Sunday, April 27, 2014

High Waisted Swimsuits

Ahhh time to get to life and back to reality. Our fantasy world of Comic Con is O-V-A-H. 
Who is ready for warm weather, BBQs, campfires, and late nights? I sure am! Unless you are the luckies who live by the beach and are probably already getting to enjoy those things, it's still freezing here in Utah. 
I have to share this song with you guys! It warms me right up! You know those songs that make you think of your better half and give you the warm fuzzies all over again? 
I give you-
I Don't Dance by Lee Brice.

For those of you getting married this summer, you're welcome :)

Katy Bow swimsuit from

This summer is going to be an explosion of retro-inspired swimsuits, including high waisted. We have seen everyone from Katy Perry to Taylor Swift rocking these bad boys. 
The fantastic thing about these is you can spend anywhere from $10+. I bought the swimsuit pictured above for $19 + shipping and I cannot wait for it to arrive! Adorable right?!! I'm a total sucker for those bows! 

Taylor Swift//Katy Perry//Rihanna//Cher Lloyd

This next swimsuit was only $16 shipped. That's right, $16 total. I seriously love Amazon. 

First let's chat a little about cover-ups for high waisted swimwear. Please do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear normal shorts over your high waisted swimsuit. Just no. Normal dress-like coverups are totally fine, but if you are going to wear separate pieces you need to wear your bottom piece at your waist. I paired mine with a maxi skirt from my Maxi Skirt Tutorial and an aztec kimono cardi (it was freezing in Vegas. VEGAS! Can you believe that?!). You could even do high wasted shorts or palazzo pants. You just want the top line of your swimsuit to line up with your bottoms.

Neon Aztec Kimono Cardi// TJ Maxx- Similar HERE
Blue Maxi Skirt// DIY

Let's talk about why I love these swimsuits. 
First of all… I'm kind of over tankinis and I don't love one pieces because I don't like what they do to your nether regions. I'm just being real, ladies.  These are basically the same coverage as a tankini, but BETTER! As a mother my biggest problem area is probably my lower stomach. I'm sure if I had all the time in the world to work on it like I wished, it would look much better. But, insert real life. Plus, no matter what I do, I will probably always have a little excess skin. This style actually gives me more confidence than a tankini because there is no risk of the tank part lifting up and exposing my baby baring battle scars. 
The high waisted swimsuit was created in an era where curves were coveted. 
Curvy model rocking her HW Swimsuit from Forever 21 PLUS

So if you have a little junk in your trunk there is no reason to be afraid of this fantastic comeback. The ruching on the sides of this bikini make for a more forgiving bottom. In other words, it hides your flaws. The line that they create above your stomach also stops at the perfect spot. You see my ab definition above the bottoms? By no means do I have a toned tummy, but looking at this you might think otherwise. That's why I call this my magic photoshopping suit. Seriously. It creates an illusion in all the right spots. It's not very often you find a swimsuit that you actually feel confident in. That is why this style is definitely a must-try.

Floral High Waisted Bikini// Amazon

Also….RUN! Because right now this suit is only $12 SHIPPED!!!!


  1. You look fantastic, if only I could rock the high waisted as good as you.

  2. Thanks for sharing the link! I've been on the lookout for one of these :D
    Could you tell me what size did you order? Does it run small?
    I've seen mixed reviews about sizing :/

    1. Hey gorgeous! Thanks for reading :) I ordered a medium. I'm a 4/6 and it was fine for me. I have heard people complaining of sizing too… but at that price, you don't have much to lose :) HTH!