Friday, April 11, 2014

Favsies Friday

It's Favsies Friday time!! Woot Woot!! We are soo ready for summer over here! It has been nice all week, the kids have been running free outside, aaaaand my (Sheena) house has been/stayed clean! Does that happen to you guys? I don't know what it is but when the warm weather hits I get crap DONE. 
So to get ourselves ready for the heat that we all will be complaining about by the end of August, we are talking self tanners. These are our Favs:

Fake Bake self tanners are my favorite at-home products. They have green undertones leaving you with a more natural tan rather than the ever so popular orange. It stays put so I reccommend wearing gloves if you do not purchase the mitt. Always wash your hands immediately after applying any self tanner. 
They are having a great package deal on their website right now that includes the products you see above and a free lipgloss for $27.99. Go HERE

Honestly…Mystic tanning is my FAV. It is the only booth tanner that I have used that does NOT leave me orange. I've been doing them since I was 19 and out of all those years ( betcha wonder just how many that is ;) ) I have only had one wonky application. Pretty excellant results I think.  I prefer a booth over having someone use a spray gun because I can get COMPLETELY undressed. I mean.. I still could with having someone do it, but lets just say I have passed those days where I  would be comfortable with that. (says the woman that's had 3 kids…  makes total sense?) Typically they run anywhere from $20-$25. You can search for your nearest booth HERE

Now it's time for Jamie's picks!

I decided to choose one from Target & two from Sephora.  I really believe you can find great products anywhere.  Don't brush something aside because of price- you might miss out on a potential favorite.  A great perk to buying at Sephora is the guarantee their products: If you don't love it, you can take it back.  Also, you can sample almost anything.  Keep that in mind anytime I recommend a Sephora product.  Go in & get a sample!  You have nothing to lose.

Self Tanner Secret- Ready?  
 Nair Sensitive Skin is a must before I use self tanner.  I love that it takes the hair away & the added bonus of how soft your skin is right after.  Most self tanners will tell you to exfoliate & this does it for you.  Patch test a little area on your skin if you haven't used it before.  You can grab this at Target for around $5. 

My Target suntan pick is Neutrogena's Micro-mist tanner. 

I love it because you don't need to do anything, but spray it.  It's so simple.  Hold the can about 6 inches away from your body and lightly mist.  Be careful when spraying knees, around underarms, & elbows.  Color can pool give your fake tan away!  That applies to any self tan product.  I haven't tried this on my face.  The can says you can spray it on your hands and rub on your face.  If you have tried this-email me!  I would love to know what you thought.
**Tip: This spray comes in 2 colors.  Chose light if you are fair & the medium if you have any color what-so-ever.   

My first Sephora pick is St. Tropez Bronzing Lotion.  
Pronounced: săⁿ-trô-pā′
I normally use their tanning mousse, but decided to try the lotion.  Tip 1: buy the mitt for $6.50.  It's key to the perfect application.  This lotion gives you an instant & rich tan.   Do not rub in a circular motion!  Like Sheena's pick, this too has a green undertone so as it cures, it stays brown not orange!  I use this all over my body, except the face.  That leads me into my 2nd pick from Sephora.

 This is a gradual face tanner that smells like almonds!  Love it.  Why did I pick a gradual?  I like that it just gives a little color everyday, instead of a crazy amount to the face.  Make sure you are still exfoliating 1-2 times a week & watch out for color collecting in your brows. 

Well my loves, those are my favsies for self tanners!  Get some samples & stop the skin damage that real tanning causes.

Happy Friday!


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