Monday, May 12, 2014

Hudson Smash

Does anyone know if the "middle child syndrome" is really real? World, Meet Hudson Dean. 
Number 2 of 3. Smack dab in the middle. He is witty, funny, manly, and by far my hardest. We butt heads like crazy. This little dude has had stitches 4 times within the past 14 months, drank dog antibiotics, gave his brother stitches, tried to ride his 10 month old sister like a horse, and permanently stole my spot in MY bed. He is 3 1/2. 
He is my test for sure. My oldest didn't have a mean bone in his body. He and Hudson couldn't be more opposite. Don't get me wrong, I love this dude to the moon and back infinity and beyond. I just haven't figured out how to be his parent yet. It's hard being the one who is supposed  to be the nurturer when he doesn't want me. He wants Daddy. Which is fine.. I'm totally good with sharing that responsibility, but I would be lying if I I said it didn't make me a little jealous. I just can't figure out my place with him because he doesn't want me to have one. Every once in a while, like this morning, he will climb up on my lap and ask me to hold him. You bet your arse that I take full advantage of those moments. Phone down, my arms are all his. 
Last night while talking to my Husband about it, he says

"He loves you. He just does in his own way on his terms."

This kid is just as hard headed as his momma. I'm sure what is happening here is we are one in the same. Too much alike. 
Im not perfect. I don't have all the answers. Clearly. I just want my children to know that they are loved and that these arms are open 24/7. Don't you ever think..I hope I am not screwing this up. Am I doing this all wrong? 
And then there are the days that he says

"Mom, you're beautiful. I love you."

All in the most sincere voice I've ever heard. 
I won't give up on you little man. I will still run to you when you fall no matter how many times yo tell me to "go away". I will tell you I love you everyday, multiple times a day. I will share my bed when the nightmares creep in. I will love you for life. No conditions. 

Hudson will no doubt be the life of the party as he gets older. He loves superheroes and the Hulk is his favorite. Hudson Smash is the perfect nickname for this little stud. This kid is already about his fashion and is pretty consistent. He consistently has his underwear and his pants on backwards and mismatched socks. In his defense, red and blue go together so his one Ironman sock and his one Captain America sock DO match! Ha Ha oh I love him so..

Hudson is head to toe in Old Navy. Can I first just say a big THANK YOU to Old Navy for selling vintage character tees? I can't stand character clothes/shoes/ect.  I know it's not me wearing them, but I struggle putting my kids in them. Jammies? Totally fine. I can deal with that.
 The vintage feel makes them much more bearable and most of the time cute! I LOVE VINTAGE. These shirts allow everyone to be happy. Win win I say!

Marvel Heroes Shirt// Old Navy 
Belted Twill Shorts// Old Navy similar HERE
Flip Flops// Old Navy similar HERE

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