Friday, May 23, 2014

That one time we ran a half marathon with no training. Again.

Each year I decide to sign up for the Ogden Half Marathon & each year I tell myself I will train.  Fail.  I literally run the day before as my "training" and then I pay for it with some massive aches and pains and losing a few toe nails right before swim season.  This year was going to be different, fast forward October to May & still no training. No biggy right?  I've run 13.1 miles, no training, post c-section, in the rain, down a mountain & survived.  So then what?  Well my dad was injured so it meant we had a free spot on our JOGGING DEAD team this year.  Naturally I called Sheena & talked her into my madness.  She was down.  This is why we are besties.  One of us has an insane idea and the other jumps on board.   Our goal?  Run the race in under 3.5 hours.

If you are crazy enough to run this or any other race without training, here are a few helpful hints/favsies to make it through.
1. Wake up at the butt crack of dawn and do your makeup.  Why?  If you look good, you feel good, & then you make yourself think you can do it.  A cute running outfit helps too.

2. If you forget everything else, don't forget your lipgloss.  IT MATTERS.  And Sunglasses.  The aid stations provide almost everything else along the way (even fem products).  Leave everything behind.  All you need is you & your tunes. 
Glasses, tunes, & lipgloss!  Check.

3. Take an imodium.  Yes, I went there.  When you run, you will most likely get the "runs."  Everybody poops, it happens & you do not want to be stuck in the potty for long.  Don't eat a big breakfast before the run either.  T-R-O-U-B-L-E! 

 4.  Poorta, I mean port-a-potties, are smelly.  Wear your sunglasses when you go in and don't look down.  Power pee people.  Get in & get the heck out.  We had to pee unwillingly half way down the mountain.  The other problem is it added at least 15 minutes to our finish time.  Sad emoji.
Photo from Why I run Blog
5. Jelly Belly makes a great little sports bean for energy along the way.  Grab a little bag & eat as needed.   

6. Run with a friend.  Unless you are competitive.  I am so competitive & so I pushed myself & Sheena the whole way down the mountain.  Sheena & I broke up a few times on the run, but ended great!  & under 3 hours.
Special thanks to Jamie Lampros Shenefelt for this awesome pic of us finishing!
 7. Don't stress, just do it.  It's all worth it in the end... even if a child beats you. 
Happy Memorial Day Weekend loves!  Seems appropriate to end on these photos.  Thanks to everyone who serves or has served our country.  Hats off to you & we are forever in your debt!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bananas Foster Dutch Babies

The blogging community is full of amazingly talented women. Jamie and I are excited and proud to be setting up residency with the likes of these people! We are growing through trial and error as we find our place. 
One of those awesome women is Alissa Circle from 
Seriously, go check her out. She is a blogger of all things as well and boy does she have a way with words!
I was skimming through our IG the other day and she had posted a recipe for Blueberry Banana Dutch Babies made in a cast iron skillet and I about fell over! 
Just ask my family. We have them at least once a week and my husband keeps telling me that I am going to ruin them the way his Mother ruined pot roast. Apparently he ate that a lot growing up. 
So when I saw Alissa's variation on it I got super excited because now I am going to continue to make it every week… only in different ways. Bwaaa ha ha! If you have never heard of them nor had them.. I don't even know what to say to you, except for START NOW! They will change your breakfast (and sometimes dinner) forever! 
I love Bananas Foster so I felt that a good one to start with. 
We are all about easy over here and there is nothing I hate more than a sink full of dirty dishes after cooking, so I make these babies in the blender. It's kind of like all those healthy people that get up first thing in the morning and start blending all that's good for them…they must love the sound of the blender first thing in the morning. ME too! Only mine is filled with flour-y, sugary, goodness :) It's basically the same thing.

