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ACM's Party For A Cause

*photo ℅ ACM*

WOOO WEEEE What a weekend! This was my second year attending Party for a Cause in Las Vegas, Nevada and it was quite the party. 
Party for a Cause is a Country Music festival that helps support and raise awareness for charity. The two Charities for the past two years have been Outnumber Hunger and Operation Homefront. 
Outnumber hunger is a Charity that is helping to feed families in America
Please take some time to learn more about it here

Operation Homefront offers financial and food assistance, repairs, and all around help to the families of our Service Members and Wounded Warriors. 
Please take some time to learn more about it here
Operation Homefront 

Also in attendance was The Boot Campaign. The Boot Campaign is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to Cultivating Awareness, Promoting Patriotism, and Providing Assistance to military personnel, past and present, and their families. 
Check them out here and go buy some boots to support our troops!
The Boot Campaign 
I had to get my picture with Joey from The Boot Campaign because those of you who know me well, know that amputees hold a special place in my heart. Look at him rocking those prosthetics! 
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Soo…Let's address the big Horse in the room. Not everyone loves Country Music. (cough cough...Jamie….) 
That's fine. Peace out homes..The rest of this post isn't for you. 
(You can still check out the first part…Unless being charitable isn't for you. In that case, you're a Jerk)

Ahem…sorry. Prolonged exposure to Country artists rocking out makes me a little feisty.

Onto the festival.
Party for a cause is a two-day outdoor music festival that includes multiple stages for ongoing LIVE country music performances, interactive experiences, a family-friendly country marketplace with food trucks and vendors from around the country and much more.
This was this years lineup:

This year they held it at The LINQ and if I am being honest, It was a much better set up last year at The Orleans. Still a blast though and well worth the trip!
Not only do they give you the opportunity to see all these artists perform for a whopping $65/person, but they also have artist meet and greets throughout the weekend. Here were mine-

 Brantly Gilbert
 Chase Rice
 Andrew Webb
(Who's that hottie photo bombing us?)
 Chuck Wicks

A lot of the artists are totally cool and a pleasure to meet. Others are complete dirtbags. There are some that will walk right by their fans and pretend they don't exist. I won't name names…. 

We saw almost every artist on the above list and most of them were great! We had to give our old bodies a break and miss a few because you are literally on your feet standing for at least 12 hours watching them perform one after another. Here were the ones that blew my mind- The kind that sounded just as good as their records, if not better. 

These are artists that I never had listened to but because of their performances I am 100% a fan now-

Chase Rice is adorable and he is an up-in-commer to watch. He wrote FGL's hit "Cruise".

The Cadillac Three completely surprised me. They have a little more twang than I typically like but they are insanely talented and won me over right away. Check them out!

P.S. I sincerely apologize for my crap quality pictures. They wouldn't let me bring in my nice camera 
:( (sad face emoji)

All in all this festival is one not to miss. Even if you aren't a big fan, if you give these artists a chance some of them can turn that around. And others…well some of them you start to get worried that they are going to die right there in front of you on that stage and you start to get a little worried if you should run up and save them from themselves. Again… I won't mention names. 

Next year is the big 50th Anniversary of the ACM's so the party is going to be in Dallas. We haven't decided if we are going to go, but you can bet as soon as it comes back to Vegas we will be there as long as it is. 

I should also mention that this is how me and my love started out the weekend...
 Oh Luke….. Lukey Luke Luke…. We had such a good thing. Last year when I got that autograph but NOT the picture I figured it's ok (eeees okay).. I'll get it next year… Next year I told myself.
 While I appreciate the gift of you throwing me your Archery strap… You have snubbed me 2 years in a row now. No picture again. You can imagine how my heart broke as the girl that was standing next to me got the picture and then you were off like a rocket to your Caddy… It's not like you had an Awards show to host or anything….Therefore we are officially on a break and I am replacing you with Brantly Gilbert. All I'm saying… is maybe not winning Entertainer of the Year this year was a little Karma ;)
 (But seriously look at those jeans)
no no no… DONE.

Whoa.. sorry I didn't mean to air all our dirty laundry for you to see..but I had a few things I needed to get off my chest about Luke.  
Until next time folks…

Everythangs Chicken but the Beak


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