Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Walking Dead @ Salt Lake Comic Con

Us girls over here at Individual Rivalry LOOOOOVE us some TWD. So you can imagine our excitement about getting the chance to interview Carl Grimes(Chandler Riggs) and Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal). Originally (as we mentioned before) Daryl (Norman Reedus) was on that list too… sad emoji face. Rumor has it that he will be here in September so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Andrea (Lori Holden) was there as well but we did not get a chance to meet or interview her. But, we will say that she was very pretty in person.  Almost every celeb we encountered was super sweet and took the time to make us feel valued.  We are already making a game plan for next round!

So.... I (Jamie) have a tiny nerdy obsession.  Funko Pop Art makes little figurines for everything.  You name a character and they have it.  Well, I have a ton of them with Walking Dead & my goal is to get them signed by the actors.  Enter Chandler!  He was so sweet to sign my little Rick- I later found out there is a Carl-which I'm now on the hunt for! 

Chandler Riggs

At the Press Conference, we interviewed Chandler in all his adorableness! Seriously, he was just the sweetest.  Like, we are talking sugar rush sweet!  Chandler seemed humble as he sat and answers all of our crazy questions. He was so soft spoken and polite and didn't know what the heck to do with us girls.  
Check out our Interview:

Unfortunately, Chandler and Lori's panels were cancelled.  

Jon Bernthal

I have to say my (Sheena) first impression of Jon was heart melting. I was waiting in line at his booth to meet him and he was waiting to meet his next fan. The husband and kids were standing off to the side. My two boys, with their freshly painted TMNT faces, had transformed into their favorite turtles and were practicing their best versions of combat. All while laughing those big belly laughs that are contagious by nature. 
I looked over at Jon only to find him marveling at the site of my two boys. He was chuckling at them and shaking his head. 

Me: All day Everyday!

JON: Ha ha! How old are they?

ME: 6 and 3

JON: I have a 3yr old and a 1yr old. I'm just checking out what I have to look forward to.

ME: Both Boys?

JON: Yeah

ME: Oh boy! You're in for it!

JON: I know Baby, I come from a family of 5 boys

It was just in that moment I watched him as a real person. Not an actor, not a character, but a Dad. It was not only refreshing and endearing, but a nice reminder that celebrities are Human too. Sometimes when we meet celebrities we have all these ideas in our heads of what they are and are let down. In Jon's case, he exceeded my expectation. He is a legitimately cool dude.

Jon Bernthal Interview exclusive
IR QUESTION: If Shane were still alive, would he have gone to Woodbury with Andrea? Or would he have stayed at the prison with Rick and Lori?

JON: Oh Man, at the Prison for sure! 

IR: Really? Even with having to be around Rick and Lori? 

JON: Oh ya, He would be at the prison.

Jon Taking the Stage

Did you know Jon has broken his nose 14 times from boxing and professional Baseball? And he STILL looks that good!

I (Sheena) don't even know where to begin at this next part…. just imagine a dream. And then your dream being real life. And you have about 2,500 witnesses. And photographic evidence that said dream was reality. And then that dream followed you on twitter. Just saying. Happy-Freaking-Emoji-Face!
We were waiting for Jon's panel to start and I was trying to decide if I wanted to go up and ask a question. Then I thought, why is this even a question? Of course I am going to take every opportunity to talk to this man! 
You see… celebrities travel around and do interviews all the time. They get sick of answering the same questions over and over. And you want to enjoy these panels, so you need to ask an edgy, entertaining question. It makes it more fun for everyone involved. So we came up with an amazing one. 
I walked up and stood in line. I was about the 3rd person on the right side of the room. The lady asked me what I was asking and to my surprise, approved it. She also told me that he wold not be giving out hugs. (My heart broke a little. Not going to lie.)
My heart was POUNDING! I mean… I'm talking giving-a-talk-in-church-pounding! Jamie thought I was going to throw up! (Jamie-I looked over and she was 3 shades of green!)
It was time… my moment had come. 
"Hello Jon"
"Hello Sweetheart"

And it was everything I ever could have imagined and more. 

We didn't get video of the panel (are you kidding us guys? We were too busy freaking out!)
However, If you want to know what I asked, here is full audio of his panel and you can listen to my moment I will treasure forever at the 10:24 mark.

Be sure to Check Jon out in his up-incoming movie "Fury" with Brad Pitt. Opening 2014!

Norman Reedus

The next SLCC will hopefully include some Norman for me(Jamie).  It's all this girl wants for Christmas.  Then, I will probably make a fool out of myself & get a nice smokey hug from the other man of my dreams (sorry Tim-you know I love you too).  See you in September!

Thank you GQ for this sexy picture of Mr. Reedus!

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