest baby ever! 

I don't know how so much personality fits in such a tiny package.

Happy Birthday little dude. May you never take life for granted and have the comfort of knowing you are so loved very step of the way.


  1. What can I say?!? You are AMAZING! What a fun birthday party for Hudson. Also, I loved, loved the picture of you and the Birthday Boy - I can just see how much you love him.

  2. What an amazing party, you put me to shame, as always. I love that little man and his cute personality. My favorite is his shy head drop to the side. That needs to be recorded. He is such a happy little stink. Love Auntie.

  3. Awesome!! Wish I could have been there, love you tons!!!

  4. I came upon your blog! My little man turns one this September and I am putting together a Stache baash too. what kind of mustache did you put on him? I had one with a pacifier but he suddenly stopped using them. THat's ok but dangett, the timing.
    Your boys are beautiful!

    1. Yay! I think this theme is so adorable for boys! I got my mustaches at a party store and also at michaels crafts. They have a light adhesive on the backs! Hope your party is a hit! :)

  5. Hey Sheena,

    Can I use some of these pics on my site? The site is about Kids Party Supplies.

    Thanks in advance.

    Heather Kemp

    1. as long as you link back to here :) what is the blog address?