Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Invented Post-Its/ Getting Reunion Ready

This past week was mine and my husband's 10 reunion. We both graduated in 2004 from the same High School. I knew the reunion was this year and last year I started having the thoughts:

-I'm going to start working out right now so I can be in awesome shape 
-Good thing we are done having kids so I won't be pregnant
-I better hurry and accomplish something great

Judge all you want for my vain-y-like thoughts, but I'm pretty sure at least a good 80% of people that go to their reunion have similar thoughts, if not the same. It is what it is. You want to have aged like a fine wine..not like your diet coke that sadly goes flat waaaaaay to suddenly. Why is it that we feel the need to impress people that we haven't seen, nor talked to in 10 years? Who knows… I think movies brainwashed us in that way. 
Anyway, the reunion snuck up on me too quickly and I guess when the last time I went to the gym was?
December. Freaking Christmas time. So what do I do? I run a half marathon that I didn't train for. In hopes that 3 hours of jogging/running would lift my butt back to where it used to be and that the constant forward/backward movement of my swinging arms would give them definition that didn't require the push of a finger. 
With the working out part out the window it was time to make due with what I could control. SPANX it is. 
So without further a due, here are my reunion ready tips.

1. Get Your Hurrr Did

Cover those grays girl! Seriously. I started going gray at about 20. Stupidest thing ever. Something I thought about after the fact, was call for back up. Remember in High School when you would get together with all your friends and get ready for dances? If life allows, have a hair sesh before the reunion. If life is too busy for day of, invite a few of your old group to go get pedicures. 

2. Treat Yourself to Nails and a Pedicure

For those awkward moments when you are talking to someone from high school and a conversation and you have nothing to say. They can just comment on how cute your nails are…
I promise you will at least have one awkward conversation. 

3. Find the Outfit

This kind of depends on the venue. Ours was being held at a park so it was a no go on trying to fit into my old prom dress. 
Sad emoji face.
I really didn't want to wear Bermuda shorts. I have my reasons..
In High School I definitely marched to the beat of my own drum when it came to fashion. I took risks. Some were great, some were just as bad as your dad still wearing his retina damaging neon shorts from the 80's. I wanted to pay homage to my younger self and wear something that reflected good old me. I have definitely grown since High School, but there are parts of me that existed then that I embrace now. I say go with comfort and something with a little edge. I think ant a reunion is a great reason for new clothes. they don't come along very often so go ahead and treat yourself. Whatever you chose, make sure it is YOUR style. Don't forget to accessorize. If all else fails, maxi skirt it. Dress 'em up or down. Like I read on IG the other day:
Maxi skirts are just crotchless yoga pants
Completely acceptable if you ask me. Who does't love yoga anything these days?

4.What is Your Accomplishment?

The two main questions you will most likely hear are
What have you been up to?
What do you do?
Sadly I could not tell everyone that I invented Post-Its.

I did however marry the man of my dreams and have three beautiful children. That is my accomplishment. My best accessory was my family. What ever your accomplishment is, wear it like a statement necklace. Refined and finished. Be confident and proud of who you have become and where you are at in life. Be genuine and exude passion when you speak. If you do this, it won't matter the accomplishment, you might as well have won the Nobel Peace Prize. A mother of 3, or the inventor of Post-Its.

5. Reunions Are No Longer Like the Movies

Leave your expectations at the door because Facebook has completely sucked the fun out of reunions. There is no element of surprise. The people you care to know what is going on in their lives…..you are probably already in the know because you are friends on Facebook. You have already spied on your High School crush/boyfriend and know whether or not he is fat and bald and if you are cuter than his current wife. What's that? They don't have a Facebook? Then they probably won't be at the reunion anyway because that is how the reunions are mainly communicated. You already know who married who, who has kids, and who is the world traveler. It seriously puts a strain on conversations when you have been Facebook friends for years but when put in front of each other you can't find crap to say. 
Oh social media…. you oxymoron you.
All in all.. try not to stress over it. Be confident and love who you have become. Be proud of who you have grown into. Confidence will carry you a lot further and impress more than the perfect outfit… Although it definitely wouldn't hurt ;)

Sun Kissed Tee// American Eagle 
B&W Aztec Pencil Skirt// Rue 21
Breckelles Gladiator Sandals// Amazon.com
"L" Necklace// Rue 21
Hoop Charm Necklace// American Eagle
Wrap-Around Watch// Covet Boutique 
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  1. Seriously you looked amazing, and your family is pretty much the cutest. I was husband less that night and i've gained a few lbs :(. I agree Facebook is a bitter sweet thing i think at times it gave me more to talk about with people but then other people wouldn't give me the time of day but we are FB friends. Whats up with that? we are adults, I'm not who i was back then and i doubt neither are you can we not be friends now? It was not as bad as i thought it was going to be. I felt a little peer pressure to go ;-) but i'm glad that i did. It was fun to see some people I don't see anymore. I won't lie though i don't really talk to any of my friends from HS anymore. Things definitely change when you have a family. I'm very glad i had my cute ACCOMPLISHMENTS with me to show off :-) they made it much easier to be there. Great post. I love your Blog BTW you and Jaime are so funny :-D

    1. Kelsie you really are just the best! Thank you so much for your support with our blog! We really appreciate all the comments and likes. It helps keep us going!
      I'm not sure I'll ever attend another reunion :) I am completely content with who I see and talk to now. And don't be so hard on yourself! I think you looked great at the reunion and exceptional in your KS dress!

    2. Sheena- Your post was fab my love!

  2. I was a little bummed not to make it to the reunion and a bit more bummed that I can't recognize anyone in the one picture you have up. Oh well. It's like you said, FB has ruined most the surprises. Thats why I deleted mine and will definitely be attending the 20 year reunion when it happens. (Curiosity will kill this cat by then.) Thanks for posting about it, if you have more pictures I'd love to see them.