Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How 2 non-nerdy girls ended up at Salt Lake City Comic Con

We are exhausted! Three full days of Salt Lake Comic Con followed by Easter. And with good reason! Over 100,000 people attended this Comic Con making it the 3rd largest Comic Con is the Country! Not too bad at all considering they just launched last fall! We are excited to share everything with you, so hold tight, and join us as we take you on our "nerd" journey.  We are already preparing for the next Comic Con Fan Xperience (September 4th-6th) and we would love to see each of you there with us!

As we so perfectly put it, "Nerd is not a derogatory term anymore, more like a term of endearment." 

A nerd is someone who appreciates a culture, a lifestyle. Or someone who is reeeeeally good at something. A nerd expert would be like, a superhero! Are we "treckies"? No. Did we have elaborate costumes? Not yet ;). Have we even read a comic book? Only if you can count the funnies in the sunday paper. But, you see, we didn't need any of those credentials. All we needed was to have once been a kid! Oh, and being The Walking Dead fans helped a little bit. Everyone is welcome at Comic Con. No discrimination there! 

So just how did we end up at Comic Con?

Back in December, I called up Sheena and asked her if she wanted to go on an adventure to find Norman Reedus with me.  I'm a huge Walking Dead Fan and so is she!  Over the last few months Jon Bernthal was added to the growing celebs coming to SLCC and that was all I needed to convince her!  Sad to say, only one of us met our crush, but boy did she meet him!  More on this later!

What Comic Con Fan Xperience has to offer
Sheena and the Back to the Future Delorean

On our first day we became honorary nerds and fell in love with the culture a little more with each passing day. What we noticed is that everyone was consistently nice and so excited to be there.  All genres of interest were covered: Disney, Superheroes, shopping, kid friendly activities (for the most part meaning some costumes are questionable at times.)

Kid Con

John Reid broke the record for largest balloon structure with "Poptimus Prime"

This year they had their first area dedicated for kids and good family fun! 
They had Power Ranger training, animals from the living aquarium, mermaids, princesses, Olaf, plinko, and every superhero any kid ever loved. 
Hudson touching a snake from Living Aquarium
The boys had their faces painted like Ninja Turtles and I'm pretty sure they believed that they actually became them. 
Kamden and Hudson with their TMNT faces
When asked what they thought of Comic Con, it got a big thumbs up! 

The Utah Jazz Bear made an appearance on his motorcycle.  I took off after him with Ava, so we could get a good selfie of course!   I'm pretty sure she's his biggest fan!

The Mermaid Booth was also a neat place for the little ones!
Ava and the girls


There was everything from A-Z as far as shopping is concerned.
Superhero everything
Comic Books
And the list goes on…

All the names of the food were character related

 Look at those cakes by The Mad Hatter Cake Studio!
A random man in the Batmobile


If you have never been to a Comic Con,  panels are where a group or singular celebrity go in front of a room and answer questions for fans. Typically they have a mic on each side of the room and people line up to ask away. The closer you are, the better the view. This is where the VIP Pass came in handy to most. There were some panels so popular that if you were not equipped with one of those beauties, you didn't get in.

Adam Baldwin talked about his sadness from the Cancelation of "Firefly"
Sean Patrick Flanery talking about his work on "Boondock Saints"

James Marsters aka "Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer" talks about his favorite roles.

Gov. Gary Herbert declaring April 17th "Salt Lake Comic Con Hero's Day" 

All in all.. It doesn't matter what people classify you as. Comic Con will accept you with open arms and give you the time of your life, whether just a fan, or an avid people watcher, it is surly an experience you wont want to miss.
BTW Comic Con or any affiliates did not pay us for this review. We just loved the time we had!

Stay tuned this week for our Walking Dead post and Friday we will feature our Favsie's Friday with our top costume picks! 

PS- Don't think we didn't keep it real with our Individual Rivalry questions! Check out our You Tube channel to see interviews and other shenanigans! 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter Loves!

Jamie and I are still trying to wind down from the whirlwind also known as Comic Con Fan X. It was a blast! We will be posting all about it starting the first of the week. 

Easter is my favorite time of year to dress my kids. There is nothing like seeing them in their Sunday best! And yes I am THAT Mom. The OCD in me comforted in seeing all my kids in matching outfits. It is what it is… I gave you a sneak peak of the little Babe's Easter outfit on IG. Here are all three in their entirety. 

