Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Rock and Roll

Happy Hump Day my loves! I hope your weekend gets here quickly from this point on. 
Soo…..We need to talk. Something happened in Vegas that I'm not very proud of. Have you ever  gambled or watched someone gamble? For the most part, someone sits down and 5 minutes later there money is gone. Leaving them with an empty feeling and a thought...
"What the?! What just happened?
And then they are just mad the rest of the day because they can't stop thinking about how quickly their money was taken. 
Little known fact- I almost NEVER spend more than $20 on a shirt. Its all about quantity for me when it comes to my shirts. I need options. If I spent the money on higher quality items.. I would have like.. 5 shirts. Thats just dumb. But, it's your closet. Do what makes your feel good :)
Sorry… back to the story.
At the Party for a Cause they had venders. All different sorts. There was this cute blonde managing a clothing spot. I browsed and didn't see anything I loved, but I LOVED her outfit. I asked her if she sold  the shirt/tunic she was wearing and she told me that she did, but she didn't have any with her. However, she could bring one down for me the next day. DONE I said. Seeing how it was boutique clothing I figured it would probably cost me around $40. The thought was a little cringing but I figured I was on vacation so why not splurge a little. Hey, it was better than sitting down at at a craps table, losing my money, and having nothing to show for it. 
They next day I went to pick it up and this is how the convo went:

Me: Hey! Were you able to get that shirt?
CBG (cute blonde girl) Yes! I only have one left. I'm so glad you came back!
Me: Are you kidding? I love it! Of course I came back! What size is it?
CBG: small
Me: perfect!
(imagine me grinning from ear to ear because I am already picturing how I will wear it, and cookies, and gumdrops, and everything else that fills a girls head with happiness…I hand her my card)
CBG: Ok I'm just going to have to charge your card twice sjdflfjgh…..*mumbling something about price tags*
Me: ok..ya! What did she just say?.. oh well, I am so excited about this shirt!
CBG: K it's $$$
Me: Oh uhh ya … let me use a different card..

And I walked…no it was more like a scurry, away. You guys. It was not $40. It was no where near that. I can't even bring myself to tell you how much it was. That and my husband might be reading this. (If that's the case..well we had a good run friends. I'll see ya around when I get out of shopaholics anonymous)
She told me the price and I was in such sticker shock that I paid it and walked away. I seriously felt like I just sat at a craps table and watched some CBG take my money. Only at least if I had gambled, I wouldn't have this dark secret hanging in my closet screaming at me every time I wore it. To add salt to the wound.. I searched it online. Finding out how much the shirt really was hurt almost as bad as paying what I did for it. Lets just say to get my moneys worth, it will not only be a shirt, but a swimsuit cover up AND a night gown. 
I don't know what was wrong with me. Why didn't I just say "Um.. H-to the-NO" and walk away? 
Moral of the story is… Ask how much a shirt is before your are in too deep. Or you may just end up doing the walk of shame out of a slew of vender shops.

Today's outfit is a little bit Country and a little bit Rock and Roll. 
*Que the Osmonds*
I did have some positive experiences with some of the venders in Vegas and found a couple of favs. 
(I really do love this shirt you guys..I just didn't love getting duped) 

This hat is from Hicktown Couture and I actually bought it for my man. BONUS! I can wear it too. And I love it! The fit is great and $15 the pice is even better. They don't have their hats on their site yet but they are based out of Arizona and GUESS WHAT! They will be here in Utah at Country Explosion. Go check them out there or take a look and their All American- Country- straight out the sticks- clothing line. (I love the mason jar top)

These might possibly be my most favorite bracelets in the history of ever. (Except for my Pandora bracelet. Love you honey!! )
They are from a cute little boutique called "Hippie Chick" straight out of the heart of Texas. ( Or Lubbock, TX …..  ) They only have a Facebook page but I am working on trying to get them available for ya'll to purchase. In the meantime.. Check them out
Or better yet, if you live in Texas, go get ya some guuuurl! 

Blessed Bracelet// Hippy Chick
Aztec Bracelet//
Faux Leather Pants// China (not kidding) Similar HERE
Prince Peter Collection Iggy Pop Raglan Dress// CBG ….. buuuuut if you want to pay the normal price for it you can find it HERE
Wild Diva Lorane Ankle Boots// Cara Loren's closet…. also not kidding. Similar HERE

Have you ever been duped? Or paid waaaay to much for something? Please tell me all about it!
PS- Comic Con Starts tomorrow! Eeek! :)


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