Thursday, January 26, 2012

15 minute Beach Waves

I am dragging butt this morning. Seriously. Are there ANY Mom's that don't have huge dark circles under their eyes? I need to invest in some serious concealer.

There are about a million different tutorials on how to get that beach-y look. Now there are 1,000,001. :) I just wanted to show you my methods on doing this style quick and easy.  Just play some awesome music while you watch this video because I lack the skills to make this video awesome besides my old fashioned self.

PLEASE know that if you really want that full on Victoria Secret hair you are most likely going to need extensions. Unless you have been SERIOUSLY blessed! Extensions and length and texture and you need BOTH to have it at that level. I have completely come to the terms that I have crap hair. My hair will never look the way I want it without extensions. BOO. If you want a consultation on possibly getting some done feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to help out. But more on extensions at a later date. We are talking BEACH WAVES! Maybe you could imagine yourself ON a beach while you do this style! How awesome would that be? Just kidding. BUT...You could treat yourself to a nice exfoliating scrub once the kiddos are all snuggled in bed. Don't forget the candles!


  1. I rocked extensions (that I spent a fortune on) for only 3 months before getting super mad at having to get them put back in weekly. They were put in with those little metal rings... maybe you're familiar and my hair is too fine for the method to work properly.
    Too bad too cause I would love to try these waves but at my current rate it would take me at least 2 years of growing my hair out to do. blah blah. Is there any advice on how to not go crazy when growing out your hair?

  2. NO! ha ha. It took me 3 years to get mine the length you see it now and I still have to have extensions on my sides for thickness. I just told myself Self, you cannot color your hair (no lightening of any kind) for 2 years. I think that helped a lot because it got really healthy and grew fairly well. The grow out process still remains a craptastic part of life. BUT...a good hairstyle that is versatile and allows you to get creative with it while waiting for it to grow helps a ton. I'm sorry for your experience with extensions. I have the cylinder kind in and my hair is pretty thin and they work great. And you should only have to have them tightened about ever 8 weeks. hmmm.....There are other options though! :)

  3. Very nice! I hope that i can work this style with short hair because I am loving it!!!

  4. Off to go attempt the beach wave. Wish I had a beach tan to go with it.

  5. I thought of Snooki with the poof! I think this tutorial was meant just for me. Since I am always asking, "Will you show me how to do the beach waves again?" So what size of curling iron do you think I should be using with my length of hair. Also I am taking your advice and no lightening of the hair for 2 years. :) I think that that is why my hair grew so well after having Jesse. I will just leave the fade out. I can color it though, right? Anyway, thanks for showing us the beach waves. Now if you would just go and buy my curling iron I could try it out without leaving burn marks on my arm. :)

    1. duly noted ha ha! I think you really could use the size you are using now OR the 1 1/4. If you are going to grow it out you might as well get the bigger one. And yes you can still color it, just NO lightening and plenty of trims..