Friday, April 25, 2014

Favsie's Friday - The Ultimate FanX

Are you sick of Comic Con posts yet? Never fear our darlings.. this is the last installment of our Comic Con week. It's no surprise that for our Favsies Friday we had to chat about all the amazing costumes. 

 Cassandra Peterson A.K.A. Elvira

The Mistress of Darkness as Cassandra Peterson

Who Better than to start off our FF SLC Comicon Fashion addition than the Mistress of the Dark and all her glam? 
We had the privilege of interviewing Cassandra and here is what she had to say:

Isn't she adorable? She was so nice and normal!  She was hardly recognizable without the wig, red lips, and the perfect tailored black dress.  Didn't she totally lite up when she told us about her perfume?
 Check out Elvira's Perfume HERE


There were so many creative costumes at Comic Con. It is hard to believe that most of these people are DIY-ing all up over themselves! Their attention to detail was uncanny. We snapped a few pics of some of our favorites that we saw.  We can't decide about dressing up for next year, but maybe we will do a little airbrushing.

This is a great new Medical Aesthetics School- Nima

Sir Patrick Stewart
The Dapper Sir Patrick Stewart
Did you know that Patrick Stewart is quite the little fashionista himself? This man loves himself a good jacket! In fact he has an entire collection of them! Not kidding. However, contrary to what a UK tabloid recently published, he is NOT gay. He told a fantastic story about that during his panel. 

You see that friends? That is over 5,000 people in a room to see him.  Insane! 

He was the type of person that you just wanted to sit down and chat about life with. And lucky for us, that is exactly what he did during his panel. He made you feel super cozy with his aged old accent and light hearted humor. We felt right at home with Sir Patrick. 

So just how do you dress for Comicon if you aren't into Cosplay you ask? Here are a few of our outfits from Comic Con-

TMNT Burnout Tee// Rue 21// Similar HERE
Favorite Tank in Wowzer Red// Target
Livi Rock Wax Coated Skinny Jean// Aro & Company
MP Sequins Flats// Amazon
Watch, Neckace, and Earings// Rue 21
Wedges// Target  
Jacket// JCP  
Skirt// (Replica of mine from Kim's Fashions)
Transformers Tee//Similar at Hot Topic

The Walking Dead Tee// Super Hero Stuff
Bella Reese Statement Necklace// Aro & Company
Joe B Smocked Palazzo Pants in Orange Black// Kohls
Solid Black Wedge// Similar HERE
Coral Wrap// @_foxhollow on Instagram 

Thanks loves for all the support!  A favorite pic from all of it is this crappy-grainy one of us! We love all the gals/guys out there who have been reading our blog.  


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