Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Like Big Drums And I Cannot Lie

Big, shiny, massive, sparkling, washer and dryer drums that is! 

Ahhh…big drums.

It all started when my husband found a killer deal on these LG babies at
Click click SOLD! They were going to be here in 7 days! So that meant operation Laundry Room was in full makeover mode! We had never touched our laundry room since we bought this house 5 1/2 years ago so it was about time we showed it some love. 

That's embarrassing. No wonder I hated doing laundry!
So we got to work!
 First up- Cabinetry and a pedestal. 
Once again the cars get kicked out of their room to clear a workspace. I worked on giving our cedar cabinets a makeover using the AMAZEBALLS Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I used pure white with a little bit of light gray mixed in. Then I used ebony stain to dirty it up.  It was my first time using Annie Sloan and it will not be my last! I fell in love like you fall asleep…slowly and then all at once :)

-Did you see The Fault in Our Stars? Holy fantastic! I left the theater with bloodshot eyes, snotty nose, and a headache! It was THAT good!-

While I worked the brush, my husband started the pedestal. He 100% designed and built it himself! That man is crazy good at everything he does!

Next we painted the laundry room our favorite shade of gray Behr and did the board and batten. 
It was a long week but the washer and dryer arrived to one excited momma with a room all fancied just for them. 



I am in love! There are so many times that I just stood in there..staring, marveling. Isn't that how it goes when you makeover a room? You just want to camp out in it for a week? I have noticed that my decor styling is leaning to a more clean and simple look. Think as in.. you will probably never see a colored accent wall in my house, but a textured one. 

Here is the amazing pedestal that the hubby built. I used the same method I did on the cabinets to paint and distress it. I used to keep my laundry baskets on top of my washer and dryer and it drove me nuts! Now they have a perfectly spaced little home right underneath. 
This little gem of a rug I found is from Kohls. I feel in loved with it because it allowed me to play around with more pops of color. But the thing that sold me? If you look in the picture below you will see a strip of black and white Aztec fabric with pops of neon. It was like they designed this one from the desires of my heart. 

 Ever since I saw Shelley's tutorial for an ironing board hanger over at House of Smiths (I'm talking forever ago) I knew I wanted one of my own someday. So I got a little crazy with my painting and it now looks a little like a party on a board…but who doesn't love a party? I mean, right? Right?! 
Then we installed a bar so I had a place to hang dry clothes. 

My washer and dryer are HUGE! I had to put something on the corner of the top of my washer because it was just too much negative space. I found the glass jug and frame at TJ Maxx and the mini stool at Hobby Lobby. This is one of my all time favorite picture in the history of ever that Jamie took for me. My grandmother holding Ariana in her blessing dress.
 I want to place them in a cute little tray, but I haven't found the perfect one yet. 

We don't have any sort of mud room in our home and with school starting soon, I wanted a better place for coats and backpacks other than doorknobs. Up went the board and batten and some fab hooks from Hobby Lobby. The Birds on the Line art is from Hobby Lobby as well!

What do you think? If success is measured by how much laundry is getting done.. then I would call this  a HUUUUUUGE success. Also, I've only had to pull Hudson out of the dryer once. So theres that.

Have a good weekend my loves!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lashes, oh so many lashes!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't  worried about getting lash extensions.  I've heard terrifying stories and seen bad lash jobs.  So the research began and I found the lovely Andrea from Kahakai Spa.  She took away all of my concerns and this gal knows her lashes.  I'm going on a week and a half and they still look perfect!  We made a little do/don't video and so take a watch and see what you think.  I can't tell you how important it is to find a professional.  

Remember to find out if they are licensed.  Here is an example of what can happen if someone isn't properly trained.  Yikes!
Also listen to all the care instructions.  If you use the wrong eye makeup remover- you're lashes may fall out.  
Perks of the falsies: You get to wear minimal makup and you always look made up.  That's my personal fave.  

If you want to book with Andrea (here), she seriously has the best prices!  Follow her on Facebook (here) and don't forget to tell her you saw her on Individual Rivalry.  

Here are my personal Before and After!

If you have something you would like us to feature on this website, contact us at!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's almost that time of year-AGAIN!

Ready for Summer to end?  Me neither.  We are officially half way into summer and in just 6 short weeks Salt Lake will be welcoming Comic Con again!  We are sooooo excited.  Celebs, nerds, panels, costumes, kettle corn, and of course us braving the crowds for your enjoyment.  Check out our previous post on Surviving Comic Con for tips and prepping for the biggest event Utah has to offer.  Don't forget that everyone should check out SLCC- it's fun for all ages and you don't have to be a self-proclaimed nerd to go!  It's also super kid friendly. 
We braved the crowds in April and are so excited for September
Here are a few announcements straight from SLCC!  I tried to stick with the super hotties

 Sheena and I can hardly wait for Simon to come!  We are giant Big Bang Theory Fans and he's hi-larious.

