Monday, June 16, 2014

Boulder, Mary Jane, & a dirty 30.

The last month has been crazy.  I quit my job at Sephora after 6 years so I could spend more time with Tim & Ava.  Since then, we have traveled twice, ran a half marathon, met a couple celebs, planned more vacations, & celebrated Tim's 30th birthday three times (at least).  
Now to back up a bit.
After quitting my job, we were able to schedule a great little trip to Colorado.  I have never been.  It sounded like a great idea, but for those of you who know me.  It's NEVER that simple. 
We hopped on a quick flight to Denver & it was perfectly short.  My adorable baby girl is rapidly turning into a rowdy pre-teen.  Let's just say she doesn't have the patience for long flights.  Or maybe that's me.   
 We stayed in Louisville, right next to Boulder.  Travel tip 1: Download Tripadvisor.  Tim always looks at the top places to eat & visit in any city we go to.  First stop: Pearl Street in downtown Boulder.  It was beautiful & quaint.  If you head down to it, parking happens on the streets around Pearl.  Be prepared to pay for parking almost everywhere.  Also take a stroller for the littles & take the time to watch the street performers.  It's free entertainment.

Tim hit the big 3-0 while we were on our travels.  
He's the bee's knees.  

I found the best mall called Flatiron.  It's about 15 minutes from Boulder & it's magnificent.  You might think I love to shop.  Not really.   Maybe for makeup.  Yea, I could spend a lifetime in Sephora. Ever since I had little miss, I haven't loved looking for clothes.  This mall... Holy crap it was huge.  I spent 5 hours too many in it.  I left with some goods that later got lost on a plane.  Yep.  That my friends is why I HATE clothes shopping.  Later this summer we will be talking to a clothes buyer who is the ultimate shopper!  Maybe she can relight my love for clothes.

Here are a couple pieces I bought knowing we would be going to the One Republic concert (yesterday, but more on that later).  I wandered into Old Navy to pick up Ava a couple things & I left with this cute tank.  I then headed over to H&M for this super light sweater.   Tip 2: Get the WRAPP app!  It's free giftcards for you and your facebook friends.  I had a free $6 to H&M making my sweater on $7.
Sweater// H&M $13
Tank// Old Navy $10
Black Skinnies// JCP $15
Now for our favorite part of our trip.  Food.  When we travel, we throw our diets out the window in the evenings & love to try out new places. 

We hit up the Yardhouse.  Yes, it's a chain- but not in Utah.  
Tim had the PARMESAN CRUSTED CHICKEN -garlic mashed potatoes with sun-dried tomato three mushroom sauce.  Yum!

   I'm sure most of your are pretty savvy when it comes to political happenings.  Colorado passed a law legalizing marijuana.   I only bring this point up for two reasons.  One: If you aren't a good driver, DON'T travel into downtown Denver without someone who is.   Not only is Denver a labyrinth of one way streets (just a minor nightmare-no biggy), but jay-walking is a huge problem.  Everywhere we drove, people were almost getting hit by trax or cars.  ANXIETY.  Holy crap.   
Where are you going with this Jamie?  
Where there is pot, there is smoke.  
Wait, I don't think that's how that goes.  Lets try again.  
Where there is smoke, there is the munchies.  
No, I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, or even have Diet Coke.  But, other people do- soooooooooo VooDoo doughnut rolled into town to help fulfill the late night needs.  Open 24 hours!  Imagine eating a doughnut and then multiply the best doughnut by 1000.  Seriously.  The BEST treat I've had in forever.  Prepare to wait.  There is a consistent line out the door, but they are worth it.  
Tip 3: know what you want before you get to the front!  
I had a blast on our little getaway.  The ride home was puke-turbulent & the airline lost our luggage.  
All in all I would say it was perfect.  
Happy Monday my loves. 

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