Dress// Crazy 8 on sale HERE
Jean Jacket// Children's Place on sale HERE

Headband// DIY 
Gold Moccs// babyTmoccs HERE

Outfit 1
Faded Blue Oxford Shirt// Crazy 8 on sale HERE
Chambray Tie// Crazy 8 
Flax Chino Pants// The Children's Place HERE
Tan Nomad Slip-on Shoes// The Children's Place HERE
Outfit 2
Chambray Shirt// Crazy 8 HERE
Argyle Sweater Vest// Crazy 8 on sale HERE
Flax Chino Pants// The Children's Place HERE
Tan Nomad Slip-on Shoes// The Children's Place HERE

Here is Miss Ava's outfit.  She is still walk/crawling and so I opted for a skirt so it doesn't get caught under her.  I'm obsessed with neon pink and anything navy right now.  
Neon Pink Cardigan// Target HERE
Skirt// Carters Brand at JCP
Baby T Moccs -Platinum// (Sold out, but more colors HERE)
Blue Bow// Claires
Happy Easter babes!  Now back to Sheena.

In all the hustle and bustle of Holidays nowadays.. It is easy to forget what we are really celebrating. While I do love a good shopping session for my kids. Tonight while I tucked them into bed I cuddled in next to my boys and grabbed a special book. A book about Christ's Resurrection written for children. As I read to them the true reason for celebration I was getting asked questions like-
What is that stuff in the cups?
Why did they want to kill him?
Why is Mary crying?
Mom, Can Jesus only fly in clouds?
While some questions a little more heavy than others, all were important. They were thinking about their savior and thats all I could ask for on the Eve of Easter Sunday. Because of HIM, I feel the pain as Mary is searching for her beloved. Because of HIM, I rejoice with the Apostles as they spot him on the shore. Because of HIM, I am comforted in the fact that I can return to my heavenly Father just as Christ did. Because of HIM, I have a beautiful family and children that restore my faith everyday.
While I closed the book and kissed them goodnight my littlest man calls to me-
"MOM! We need to say a prayer!"
My oldest says-
"Oh Yah! Why didn't I think of that?"
And when I asked who wanted to say it they BOTH jumped at the opportunity. 
We had two prayers tonight.
And many more answered.

Happy Easter loves. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Must Haves for Surviving Salt Lake Comic Con


Favsies Friday will be back next week!

We survived!  The apocalypse you ask?  No, well sort of.   We just wrapped up our first day at Salt Lake's Comic Con FanX and it was UH-MAZE-ING!  We are tired, but the tired you feel after a good day at Disneyland... or Lagoon.. or Halloween.  Anyway here we go!
 1. Get your hands on some nerd-camo! Hipster glasses are a must have to blend into the surroundings.  It's a Clark Kent sort of thing.

2. Bring a Partner-in-Crime, sidekick, or a squad

3.  Don't feed, touch, or poke the wildlife.  They bite.

4.  Remember to eat! We had some tasty food along the way.  The entire venue smells like cinnamon roasted almonds... yum!   I don't know what the official rules are, but you can bring your own drinks & food.  We didn't know that and so we stopped by the eatery in the convention. 

Sheena's food on the right was better than your local fast food joint, but not a re-return sort of thing.  I did love my burrito-it was definitely a share-with-friend size!  

Seriously, the venue is huge & with thousands of people it gets hot quick.  Come prepared... nobody wants to smell you.

 Photo Credit to Deseretnews.com

 6.  Bring Cash for the booths.  A ton of them accept cards, but its quicker to use cash!  Also shop around, the further we got into the shopping, the better the prices were.  Talk to the vendors & ask for best pricing!  Most of the vendors will give you a deal when you buy a few items from them.  

7.  Always have your camera ready!  You never know just who might pop up & will only have a sec to score the perfect photo.

8. And lastly... Talk to strangers.  Scratch that, I mean don't talk to strangers.  If you do, don't be afraid to ask who someone is or rather what someone is!  This is how we met the new Power Rangers.  And I may or may not have asked them if they were a boy band...!  Oops :)

Now we are headed for day 2!  Wish us luck...