Netflix is now streaming this gem- ARROW and did I mention there is a new hottie in Jamestown (my world)?  Watch out Mr. Dixon, Oliver Queen is quickly moving up on my radar.  
Ladies- even if you aren't into superhero shows, watch it.  Stephen is shirtless I dare say 50% or more of the time.  Plus, he's fighting crime.  All there is to say about that. 

Marvel is coming and it's such a big deal for SLCC!  I can't wait to see the energy they bring and maybe more announcements??  I hope so- I would love to meet any of my fave superheros!

I know ND was filmed in Idaho, but I still feel like Jon is a local celeb.  He seems like the nicest so I hope we get a chance for a meet and greet!

Lastly,  Manu is also an Arrow guy as well.  See???  You have to check out the show, you won't be disappointed!
So long story short, plenty of eye candy and goodness to make the next Salt Lake Comic Con worth it.  


Monday, July 14, 2014

When Life Hands You Lemons… and a Kimono

"Somebody's got a case of the Mondays"
I wonder how many times that line has been used in the blogging world? Heres my contribution. Is anyone else draggin butt today? MAN O MAN. I hope you all are out killin it because I am sitting here still in jammies with a vanilla COKE. That's's not even diet. 
I am so grateful for the fashion industry for showering us with a plethora of Kimonos. I heart them. I'm talking pulsating heart emoji them. Guess who has a million of them at affordable prices? Tj Maxx. So now I can go buy a Kimono at Tj Maxx and then drive down to Bountiful Swig and get a 32-ouncer and a swig cookie and feel totally great about. I wish I were kidding… 
I'm pretty pumped to find all the different ways I can wear my Kimonos. Yes plural Kimonos. I bought more than one!
I decided to start with a more dressy approach and wear my best Kimono for Jesus yesterday. I bet he loves them just as much as me! Man I love that guy!

Have you ever had somebody make a decision that reeeeeeeeally annoyed you? Like, threatened the lives of your children and possibly ruined your summer annoy you? I did. It started a couple months ago when I woke up to some loud freakin tractors. I don't live on or near a farm so this was unacceptable.  I looked outside my window only to discover they were digging a hole two lots over. Now I'm sure a lot of you have experienced this and you might be thinking-
Who cares?! 
Get over it!
Homes need to be built!
Well let me explain why I was bugged. 
1. I'm being woke up and that automatically makes me angry
2. No one thought a house would EVER be built on this lot because it is about big enough to fit a picnic table on it
3. There will be Port-a-Potties. PORT-A-POTTIES. 
4. It is a little boys dream
Now before you start calling me a dream crusher, you must know that my two boys were born without fear. NONE. So I immediately started having visions of my boys falling and impaling themselves on rebar, climbing down a port-a-pottie hole, falling off the second story floor, (this has already happened once, but that's another post) or even falling IN cement. None of which were too farfetched.
I was so looking forward to summer because this year I was going to give Hudson a little more freedom to play outside with all the kids. We live in an awesome little cul-de-sac full of kids, so he was super excited to finally get to go run with the big kids instead of watching through the window. 
Hudson in awe of the tractors. Those are staples in the back of his head mind you..and bird poo on my window. 
Now what was I supposed to do? Did they not know who they were building next to? I think the 911 operators know us by name. Seriously. I had a neighbor tell me the other day that they heard an ambulance siren so loud as if it were close by, so they ran outside to see if it were at our house. DEAD serious. 
Summer is halfway over and they are halfway finished. No accidents yet. Knock on wood. So what do you do when you have an annoying situation but a beautiful Kimono? 
You turn it into a photo op.

Floral Kimono// Tj Maxx
BE-YOU-TIFUL Tee// Aeropostale 
Vera Wang Nude Pumps// Kohls
Gray Pencil Skirt// Sexy Modest
Belt// Kohls
Rose Gold Watch//

