Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Find Your Awesome

This cute chick, A.K.A. Alison of The Alison Show,  thew a flamingo themed dance party in Provo last month. It was open to anyone who wanted to attend, you just had to get a ticket. Free of charge. You know how you follow bloggers and they are always doing fun things and it might make you a little envious? Stop it. Get your rear away from the computer and create those moments for yourself! That is is exactly what Jamie and I did when we decided to go. Did we know any of the women in attendance? No. We knew OF some of them, but that was it. We got our tickets and drove down to Provo to shake our tail feathers. We met some pretty awesome ladies! Some bloggers, some not. The point was to get out of our element and actually BE there. Too many times we sit and scroll through social media feeds and drool over other peoples lives. Stop it. Every single one of us has the opportunity to to enjoy our own feeds. You just have to DO SOMETHING. Be envious of your own dang self! Learn to love what you have in life or learn to make changes.
 Jamie and I walked in and were super nervous. I'm not going to lie, our super outgoing selves took a good hour to finally loosen up and just start introducing ourselves. Once we let those guards down the fun really began. Women can be intimidating sometimes, but chances are you are just as intimidating to them. We talked, danced, laughed, photo bombed, and had a great time with women we just met. All because we said to ourselves-
We don't want to be watching our social media blowing up with pictures of this flamingos and be jealous of those who went. We are going to add to it. 
Granted sometimes there are going to be things you can't attend for whatever reason… So make your own! Throw your own dance party or event! Whether it be with just your friends, people your don't know, or even your own cute littles. Who cares! If you act legit, people will believe it. And who knows, you might believe it yourself! And you should! 
Tomorrow night is The Bright Night Event and Jamie and I are driving our butts down to South Jordan to hang with some of the lovely girls we met at Alison's dance party. Once again, tickets were available to all. It is going to be a blast and rumor has it that there are going to be cases of diet coke involved! SOLD. A girls night out indeed.
Anway, amongst my ramblings what I am trying to say is your life is just as glamorous, just as fun, just as beautiful, as everyone else's. You just have to see that and create those opportunities for yourself. Life is, after all, what YOU make it. So if you are reading this in time, go to The Bright Night Event, buy some dance party tickets, and come have a blast with us. And if you are already going and you spot us there, stop and say hi! 



  1. Love that you were outgoing and introduced yourselves!
    New best friends are the best <3

    1. You are pretty great yourself lady! We are very excited about you being in our crazy now!

    2. Woot woot! What she ^ said! :)