Monday, May 5, 2014

Crossing the Path of Tiles + A Little WIW

I remember as a little girl walking past the "Junior" section in department stores and being excited for the day I could explore the next stage of fashion. That day came soon enough and I have been shopping the sale racks and taking risks ever since. 
Not being able to buy whatever I wanted, from wherever I wanted, made me have to creatively expand my closet on my own. In high school my friends and I would seriously shop at the Kids Abercrombie & Fitch and buy their larges just so we could afford the brand. I'll have to do a whole other post on my sale shopping tricks. 
Anyway, back to my point. 
A little while back while browsing the junior section at a major department store, I got to thinking...
Should I be shopping over here? 
Should I probably be shopping over in the "Women's" section?
Are people wondering what I am doing buying clothes targeted for girls 10 yrs younger than I?
Now that I think about it, I have shown up to church wearing the same things as the young women :/
 I walked over to the "Women's Section" and looked around. First of all… How come clothes targeted for "women" are double the price of "juniors"? Do they assume that since I am older that I have double the money? Wouldn't it be just the opposite because my parents no longer take me "back to school" shopping? 
( Even though I totally tried to talk my Dad into that last year to no avail ;) )
Just because I make more, I now have BILLS! You know.. Mo' Money Mo' Problems.
I kept looking. 
I looove some of those higher end clothes. They are beautiful. But I need more bang for my buck. I would rather have 5 shirts that don't quite last me as long giving me more outfits than having one shirt that after buying I can't afford pants to go with it. Know what I'm saying sisters? At least until I can afford to buy 5 of those shirts.
Still looking…
Nothing. Anything that did appeal to me was way more than I would pay for an item and the rest was just not… well, it wasn't "me". 
So when is it that we are supposed to graduate to the next step in life of fashion? When is it time to cross the path of tiles over to the section with the overhang that displays "WOMEN'S"? The answer?

Whenever you want. 

When it comes to fashion the best thing you can do is be YOU. All while keeping in mind what works best for your body type, shop what appeals to YOU. No matter what section/department that is. Including the "Men's". The fabulous thing about fashion is that it has no judgment or boundaries. It is up to you personally to discover what is appropriate for you and what you are comfortable with. It is a matter of taste. A matter of shopping within your means. Will I ever leave the "junior" section? The answer is ...probably. When? Who knows. And that's perfectly fine.
Choosing my own fashion means I get to wear these cute boyfriend jeans that my husband absolutely hates because they look like "boy" pants ha ha. 
( Literally while shopping with him the other day he asks,
"Are those pants supposed to be that loose?" )

Shop where you want ladies. Wear what you want. Use us bloggers as an inspiration, not an idol. See a blogger wearing something that you love that is out of your means? Find an alternative. There ALWAYS is and alternative. As long as you feel confident and comfortable, then you should strut your outfit with said confidence. No matter the brand. No matter the price. No matter the department.

I am loving Graphic Tees these days! There is nothing like a good T shirt. How appropriate is this "Selfie" tee by AE? It is so so so soft! 
Believe it or not… this is my first time trying out boyfriend jeans. I think they are so cute on other women, I was just afraid of looking frumpy if I wore them. Well, I tried them and the verdict is… 
I L-O-V-E them. I will probably only wear them with heels though. I am already on the shorter side so I need them to elongate my legs while rocking this style. I really like this boyfriend fit, but I sill want to look and feel like a woman. 
And of course my most favorite diaper bag ever. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack. Typically these bags are about $180, but if you are patient and shop around, you can usually get them for half off.  One recommendation though… If you decide to go with a PPB, make sure not to by the cloth material kind. It snags and isn't as easy to clean. Other than that, this bag is a must have for mommas!

"Love Thy Selfie" Shirt// American Eagle HERE
Boyfriend Jeans// American Eagle HERE
Necklace// American Eagle HERE
Rose Gold Watch//
Green Pumps// Rue 21
Diaper Bag// Petunia Pickle Bottom


  1. I always wonder the same thing when shopping!! Am I too old?? I haven't dared the boyfriend jeans yet but you look darling in them so maybe i should! Also totes love my PPB diaper bag only way to go. I had a different one with my oldest and it didn't hold up as well and it wasn't cheap either!

    1. Right?!! I'm glad to hear it's not just me thinking it! You need to try the boyfriend jeans..and heels or wedges are totally the way to go. They are weird at first, but after you use your accessories to add a feminen touch to such a masculine piece, you will fall in love!