Friday, May 23, 2014

That one time we ran a half marathon with no training. Again.

Each year I decide to sign up for the Ogden Half Marathon & each year I tell myself I will train.  Fail.  I literally run the day before as my "training" and then I pay for it with some massive aches and pains and losing a few toe nails right before swim season.  This year was going to be different, fast forward October to May & still no training. No biggy right?  I've run 13.1 miles, no training, post c-section, in the rain, down a mountain & survived.  So then what?  Well my dad was injured so it meant we had a free spot on our JOGGING DEAD team this year.  Naturally I called Sheena & talked her into my madness.  She was down.  This is why we are besties.  One of us has an insane idea and the other jumps on board.   Our goal?  Run the race in under 3.5 hours.

If you are crazy enough to run this or any other race without training, here are a few helpful hints/favsies to make it through.
1. Wake up at the butt crack of dawn and do your makeup.  Why?  If you look good, you feel good, & then you make yourself think you can do it.  A cute running outfit helps too.

2. If you forget everything else, don't forget your lipgloss.  IT MATTERS.  And Sunglasses.  The aid stations provide almost everything else along the way (even fem products).  Leave everything behind.  All you need is you & your tunes. 
Glasses, tunes, & lipgloss!  Check.

3. Take an imodium.  Yes, I went there.  When you run, you will most likely get the "runs."  Everybody poops, it happens & you do not want to be stuck in the potty for long.  Don't eat a big breakfast before the run either.  T-R-O-U-B-L-E! 

 4.  Poorta, I mean port-a-potties, are smelly.  Wear your sunglasses when you go in and don't look down.  Power pee people.  Get in & get the heck out.  We had to pee unwillingly half way down the mountain.  The other problem is it added at least 15 minutes to our finish time.  Sad emoji.
Photo from Why I run Blog
5. Jelly Belly makes a great little sports bean for energy along the way.  Grab a little bag & eat as needed.   

6. Run with a friend.  Unless you are competitive.  I am so competitive & so I pushed myself & Sheena the whole way down the mountain.  Sheena & I broke up a few times on the run, but ended great!  & under 3 hours.
Special thanks to Jamie Lampros Shenefelt for this awesome pic of us finishing!
 7. Don't stress, just do it.  It's all worth it in the end... even if a child beats you. 
Happy Memorial Day Weekend loves!  Seems appropriate to end on these photos.  Thanks to everyone who serves or has served our country.  Hats off to you & we are forever in your debt!

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  1. This was an awesome post! The humor in your writing is awesome. I've done that 1/2 before with minimal training, so it made your TRUE statements even better. haha!