Monday, January 23, 2012

But Seriously...Are you Available For My Kids Birthday Party?

Bahh ha ha. Kills me every time! Now onto serious matters. Our eyebrows. I don't know why but they seem to be one thing that our Mother's never passed their knowledge or beauty tips on down to us. Maybe it's because they had no clue themselves? My eyebrows and I have been through a lot together. 

Ya...feel free to zoom in. See what I mean?  I thought I looked so good! In fact this was my favorite high school picture. This is a perfect example of when you pick up the tweezers and just start plucking away. Next thing you know you you are left with commas where your poor eyebrows once laid. I think Michelle Money explains all cosmetologists views on this best:

I wish I would have known better. Even as a cosmetologist I get carried away sometimes too. So let's list the NEVERS:
  1. Attempt to shape your own eyebrow. Next time you go to your stylist to get your hair done just ask if you can have a little chat about your eyebrows and what they think would look best on you. If you want, just have them get you started with your shape and you can keep up the little grooming at home.Think of your brows as picture frames, your eyes as pictures and your face as the wall. No walls are exactly level, just as no faces are perfectly symmetrical. You need to hang each picture as level as you can to compensate for the wall being askew. We normally ask a friend to take a step back while we hang pictures for the same reason we need someone to take a step back from our brows 
  2. Just like how you should never pick up the scissors while on your period, don't pick up the tweezers either.
  3. Dye your own eyebrows. Just don't.

This picture is a great guide as to where your eyebrows should be placed.
Point A is where they should start
Point B is your arch
Point C is where they should end
Point D is their levelness. 
Image from

Here are my before and after eyebrows

The beautiful Megan Fox and her perfect eyebrows.

It's my personal opinion that everyone should look into purchasing eyebrow makeup. I stumbled upon it because I accidentally waxed off half my eyebrow right before family pictures. BEST mistake I ever made. As far as brow makeup goes, my favorable choice would be powder. I LOOOOVE Anastasia Brow Powder duo along with their angled brush. The angle brush it a must, they will not look good without it! You can find the powder here and and the brush here .I too agree that when people use pencils it tends to look fake and hard. Powder gives your a more natural look. Take it away once again Michelle...

Now the DO's:
  1. Figure out what you want your eyebrows to look like
  2. Set up a consultation with your stylist
  3. Have them dyed if needed
  4. Purchase brow makeup
  5. Learn to control your tweezers and not let them control you!
I know this truly must make a difference in how my face looks because after I did it I turned to my husband and asked him if I looked like a clown. He said "No! I like it! It actually gives you a more "finished" look."  Whaaaaaa? Who is this man and what has he done with my husband? SOLD. I've never done my makeup without it since.
I hope this helps. I really never thought twice about brow makeup before "the accident". But maybe if someone had mentioned it to me before I would have. So this is me mentioning it to you!
You're welcome ;)

Remember to be INSPIRED by other women rather than Jealous.


    1. Oh, Sheena, you are doing such a good job. I use an eyebrow pencil so maybe I'll see about the powder sometime. Have a great day, Sweetheart, and I love you! ;o) Love, Grandma Terry ;o)

    2. This is one thing I wish I was better at doing! I complain constintly about my brows but I won't do them by myself. Go figure, I always forget to make an appointment for them when I get my hair done. (I go to Aveda where the stylists do not do brows.) I still am not convinced to own makeup for my brows but am feeling shamefully guitly of ignoring them so much. To my phone! Lets get started on this SAHM make over project. Thanks Sheena. :)

    3. I recognize that school picture!!! :) Your still cute and always have been.

    4. Inverted commas? What about 3 lonely hairs???
      What about those eyebrows that have migrated to the chin? Cheeky monkeys! LOL At least they waited until I was over 30. Mom always had 2 hairs on her chin and named them after old boyfriend's middle names: Oscar and Sullivan. How wild is that? Now she has a side wing of royal purple in her bangs. [In case you didn't realise- my mom is the coolest gal ever... EVER] My mom had no brow tips, cuz she grew up only using lipstick. She still looks great (73). I look older as I don't dye the hairs anymore (only did between 40 and 41 yrs) and quit makeup as it wasn't helping. Now you see just what God gave me, and a little eyebrow shaping (Germanic heritage of caterpillar brows).
      Loving my mommy <3