Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ariana's Audrey Hepburn Birthday Party

Photo Overload

When I started racking my brain about what my little darlings birthday party theme should be, about 2 hours after she was born, ... but seriously, I knew I wanted something classic. Something timeless. She has been so dainty since the day she entered this world. It could have been the fact that she was 4 weeks early, but I think she has fancy running through her vains. With her big doe eyes and ladylike attributes, Audrey Hepburn was a perfect match.  
First up- One classic photo sesh by Jamie Healy Images please!

Super Cute Tee// Carters
Skirt// Sweet Bijou
Necklace// Borrowed
Bracelet// DIY
Headband// DIY
Gold Moccs// Baby T Moccs
Sunglasses// Dollar Tree
Hat// H&M
"1" Banner// DIY from Linen, Lace, & Love

I'm in love with her pictures. Thank you Jamie!

Now for the party!

Our friends over at Tiny Prints helped me create these AH-dorable invites. They were super easy. All I had to do was search my color scheme to find the look I was going for and insert a picture. Most of the font is customizable as well! I love how these turned out!

Since we were feeding a small army we decided to go with Subs from Smith's Grocery store. They are unbelievably affordable for being 3ft long and equally delicious!
Of course we had Jones Soda! Thank you for making such yummy drinks in fashionable bottles that perfectly matched my colors.

Have you ever ordered invites to a celebration and had left overs? Only to throw them away and feel sad or store them in a box like a hoarder because they are too cute to let go of? Well I can solve that for you! Use them as extra decorations! We had leftover invites so we scattered them around the tables. Some people even took them home! It was a great way to maximize the decor and not be wasteful. Recycling at its best!

"Happy Girls are the Prettiest". And who is happier than a 1 year old at her birthday party? 
Tiny Prints has all sorts of tricks up their sleeves! Look at how cute these cupcake toppers are! One would think… that's unfortunate to have to cut out a bunch of squares. NOPE! They are totally stickers.  If you go to Tiny Print's website and click on Gift Tag Stickers you will find a plethora of tags that you can customize and use as toppers. Stick them on a toothpick. DONE. 

Homemade cotton candy, tiaras, gum balls, pearls, rock candy suckers, Audrey, Oh My! 

Look how adorable this little acrylic photo block is! It was a great way to display Ari's picture and is sure to make for a beautiful keepsake. It's weighted enough that it upheld every time we would get a gust of wind. BONUS! You can make your own from Tiny Prints HERE!

She totally didn't disappoint with her cake! I swear she had her pinky out at times!

Having her Birthday at a splash pad was the best thing ever! It allowed everyone to relax while the kids played and make post cake smash cleanup a breeze!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Ariana's first birthday a success and definitely one to remember. Maybe she won't, but I have no doubt that as she looks back at pictures of her special day she will certainly be smiling. Maybe it will be because she thinks I am crazy, but she will see how much her family loved her and are happy she was born. We love you Ariana Jo. Happy First Birthday!

A special thanks to Tiny Prints for collaborating with us and helping me bring to life this classic vision I had in my head of a special little one's glamourous day! Their shipping was fast and quality of prints was superb!
Click HERE for memorable thank you card's that people won't want to throw away!


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  1. Absolutely love this theme. Where did you find that skirt?