Friday, May 2, 2014

UN-Favsies Friday

Let us preface this in saying that is in no way meant to hurt feelings or offend.  We have all followed like a flock of sheep with one trend or another in life. Some good, some bad, some absolutely terrible. BUT… 

How's this for chevron Karson and Natalie?

We have all done it and most likely still are doing it.
And hey, some of you (& us)  might still love these things and that's T-O-T-A-L-L-Y OK. It's all about confidence with whatever you are wearing.
We asked our followers what they were sooo over right now and this is what they came up with as well as our UN-favsies.
BTW we had a blast doing this. Sometimes its just pure awesomeness to be able to laugh at yourself.  

Here is what a few of ya'll had to say:

Bah ha ha.. We were dying over all of your responses! Not all trends are going to be for everyone, but sometimes there should be a limit on how long one stays around we think.

First off, I love my stiletto nails! I still do, and go back to them every now and again. I think it might be because I feel like I have sausage fingers and they help make them look longer. Serious.

Chevron. Talk about your immortal print! This print has been going strong FOREVER! We still like it.. but just in small doses. 

Mint and Coral. We really do love these colors and they look good on just about everyone, but one can only stare at the same two colors for so long. It's been over a year now, and they have become too controlling. How about some nice royal blues and this years super cute color radiant orchid? 

Birkenstocks. I cannot do this one guys. CAN NOT. Kind of like the whole crocs thing.I wish they would have left these locked away with their boxed set of Blossom.

Unnaturally colored eyebrows. I don't get it. Same color as your hair? A little more understandable. Coloring to accent an outfit or match your shirt? …….. (crickets chirping)

Let us finish by saying- Good on ya Chevron.  You've hung in there and I'm still buying stuff with your darling zig zag pattern. The best part of this post is that Sheena and I owned almost everything you told us you were over. Like, ombre, bling jeans, chevron, stiletto nails, ect... It's never a bad thing.  Rock it if you've got it & you love it.

Socks with sandals.  I'm not talking the cute little things made for closed toed shoes.  I have a family member who shall go unnamed and HE, I mean He or She has always done this.  Is it a Utah thing?

 Shannon- This is just for you!  I like trucker hats, poolside, running.. but I do agree there is a place for them! 

Thanks for everyone who joined our convo!  We love the input from each of you.

Because we love you so much…Here is a very special and very professional video of the two of us. It is magical.


  1. Love your blog ladies. Thanks for keeping it real.