Monday, July 14, 2014

When Life Hands You Lemons… and a Kimono

"Somebody's got a case of the Mondays"
I wonder how many times that line has been used in the blogging world? Heres my contribution. Is anyone else draggin butt today? MAN O MAN. I hope you all are out killin it because I am sitting here still in jammies with a vanilla COKE. That's's not even diet. 
I am so grateful for the fashion industry for showering us with a plethora of Kimonos. I heart them. I'm talking pulsating heart emoji them. Guess who has a million of them at affordable prices? Tj Maxx. So now I can go buy a Kimono at Tj Maxx and then drive down to Bountiful Swig and get a 32-ouncer and a swig cookie and feel totally great about. I wish I were kidding… 
I'm pretty pumped to find all the different ways I can wear my Kimonos. Yes plural Kimonos. I bought more than one!
I decided to start with a more dressy approach and wear my best Kimono for Jesus yesterday. I bet he loves them just as much as me! Man I love that guy!

Have you ever had somebody make a decision that reeeeeeeeally annoyed you? Like, threatened the lives of your children and possibly ruined your summer annoy you? I did. It started a couple months ago when I woke up to some loud freakin tractors. I don't live on or near a farm so this was unacceptable.  I looked outside my window only to discover they were digging a hole two lots over. Now I'm sure a lot of you have experienced this and you might be thinking-
Who cares?! 
Get over it!
Homes need to be built!
Well let me explain why I was bugged. 
1. I'm being woke up and that automatically makes me angry
2. No one thought a house would EVER be built on this lot because it is about big enough to fit a picnic table on it
3. There will be Port-a-Potties. PORT-A-POTTIES. 
4. It is a little boys dream
Now before you start calling me a dream crusher, you must know that my two boys were born without fear. NONE. So I immediately started having visions of my boys falling and impaling themselves on rebar, climbing down a port-a-pottie hole, falling off the second story floor, (this has already happened once, but that's another post) or even falling IN cement. None of which were too farfetched.
I was so looking forward to summer because this year I was going to give Hudson a little more freedom to play outside with all the kids. We live in an awesome little cul-de-sac full of kids, so he was super excited to finally get to go run with the big kids instead of watching through the window. 
Hudson in awe of the tractors. Those are staples in the back of his head mind you..and bird poo on my window. 
Now what was I supposed to do? Did they not know who they were building next to? I think the 911 operators know us by name. Seriously. I had a neighbor tell me the other day that they heard an ambulance siren so loud as if it were close by, so they ran outside to see if it were at our house. DEAD serious. 
Summer is halfway over and they are halfway finished. No accidents yet. Knock on wood. So what do you do when you have an annoying situation but a beautiful Kimono? 
You turn it into a photo op.

Floral Kimono// Tj Maxx
BE-YOU-TIFUL Tee// Aeropostale 
Vera Wang Nude Pumps// Kohls
Gray Pencil Skirt// Sexy Modest
Belt// Kohls
Rose Gold Watch//