Friday, May 9, 2014

Favsie Friday & Being A Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

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This will be my 2nd Mother's Day.   That's already 2 more than I felt like I'd have this soon, if at all.  I knew I would somehow be a mom.  My husband & I struggled to conceive. We prayed everyday for a sweet little miracle. 2 surgeries, lots of fertility, 3 Docs, many negative pregnancy tests, standing on my head (not really, well sorta), crying when someone else would tell me they were pregnant (happens daily it seems like when you want a baby), & then beginning the adoption process- it happened. Ava is now 14 months & I couldn't be more thrilled about her.  Without the help of the Lord, I would not be a mother. It is the most incredible gift I have ever been given & I try daily to treat her as so.  That doesn't mean I don't have those freakout sort of days, but who doesn't?  Then my girl giggles and all is perfect again.  I'm so thankful for each moment like that with her.  I think mothers are so important & not all mothers are perfect.  I'm not.  Let's take a moment and thank our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, and for some-fathers.  I love each of you and couldn't be the mother I am now without you and help from my Tim.  I love you Ava & thanks for making me a mother.  I know we are growing together everyday.  We need the support of each other to keep the world going. 

Happy Mothers Day-Jamie


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My favorite thing about being a Mother is the unconditional, pure, Christ-like love that my children give me. They are the closest thing to having Jesus sitting right there at the dinner table with us. What a blessing that is. Being a Mother is no doubt the hardest job in the world. As many times as I have messed up or showed up late, I don't know how I haven't been fired. But the Lord knows our efforts. Our children know our efforts. I am thankful for this role my Heavenly Father has blessed me with and the amazing Mother's he has placed in our lives. Being a Mother doesn't necessarily mean birthing a child. It means tapping into those instincts we have been blessed with that are remarkably on point when trusted. Mother knows best after all. 
Just in these past 6 years I have 
-kissed more boo boos than normal, pulled staples out of heads (literally yesterday)
-wiped away tears, laughed until I cried
 -called 911
-called poison control
-cooked them the best meal of they've ever had
and the worst
-played with toys (stepped on toys)
-been told I am the most beautiful girl in the world more than I can count
-had my back patted while dealing with morning sickness
-gone to NICU graduation parties
-witnessed the love between siblings that knows no bounds
-witnessed rage that only a sibling can cause
-celebrated milestones
-chased away monsters
-purchased a king sized bed to hopefully create more distance between their feet and my face
-cried while I watched them meet Mickey at Disneyland
-done things I said I would NEVER do as a parent
-felt inadequate 
But my favorite moments?..
When everyone has finally fallen asleep I will sneak into their bedrooms and watch them sleep. In those moments of complete silence when there is nothing but peace and the sounds of their precious inhales and exhales.. I feel that unconditional Christ-like love at it's peak and contemplate that this, most definitely, must be how our Father in Heaven feels about us.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing women in our lives. Mothers, In-Laws, Grandmothers, and Friends alike.

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  1. Excellent video and excellent post! Happy Mother's day to you and all of the mothers out there. You should do a post on what you expect on mothers day or maybe some good gift ideas. As a terrible gift giver myself, I'm sorry honey, all men need some help and guidance. We are all ready and willing. We are willing to spend whatever time or amount of money it takes to make this day special for you. This has to be your day, so help us help you make it your day :)