Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Man Mustache Bash Birthday Party

This little guys isn't so little anymore. He is Now officially a toddler! :( 
Hudson turned one and we decided to have a Little Man Mustache Bash for his birthday.
I got this idea in my head and called up the beautifully talented photographer Jamie to put my crazy ideas onto photographs. I told her what I wanted and she knew exactly where to go! I am in L-O-V-E with these photos! If you are in the Utah area you can contact her over at Jamie Healy Images.

Ahh...Exactly what I pictured! It captured the two and their personalities ridiculously well.

I made this cute invitation using Adobe Photoshop and had them printed at Costco.

When people arrived at the party they were created with a table inviting them to "Grab A Stache"

I used Hudson's picture, a cupcake stand complete with cupcakes, his smash cake, and a jar filled with root beer barrels. I just made his cake with one of those Giant Cupcake pans by Wilton and didn't fill it as much as you normally would to get a smaller version. Then My husband crafted the cute chocolate mustaches with the help of this tutorial. We just printed a sheet of them off and then laid wax paper over then top and traced. Easy Peasy.

These cupcakes were seriously to DIE for. Just saying. I made the cupcake toppers with my trusty Silvia. (my Silhouette HD)
The liners are from Michaels.

These were my party favors. They read "Thank You For "Popping" In At My Party You Really Tickled My Whiskers!"
I filled them with two different batches of Fruit Candy Popcorn. Lime and Blueberry. It sounds odd but it was delicious!

For drinks I had IBC Rootbeer and water battles that had labels  made by me and "Silvia". They read "Happy Birthday Hudson" and " Wet Your Whiskers" as well as the card stock sign in front.

I made a sign to go in front of the cupcakes that said "Flavor Savers". (Seriously, this party was so fun!) 
Going with the "Little Man" theme, the cupcake flavors were Butterbeer and Rootbeer Float. My fav were definitely the butterbeer.

Mustache straws!

I made this banner with Silvia as well. It had ties and number "1"'s. All the pictures are of his first year. From birth to 1 filled with all his firsts I took photos of. It was my favorite decoration :)

Look at these hotties! Our cousin Emilie and Aunt Carla.

All and all, this guy was pretty pleased! 

Before everyone left we had them stop by our photo booth. I got the cutouts here. I used Silvia again to cut them out and then hot glued them to wooden skewers.

 It was a GREAT party and we had lots of compliments. I was so sad to see my baby turn one, and yet so grateful at the same time. It was a rough start for this little man.

 He came into this world ready and eager four weeks early. We missed a lot it seemed like the first week of his life while he was in NICU. He was ready to be here but not able to handle breathing on his own. With lots of prayers, tears, the emotional roller coaster of trying to cope with coming home empty handed, and the support of loved ones, we made it through! He got to come home but not alone. He had to bring his friends Oxy (oxygen tank) and Mo (O2 monitor). One month later, just in time for his first photoshoot, he was a healthy boy!

We sure love our little Hud Bug. He is a blue-eyed little heartbreaker. THE happiest baby ever! 

I don't know how so much personality fits in such a tiny package.

Happy Birthday little dude. May you never take life for granted and have the comfort of knowing you are so loved very step of the way.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have become OBSESSED with MAXI dresses! They are all over Pinterest right now. But for the record, my obsession with them came long before my Pinterest account :). How this skirt came about is that I had this piece of material that I'd found. It was once made to use as a sarong. I can't really explain it as anything other than a it was like like something fell from the sky, hit me on the head, and gave me a genius idea! You know, chicken little style. I ran upstairs to my closet and grabbed on of my old dress/shirt that I wore over leggings that had piece of 3 inch elastic around the waist. I picked it off the dress and sewed it to the top of my fabric. Viola! 

My brain went crazy and started dreaming up all the possibilities. I remember seeing a tutorial on Dana made it for dying elastic. So I decided to run to JoAnn's and after a fun night in my own creative space while the Husband was at priesthood, I came up with this!

You can use her wonderful tutorial on dying your own elastic 

I now have FOUR! beautiful maxi skirts that I can't wait to rock! Here is the last one I made just for you. By the fourth one I think I had all the kinks worked out. But if you have any suggestions, please feel free to add them! 

What you will need:
Sewing machine with your basic tools
Fabric and matching thread
3 in. elastic and matching thread. One package will most likely make 2 skirts (I found mine at JoAnn's)

When choosing your fabric you have quite a few options. Make sure whatever you choose you pick something that has some weight. Not too mjuch, not too little. Cotton would be an example of too light. Also choose a fabric that is thick enough so you don't end up having to have more than one layer or wear a slip under it. Not a HUGE deal, just makes things easier.
As far as the amount of fabric you will need, take measuring tape and measure from your high waist to the floor for your length. The width of the fabric you choose will need to be anywhere from 48in to 70in. Depending on your size. Whatever your size, make sure the fabric comes on the bolt at at least the minimum width. You will want your skirt to be ONE piece of fabric.

Fold fabric wrong side out, selvage edge to selvage edge 

It will look like this
Sew a straight stitch along the selvage side to make a large tube. Make sure you sew far enough over passed the little holes in the fabric.

Cut away the raw edge leaving at least 1/4 of an inch passed your stitch.

Turn it right side out

In my dreams, I own a serger. But until then, I must make do. Serge around the tope edge of your fabric that you will be attaching to your elastic. If you don’t have a serger, you can zigzag the edge, leave it raw, or iron the waist down 1/4 of an inch and iron it down another 1/4 of an inch. It just depends on your preference. I don’t like any raw edges since it starts to fray as you wash

Using a measuring tape, measure around your waist where you will like your skirt to fit. Add 1/2 to one inch more. Now I'm going to send you back over to Dana at MADE because she already has a great tutorial on sewing together the elastic. The way I see it, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! :) Scroll down to where she starts sewing the elastic and then follow her instructions until she started to hem the bottom of the skirt, then come back.
*SIDE NOTE*  I am NOT a "by the rules sewer". I kinda fly by the hem of my skirt :). So It was easier for me to pin the elastic from the inside and sew from the inside so I could see where I was sewing over the fabric. It is completely up to you which way you do it. 

See, pins are on inside

I also made a mark on my sewing machine as a guide to help me keep a straight line.


As far as your hem goes, it is totally up to you. Just make sure you have a heavier hem so the skirt will lay nice and straight. 

Here is a small hem which was fine....

But as far as looks go, I ended up preferring the larger hem. 

There ya go! Your very own home sewn fashion star MAXI skirt! I LOVE these. Just pair it with your favorite T or tank top and accessories to match! Easy peasy and SUPER stylish. Sorry that you will be seeing me wear them all summer. What do ya do.... 

Here are the other 3. 

You guys, this really was an easy project. Don't let the thought of sewing hold you back! It wouldn't even be a bad starter project. Just don't let yourself get frustrated! The first time I made this skirt it took me about 4 hours to make, and now I have it down to 2, only getting faster. Now go ROCK your own! Make sure to send me pictures of the ones you make! I Can't wait to see what you all come up with!