Bananas Foster Dutch Babies (German Pancakes)
1 Tbs butter
1 whole banana sliced
   brown sugar

3 Tbs butter
3 eggs
3/4 c milk
3/4 c flour
1 tsp cinnamon 
2 tsp vanilla extract
  powdered sugar

Grab a small pan and add 1 Tbs butter and melt on medium heat. Let that melt a little and then add sliced bananas. Sprinkle some brown sugar over the top. Carefully fold them over. Turn heat down to low and continuer to mix periodically. Turn your oven on to 425 degrees. Place 3 Tbs of butter in your 8in cast iron skillet (you can just as well use and 8x8 pyrex pan too). Put your pan in the oven to allow the butter to melt as the oven heats. Whip out your trusty blender and put your eggs in it. Blend on high for 1 minute. Gradually add your milk first and then flour, cinnamon, and vanilla. I add my ingredients right through the hole in the lid. Continue to blend for 30 seconds. By now your butter should be melted so pull that pan out of the oven. Pour the bananas into your pan with butter and then slowly pour in your batter. Bake for 20-25 minutes until puffy and golden brown. When it is done let cool for about 1 minute and then sprinkle powdered sugar on top.

*If you want to make plain Dutch Babies just omit the bananas part and cinnamon. We like to top ours with maple syrup too!*

 Enjoy your fan-freaking-tastic breakfast!

This little girl is is 11 months old today. I can't believe she is turning 1 next month! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bare Mineral's Bareskin Master Class

Let's get BARE, loves.  So natural, everyone will be wondering what you've done.  Ok.  I'm talking makeup.  Get that mind out of the gutter!  I was invited to have my makeup done by Melissa Davies with Bare Minerals for a Masterclass featuring the NEW BARESKIN liquid foundation.  It was a blast.  I learned a ton, met some great artists and got hooked on the foundation.  I made my first tutorial talking about the foundation & application.  Can you say nerve racking?  BARE with me while watching it... still a novice for sure.  Between lighting & having to re-watch myself get ready.  Oh boy.  Just watch it without judgement.  I beg of you! 

A couple great things about the foundation.  It has taken Bare 20+ years to come out with a liquid.  Saying that alone means that they have done a ton of research in perfecting the formula.  In the video I mention that it only has 17 or 18 ingredients.  Why does that matter?  If you like it natural, the less going on to your skin the better.  It's preservative & paraben free & also has a physical SPF 30 sunscreen for protection.  The brightening serum in the makeup is geared at giving you a lighter-brighter complexion. 
Products Left to right
True- Allover Radiance Color
Mineral Veil- Original
Bareskin Shade 7.0
Faux Tan Allover Face Color (Some people use warmth instead)
Handybuki brush
The NEW Bareskin Foundation Brush (front with well for you foundation)
The brush is a little different, but super smooth.  Your skin gets a little massage while you're putting the foundation on.  After you shake your foundation well, you drop it into the dip in the top of the brush.  I do feel like the texture of the brush is important because it has you use the least amount of makeup possible.  They are saying the bottle should last you around 6 months & it runs around $29.   That's only $5 a month.  If you are one of the hard to match skintones, there is a variety of colors so you will get your perfect match. 
Prepping the skin

Melissa applying the foundation. 
I broke up my video into 2 parts.  The first couple minutes is the foundation only, the second is mineral veil, faux tan, & blush. 
P.S. Next time I do a tutorial, I will remember to take a before and after picture to post with this!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Hudson Smash

Does anyone know if the "middle child syndrome" is really real? World, Meet Hudson Dean. 
Number 2 of 3. Smack dab in the middle. He is witty, funny, manly, and by far my hardest. We butt heads like crazy. This little dude has had stitches 4 times within the past 14 months, drank dog antibiotics, gave his brother stitches, tried to ride his 10 month old sister like a horse, and permanently stole my spot in MY bed. He is 3 1/2. 
He is my test for sure. My oldest didn't have a mean bone in his body. He and Hudson couldn't be more opposite. Don't get me wrong, I love this dude to the moon and back infinity and beyond. I just haven't figured out how to be his parent yet. It's hard being the one who is supposed  to be the nurturer when he doesn't want me. He wants Daddy. Which is fine.. I'm totally good with sharing that responsibility, but I would be lying if I I said it didn't make me a little jealous. I just can't figure out my place with him because he doesn't want me to have one. Every once in a while, like this morning, he will climb up on my lap and ask me to hold him. You bet your arse that I take full advantage of those moments. Phone down, my arms are all his. 
Last night while talking to my Husband about it, he says

"He loves you. He just does in his own way on his terms."

