Monday, June 2, 2014

Whatever You Are, Be a "Good One" + Bachelorette Rambles

From your porch….. Just kidding. 
Abe Lincoln once said,
"Whatever you are, be a good one."
We love this quote and so does the super cute Kate from 
Ivory Kate. So much in fact, that she started making these amaze-balls Tees. Not only is the message "Good One" ..a good one, but the fit of these shirts are perfect. They are lightweight and LOOOOONG. What's worse than a short shirt? Almost nothing I say. I've washed my shirt 3 times and so far it is still in pristine condition. As per usual, just make sure you are following the care directions. Do this and your clothes will live long happy lives. Promise. 
This shirt comes in white or black xs-xl. Mine is a medium. I probably could have gone with a small but I always like to error on the "a little baggy" rather than "muffin top". Jamie loves it too! She is getting it in black so we can twin it like no ones business.
Be sure to head over to Ivory Kate while she still has a few of these left in stock. She has some amazing other products (accessories/ mary jane moccs) but she is on a little hiatus since she just had herself THE cutest little babe. 
You can find yourself the most comfy of shirts that you can dress up or dress down 

Did anyone watch The Bachelorette Part 1 last night? Prettttty sure I freaked a little when I saw 
Boys ll Men. They were my first concert EVER. I know… I am THE coolest….and old. Those boys butchered one of the best baby making songs of all time though. Let's just be real about that. And classically trained homeboy wasn't helping much. Like.. at all. I'm liking Nerdy Nick but I don't have any other loves thus far. Can we talk about how beautiful Andi looked as an older woman? I decided that when I get to be that age I will have to own a wig. It was her beautiful white hair! But there is no way I'm heading that direction with these thin locks. So I will be the old lady with the fabulous wigs. Who blogs about her fabulous wigs. ;) Bellami- Can you start working on that for me? Kay thanks!
Last but not least.. I can't help but feel a pang of sadness every time they show Eric Hill. Especially last night with all the talk of death and it could happen to any one of them. They were talking about Ron and his friend that had passed of course, but it was just eery. I couldn't help but wonder how it is for his family and friends to watch the show. Bittersweet I'm sure. 

Good One Shirt// Ivory Kate
Skinny Jeans// Rue 21
Black Pumps// Rue 21
Black Faux Leather Crop Jacket// Kohls
"S" necklace// Rue 21
Extensions// Bellami *Use code sheena for an extra discount*

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