Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's almost that time of year-AGAIN!

Ready for Summer to end?  Me neither.  We are officially half way into summer and in just 6 short weeks Salt Lake will be welcoming Comic Con again!  We are sooooo excited.  Celebs, nerds, panels, costumes, kettle corn, and of course us braving the crowds for your enjoyment.  Check out our previous post on Surviving Comic Con for tips and prepping for the biggest event Utah has to offer.  Don't forget that everyone should check out SLCC- it's fun for all ages and you don't have to be a self-proclaimed nerd to go!  It's also super kid friendly. 
We braved the crowds in April and are so excited for September
Here are a few announcements straight from SLCC!  I tried to stick with the super hotties

 Sheena and I can hardly wait for Simon to come!  We are giant Big Bang Theory Fans and he's hi-larious.

Netflix is now streaming this gem- ARROW and did I mention there is a new hottie in Jamestown (my world)?  Watch out Mr. Dixon, Oliver Queen is quickly moving up on my radar.  
Ladies- even if you aren't into superhero shows, watch it.  Stephen is shirtless I dare say 50% or more of the time.  Plus, he's fighting crime.  All there is to say about that. 

Marvel is coming and it's such a big deal for SLCC!  I can't wait to see the energy they bring and maybe more announcements??  I hope so- I would love to meet any of my fave superheros!

I know ND was filmed in Idaho, but I still feel like Jon is a local celeb.  He seems like the nicest so I hope we get a chance for a meet and greet!

Lastly,  Manu is also an Arrow guy as well.  See???  You have to check out the show, you won't be disappointed!
So long story short, plenty of eye candy and goodness to make the next Salt Lake Comic Con worth it.