Friday, April 18, 2014

Must Haves for Surviving Salt Lake Comic Con


Favsies Friday will be back next week!

We survived!  The apocalypse you ask?  No, well sort of.   We just wrapped up our first day at Salt Lake's Comic Con FanX and it was UH-MAZE-ING!  We are tired, but the tired you feel after a good day at Disneyland... or Lagoon.. or Halloween.  Anyway here we go!
 1. Get your hands on some nerd-camo! Hipster glasses are a must have to blend into the surroundings.  It's a Clark Kent sort of thing.

2. Bring a Partner-in-Crime, sidekick, or a squad

3.  Don't feed, touch, or poke the wildlife.  They bite.

4.  Remember to eat! We had some tasty food along the way.  The entire venue smells like cinnamon roasted almonds... yum!   I don't know what the official rules are, but you can bring your own drinks & food.  We didn't know that and so we stopped by the eatery in the convention. 

Sheena's food on the right was better than your local fast food joint, but not a re-return sort of thing.  I did love my burrito-it was definitely a share-with-friend size!  

Seriously, the venue is huge & with thousands of people it gets hot quick.  Come prepared... nobody wants to smell you.

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 6.  Bring Cash for the booths.  A ton of them accept cards, but its quicker to use cash!  Also shop around, the further we got into the shopping, the better the prices were.  Talk to the vendors & ask for best pricing!  Most of the vendors will give you a deal when you buy a few items from them.  

7.  Always have your camera ready!  You never know just who might pop up & will only have a sec to score the perfect photo.

8. And lastly... Talk to strangers.  Scratch that, I mean don't talk to strangers.  If you do, don't be afraid to ask who someone is or rather what someone is!  This is how we met the new Power Rangers.  And I may or may not have asked them if they were a boy band...!  Oops :)

Now we are headed for day 2!  Wish us luck... 

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