This kid is just as hard headed as his momma. I'm sure what is happening here is we are one in the same. Too much alike. 
Im not perfect. I don't have all the answers. Clearly. I just want my children to know that they are loved and that these arms are open 24/7. Don't you ever think..I hope I am not screwing this up. Am I doing this all wrong? 
And then there are the days that he says

"Mom, you're beautiful. I love you."

All in the most sincere voice I've ever heard. 
I won't give up on you little man. I will still run to you when you fall no matter how many times yo tell me to "go away". I will tell you I love you everyday, multiple times a day. I will share my bed when the nightmares creep in. I will love you for life. No conditions. 

Hudson will no doubt be the life of the party as he gets older. He loves superheroes and the Hulk is his favorite. Hudson Smash is the perfect nickname for this little stud. This kid is already about his fashion and is pretty consistent. He consistently has his underwear and his pants on backwards and mismatched socks. In his defense, red and blue go together so his one Ironman sock and his one Captain America sock DO match! Ha Ha oh I love him so..

Hudson is head to toe in Old Navy. Can I first just say a big THANK YOU to Old Navy for selling vintage character tees? I can't stand character clothes/shoes/ect.  I know it's not me wearing them, but I struggle putting my kids in them. Jammies? Totally fine. I can deal with that.
 The vintage feel makes them much more bearable and most of the time cute! I LOVE VINTAGE. These shirts allow everyone to be happy. Win win I say!

Marvel Heroes Shirt// Old Navy 
Belted Twill Shorts// Old Navy similar HERE
Flip Flops// Old Navy similar HERE

Friday, May 9, 2014

Favsie Friday & Being A Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

Photo by

This will be my 2nd Mother's Day.   That's already 2 more than I felt like I'd have this soon, if at all.  I knew I would somehow be a mom.  My husband & I struggled to conceive. We prayed everyday for a sweet little miracle. 2 surgeries, lots of fertility, 3 Docs, many negative pregnancy tests, standing on my head (not really, well sorta), crying when someone else would tell me they were pregnant (happens daily it seems like when you want a baby), & then beginning the adoption process- it happened. Ava is now 14 months & I couldn't be more thrilled about her.  Without the help of the Lord, I would not be a mother. It is the most incredible gift I have ever been given & I try daily to treat her as so.  That doesn't mean I don't have those freakout sort of days, but who doesn't?  Then my girl giggles and all is perfect again.  I'm so thankful for each moment like that with her.  I think mothers are so important & not all mothers are perfect.  I'm not.  Let's take a moment and thank our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, and for some-fathers.  I love each of you and couldn't be the mother I am now without you and help from my Tim.  I love you Ava & thanks for making me a mother.  I know we are growing together everyday.  We need the support of each other to keep the world going. 

Happy Mothers Day-Jamie


Photo by Amy Hess Photography

My favorite thing about being a Mother is the unconditional, pure, Christ-like love that my children give me. They are the closest thing to having Jesus sitting right there at the dinner table with us. What a blessing that is. Being a Mother is no doubt the hardest job in the world. As many times as I have messed up or showed up late, I don't know how I haven't been fired. But the Lord knows our efforts. Our children know our efforts. I am thankful for this role my Heavenly Father has blessed me with and the amazing Mother's he has placed in our lives. Being a Mother doesn't necessarily mean birthing a child. It means tapping into those instincts we have been blessed with that are remarkably on point when trusted. Mother knows best after all. 
Just in these past 6 years I have 
-kissed more boo boos than normal, pulled staples out of heads (literally yesterday)
-wiped away tears, laughed until I cried
 -called 911
-called poison control
-cooked them the best meal of they've ever had
and the worst
-played with toys (stepped on toys)
-been told I am the most beautiful girl in the world more than I can count
-had my back patted while dealing with morning sickness
-gone to NICU graduation parties
-witnessed the love between siblings that knows no bounds
-witnessed rage that only a sibling can cause
-celebrated milestones
-chased away monsters
-purchased a king sized bed to hopefully create more distance between their feet and my face
-cried while I watched them meet Mickey at Disneyland
-done things I said I would NEVER do as a parent
-felt inadequate 
But my favorite moments?..
When everyone has finally fallen asleep I will sneak into their bedrooms and watch them sleep. In those moments of complete silence when there is nothing but peace and the sounds of their precious inhales and exhales.. I feel that unconditional Christ-like love at it's peak and contemplate that this, most definitely, must be how our Father in Heaven feels about us.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing women in our lives. Mothers, In-Laws, Grandmothers, and Friends alike.

