Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bare Mineral's Bareskin Master Class

Let's get BARE, loves.  So natural, everyone will be wondering what you've done.  Ok.  I'm talking makeup.  Get that mind out of the gutter!  I was invited to have my makeup done by Melissa Davies with Bare Minerals for a Masterclass featuring the NEW BARESKIN liquid foundation.  It was a blast.  I learned a ton, met some great artists and got hooked on the foundation.  I made my first tutorial talking about the foundation & application.  Can you say nerve racking?  BARE with me while watching it... still a novice for sure.  Between lighting & having to re-watch myself get ready.  Oh boy.  Just watch it without judgement.  I beg of you! 

A couple great things about the foundation.  It has taken Bare 20+ years to come out with a liquid.  Saying that alone means that they have done a ton of research in perfecting the formula.  In the video I mention that it only has 17 or 18 ingredients.  Why does that matter?  If you like it natural, the less going on to your skin the better.  It's preservative & paraben free & also has a physical SPF 30 sunscreen for protection.  The brightening serum in the makeup is geared at giving you a lighter-brighter complexion. 
Products Left to right
True- Allover Radiance Color
Mineral Veil- Original
Bareskin Shade 7.0
Faux Tan Allover Face Color (Some people use warmth instead)
Handybuki brush
The NEW Bareskin Foundation Brush (front with well for you foundation)
The brush is a little different, but super smooth.  Your skin gets a little massage while you're putting the foundation on.  After you shake your foundation well, you drop it into the dip in the top of the brush.  I do feel like the texture of the brush is important because it has you use the least amount of makeup possible.  They are saying the bottle should last you around 6 months & it runs around $29.   That's only $5 a month.  If you are one of the hard to match skintones, there is a variety of colors so you will get your perfect match. 
Prepping the skin

Melissa applying the foundation. 
I broke up my video into 2 parts.  The first couple minutes is the foundation only, the second is mineral veil, faux tan, & blush. 
P.S. Next time I do a tutorial, I will remember to take a before and after picture to post with this!


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