Friday, July 10, 2015

Metallic Ice Ice Baby

Guess what I did?!!!...............

Whew I feel brand spankin new you guys! You wouldn't believe what a crazy hair color can do for your soul! I think I have an alter ego now...and she is a superhero. Right? All I need is some spandex.
After I had taken out my extensions I had a mini meltdown that involved tears and staring at myself saying "I have the ugliest hair in the world". Not kidding....
Originally I had this plan that when I  turned 40 I would cut my hair and go platinum so I could rock the fun colors. I was already preparing myself for my midlife crisis. Serious. Well turns out that crisi came 10 years too early so I dove into all the pretty Pinterest hair pics and pulled out the bleach and OLAPLEX!
Ahh there you are future self....I pick this one.

OK lets talk OLAPLEX for a minute. If you have yet to hear of this miracle product STOP what you are doing and go HERE NOW!!!
Basically with this product, we as cosmetologists are able to push the envelope with hair WITHOUT compromising the integrity of it. It's insane.

Can you believe that?!! My hair should be in a mushy mess down the drain of my sink! Not even close! It feels amazing and I only needed to cut about an inch off my ends. Which it needed before the bleach anyway.

I am a licensed Cosmetologist. I do not recommend you trying this at home unless you are a professional.
This process did not happen all in one day. It was achieved over the course of 5 days. While OLAPLEX is an amazing product, you still need to use caution. 

Just a little FYI. If you are going from all over dark to all over blonde bleach will inevitably touch your scalp....and it doesn't feel super great.
If your plan is to go Platinum or a pastel color you blonde needs to look like this!
NOT this!

While I was going through this lightening stage I was Periscoping the whole thing!
(Don't know what Periscope is either? Go HERE and sign up! Oh... and follow me of course! SheenaLaRose)

While periscoping I was chatting with Mandie of Thatblondegirl Mandie and we decided that she NEEDED to do My pastel color!

I just love this girl and she is truly an inspiration to us all. She has worked her little booty off to build her platform and for her to take the time out of her extremely busy schedule to make my pastel dreams come true was just .....EVERYTHING! 
We YouTubed the whole process and became Hair Besties 4 Life! 

You can also view the video HERE

Huuuuge thank you to OLAPLEX for providing me the tools to to safely achieve this hair! And to Mandie for being my cheerleader throughout this entire process! 
I looooove my hair! Nothing to cry about now my friends!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you are in the Ogden, Utah area tomorrow (Saturday July 11th) make sure you head over to the Riverdale ULTA for the smash box event! They will be doing FREE makeovers by major makeup artists! You can cross your fingers and just show up or call 801-621-4639 to make an appointment. There will be a Photobooth as well. Jamie and I will be there joining in on all the fun!