From our home to yours. Enjoy this FREE printable on us! Just right click and save :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Aro & Company

Have you noticed a button along the side of our site for Aro&co?  Sheena & I were picked to be stylists for them... enter a treat for you!  10% off your purchase using our code  INDIVIDUALRIVALRY10  - They are IDAHO based so you get your goodies quick.  They also just launched their shoes last week so check out the cute flats too! 

Why I love Aro- Sizing is pretty true & great quality of fabric.  I'm wearing a medium skirt that hits just right around my waist-I have to allow a little for booty.  I love the retro feel that they offer with some definite modern touches.  I paired my skirt with a top from Down East & some winter boots from Forever Young shoes.


Top // Down East Outfitters
Skirt // Aro & Company
Collar Necklace // Sassy Steals
Boots // Forever Young Shoes
Watch & Handbag // JCP

Call It Spring Handbag HERE (JCP)

I've worn this darling Sassy Steals Collar Necklace with everything from Tees to dressy tops.

We had to get photoshop creative since it was a rainstorm all around us & super dark.  We then followed this shoot with hours of hanging out and getting our (my)hair did.  I have THE most amazing hair stylist-Sheena- that is!  I actually talked her into running the Ogden Half (marathon that is) - so stay tuned for the best "Shemie" adventure to come.

How our evening ended…

Ava trying to help Sheena wash thru all my crazy hair & extensions.
Happy Thursday Loves!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ulta BareSkin Riverdale Master Class!

Well lovelies, I have been asked to be the foundation model for a Master Class at Ulta this Saturday Morning- May 10th in Riverdale, UT.  The magnificent Melissa Davies from Bare Minerals will be conducting a class on the new Bare Skin LIQUID foundation.  Yes, BE has a liquid!  

Ready for the best part???  They will be doing complimentary 30 minute makeovers Friday & Saturday from 11-4:30.  Call now and make your appointment - 801.621.4639  

I can't wait to see you at this great event!


Monday, May 5, 2014

Crossing the Path of Tiles + A Little WIW

I remember as a little girl walking past the "Junior" section in department stores and being excited for the day I could explore the next stage of fashion. That day came soon enough and I have been shopping the sale racks and taking risks ever since. 
Not being able to buy whatever I wanted, from wherever I wanted, made me have to creatively expand my closet on my own. In high school my friends and I would seriously shop at the Kids Abercrombie & Fitch and buy their larges just so we could afford the brand. I'll have to do a whole other post on my sale shopping tricks. 
Anyway, back to my point. 
A little while back while browsing the junior section at a major department store, I got to thinking...
Should I be shopping over here? 
Should I probably be shopping over in the "Women's" section?
Are people wondering what I am doing buying clothes targeted for girls 10 yrs younger than I?
Now that I think about it, I have shown up to church wearing the same things as the young women :/
 I walked over to the "Women's Section" and looked around. First of all… How come clothes targeted for "women" are double the price of "juniors"? Do they assume that since I am older that I have double the money? Wouldn't it be just the opposite because my parents no longer take me "back to school" shopping? 
( Even though I totally tried to talk my Dad into that last year to no avail ;) )
Just because I make more, I now have BILLS! You know.. Mo' Money Mo' Problems.
I kept looking. 
I looove some of those higher end clothes. They are beautiful. But I need more bang for my buck. I would rather have 5 shirts that don't quite last me as long giving me more outfits than having one shirt that after buying I can't afford pants to go with it. Know what I'm saying sisters? At least until I can afford to buy 5 of those shirts.
Still looking…
Nothing. Anything that did appeal to me was way more than I would pay for an item and the rest was just not… well, it wasn't "me". 
So when is it that we are supposed to graduate to the next step in life of fashion? When is it time to cross the path of tiles over to the section with the overhang that displays "WOMEN'S"? The answer?

Whenever you want. 