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Find Your Awesome

This cute chick, A.K.A. Alison of The Alison Show,  thew a flamingo themed dance party in Provo last month. It was open to anyone who wanted to attend, you just had to get a ticket. Free of charge. You know how you follow bloggers and they are always doing fun things and it might make you a little envious? Stop it. Get your rear away from the computer and create those moments for yourself! That is is exactly what Jamie and I did when we decided to go. Did we know any of the women in attendance? No. We knew OF some of them, but that was it. We got our tickets and drove down to Provo to shake our tail feathers. We met some pretty awesome ladies! Some bloggers, some not. The point was to get out of our element and actually BE there. Too many times we sit and scroll through social media feeds and drool over other peoples lives. Stop it. Every single one of us has the opportunity to to enjoy our own feeds. You just have to DO SOMETHING. Be envious of your own dang self! Learn to love what you have in life or learn to make changes.
 Jamie and I walked in and were super nervous. I'm not going to lie, our super outgoing selves took a good hour to finally loosen up and just start introducing ourselves. Once we let those guards down the fun really began. Women can be intimidating sometimes, but chances are you are just as intimidating to them. We talked, danced, laughed, photo bombed, and had a great time with women we just met. All because we said to ourselves-
We don't want to be watching our social media blowing up with pictures of this flamingos and be jealous of those who went. We are going to add to it. 
Granted sometimes there are going to be things you can't attend for whatever reason… So make your own! Throw your own dance party or event! Whether it be with just your friends, people your don't know, or even your own cute littles. Who cares! If you act legit, people will believe it. And who knows, you might believe it yourself! And you should! 
Tomorrow night is The Bright Night Event and Jamie and I are driving our butts down to South Jordan to hang with some of the lovely girls we met at Alison's dance party. Once again, tickets were available to all. It is going to be a blast and rumor has it that there are going to be cases of diet coke involved! SOLD. A girls night out indeed.
Anway, amongst my ramblings what I am trying to say is your life is just as glamorous, just as fun, just as beautiful, as everyone else's. You just have to see that and create those opportunities for yourself. Life is, after all, what YOU make it. So if you are reading this in time, go to The Bright Night Event, buy some dance party tickets, and come have a blast with us. And if you are already going and you spot us there, stop and say hi! 


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ariana's Audrey Hepburn Birthday Party

Photo Overload

When I started racking my brain about what my little darlings birthday party theme should be, about 2 hours after she was born, ... but seriously, I knew I wanted something classic. Something timeless. She has been so dainty since the day she entered this world. It could have been the fact that she was 4 weeks early, but I think she has fancy running through her vains. With her big doe eyes and ladylike attributes, Audrey Hepburn was a perfect match.  
First up- One classic photo sesh by Jamie Healy Images please!

Super Cute Tee// Carters
Skirt// Sweet Bijou
Necklace// Borrowed
Bracelet// DIY
Headband// DIY
Gold Moccs// Baby T Moccs
Sunglasses// Dollar Tree
Hat// H&M
"1" Banner// DIY from Linen, Lace, & Love

I'm in love with her pictures. Thank you Jamie!

Now for the party!

Our friends over at Tiny Prints helped me create these AH-dorable invites. They were super easy. All I had to do was search my color scheme to find the look I was going for and insert a picture. Most of the font is customizable as well! I love how these turned out!

Since we were feeding a small army we decided to go with Subs from Smith's Grocery store. They are unbelievably affordable for being 3ft long and equally delicious!
Of course we had Jones Soda! Thank you for making such yummy drinks in fashionable bottles that perfectly matched my colors.

Have you ever ordered invites to a celebration and had left overs? Only to throw them away and feel sad or store them in a box like a hoarder because they are too cute to let go of? Well I can solve that for you! Use them as extra decorations! We had leftover invites so we scattered them around the tables. Some people even took them home! It was a great way to maximize the decor and not be wasteful. Recycling at its best!

"Happy Girls are the Prettiest". And who is happier than a 1 year old at her birthday party? 
Tiny Prints has all sorts of tricks up their sleeves! Look at how cute these cupcake toppers are! One would think… that's unfortunate to have to cut out a bunch of squares. NOPE! They are totally stickers.  If you go to Tiny Print's website and click on Gift Tag Stickers you will find a plethora of tags that you can customize and use as toppers. Stick them on a toothpick. DONE. 

Homemade cotton candy, tiaras, gum balls, pearls, rock candy suckers, Audrey, Oh My! 

Look how adorable this little acrylic photo block is! It was a great way to display Ari's picture and is sure to make for a beautiful keepsake. It's weighted enough that it upheld every time we would get a gust of wind. BONUS! You can make your own from Tiny Prints HERE!

She totally didn't disappoint with her cake! I swear she had her pinky out at times!

Having her Birthday at a splash pad was the best thing ever! It allowed everyone to relax while the kids played and make post cake smash cleanup a breeze!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Ariana's first birthday a success and definitely one to remember. Maybe she won't, but I have no doubt that as she looks back at pictures of her special day she will certainly be smiling. Maybe it will be because she thinks I am crazy, but she will see how much her family loved her and are happy she was born. We love you Ariana Jo. Happy First Birthday!

A special thanks to Tiny Prints for collaborating with us and helping me bring to life this classic vision I had in my head of a special little one's glamourous day! Their shipping was fast and quality of prints was superb!
Click HERE for memorable thank you card's that people won't want to throw away!