Friday, April 4, 2014

Favsies Friday & Ava's BabyTMoccs!

A week has flown by since I posted about my skincare faves!  Thank you for all the feedback about the different products.  I would love to see before and after pics-

Well, after spending a week in the paradise that was Cali(more on that later-earthquakes and all)- I have a new favorite thing.  Freaking baby moccs rock my life.  Ava just had her first birthday and she's a mover.  Tiny baby shoes can be a total joke.  You put them on.  They take them off.  Back on.  They fall off.  Well not anymore.  Ava kept these on through 3 days of Disneyland, 2 days at Universal Studios, 4 plane rides, PCH 3 hour drive, a long mall trip, 3 earthquakes, and just hanging out.

Now you say "Jamie, but moccs cost my first born."  Not anymore.  Babytmoccs has my favorite moccs for around $30 a pair.  Yep.  The oh-so-soft leather, hand sewn, & made just for your babe for half of what you thought!  Seriously, I wish I could crawl inside my own pair.  Save yourself the heartache of buying multiple pairs of not-so-great shoes and just buy these.  
You will not regret it & who doesn't like lots of compliments on your babes shoes?

I bought Ava's in platinum & they have matched everything.  I think the metallic pink is my next purchase.   Follow Linsey's shop on insta @babytmoccs to find the latest info on colors & sizes. 

P.S. BabyTMoccs didn't pay me for a review.  I just love them that much!

Happy Friday!

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