When it comes to fashion the best thing you can do is be YOU. All while keeping in mind what works best for your body type, shop what appeals to YOU. No matter what section/department that is. Including the "Men's". The fabulous thing about fashion is that it has no judgment or boundaries. It is up to you personally to discover what is appropriate for you and what you are comfortable with. It is a matter of taste. A matter of shopping within your means. Will I ever leave the "junior" section? The answer is ...probably. When? Who knows. And that's perfectly fine.
Choosing my own fashion means I get to wear these cute boyfriend jeans that my husband absolutely hates because they look like "boy" pants ha ha. 
( Literally while shopping with him the other day he asks,
"Are those pants supposed to be that loose?" )

Shop where you want ladies. Wear what you want. Use us bloggers as an inspiration, not an idol. See a blogger wearing something that you love that is out of your means? Find an alternative. There ALWAYS is and alternative. As long as you feel confident and comfortable, then you should strut your outfit with said confidence. No matter the brand. No matter the price. No matter the department.

I am loving Graphic Tees these days! There is nothing like a good T shirt. How appropriate is this "Selfie" tee by AE? It is so so so soft! 
Believe it or not… this is my first time trying out boyfriend jeans. I think they are so cute on other women, I was just afraid of looking frumpy if I wore them. Well, I tried them and the verdict is… 
I L-O-V-E them. I will probably only wear them with heels though. I am already on the shorter side so I need them to elongate my legs while rocking this style. I really like this boyfriend fit, but I sill want to look and feel like a woman. 
And of course my most favorite diaper bag ever. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack. Typically these bags are about $180, but if you are patient and shop around, you can usually get them for half off.  One recommendation though… If you decide to go with a PPB, make sure not to by the cloth material kind. It snags and isn't as easy to clean. Other than that, this bag is a must have for mommas!

"Love Thy Selfie" Shirt// American Eagle HERE
Boyfriend Jeans// American Eagle HERE
Necklace// American Eagle HERE
Rose Gold Watch//
Green Pumps// Rue 21
Diaper Bag// Petunia Pickle Bottom

Friday, May 2, 2014

UN-Favsies Friday

Let us preface this in saying that is in no way meant to hurt feelings or offend.  We have all followed like a flock of sheep with one trend or another in life. Some good, some bad, some absolutely terrible. BUT… 

How's this for chevron Karson and Natalie?

We have all done it and most likely still are doing it.
And hey, some of you (& us)  might still love these things and that's T-O-T-A-L-L-Y OK. It's all about confidence with whatever you are wearing.
We asked our followers what they were sooo over right now and this is what they came up with as well as our UN-favsies.
BTW we had a blast doing this. Sometimes its just pure awesomeness to be able to laugh at yourself.  

Here is what a few of ya'll had to say:

Bah ha ha.. We were dying over all of your responses! Not all trends are going to be for everyone, but sometimes there should be a limit on how long one stays around we think.

First off, I love my stiletto nails! I still do, and go back to them every now and again. I think it might be because I feel like I have sausage fingers and they help make them look longer. Serious.

Chevron. Talk about your immortal print! This print has been going strong FOREVER! We still like it.. but just in small doses. 

Mint and Coral. We really do love these colors and they look good on just about everyone, but one can only stare at the same two colors for so long. It's been over a year now, and they have become too controlling. How about some nice royal blues and this years super cute color radiant orchid? 

Birkenstocks. I cannot do this one guys. CAN NOT. Kind of like the whole crocs thing.I wish they would have left these locked away with their boxed set of Blossom.

Unnaturally colored eyebrows. I don't get it. Same color as your hair? A little more understandable. Coloring to accent an outfit or match your shirt? …….. (crickets chirping)

Let us finish by saying- Good on ya Chevron.  You've hung in there and I'm still buying stuff with your darling zig zag pattern. The best part of this post is that Sheena and I owned almost everything you told us you were over. Like, ombre, bling jeans, chevron, stiletto nails, ect... It's never a bad thing.  Rock it if you've got it & you love it.

Socks with sandals.  I'm not talking the cute little things made for closed toed shoes.  I have a family member who shall go unnamed and HE, I mean He or She has always done this.  Is it a Utah thing?

 Shannon- This is just for you!  I like trucker hats, poolside, running.. but I do agree there is a place for them! 

Thanks for everyone who joined our convo!  We love the input from each of you.

Because we love you so much…Here is a very special and very professional video of the two of us. It is magical.