Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A new babe & my float spa experience!

Before I get started, I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful support of our new arrival, Cohen.  He smells like heaven and is just the sweetest little babe.  I'm working on his birth story for my next blog so stay tuned.  

Disclaimer: I was around 32 weeks pregnant when I went for my spa day.  I would suggest consulting your Doc before trying anything you aren't familiar with.  

A couple months ago, I was achy, pregnant, and about to turn 30.  That, my friends, is a dangerous combo.  Tim suggested that we have a spa day.  I was looking around for a fun package and I had a friend suggest his family's spa. 

Enter InSPArations. 

A couple things about this spa: they offer traditional massages and infrared saunas, but the cherry on top is the float spa.   If you want to do a full treatment, you do sauna, massage, and then a float.  When Tim and I got there we were greeted by a friendly staff and led to the infrared sauna.  We changed into robes and slippers and sat in the sauna for about 30 minutes.  

The Infrared Sauna isn't a normal sauna.   You don't get hot, but you feel relaxed.  It's pretty awesome and I felt like it helped my body get ready for the massage.  I found a site with some of the great Infrared Sauna benefits here which include: weight loss, pain relief, and detoxification.  

Next, I headed off for a prenatal massage.   I've had many massages, but none while pregnant.  This is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself anytime during pregnancy.  The difference between a regular massage and prenatal massage is the position they lay you in.  The therapist had me on my side surrounded by special pillows to support all areas of my body.   It was incredibly comfortable and relaxing.  I felt like my prego aches were gone when she was done.  Tim had a Swedish massage and also loved every minute of it. 

Now for the main event.  The Float Spa was the part I was most curious about trying.  Stay with me.  It might sound like a fad, but it has been around for decades.   The basic idea is that you float in heavily salted water and go into a meditative state.  The epsom salts also pull the toxins out of your body, which was perfect after getting a massage.  If you know me, you know I'm a germaphobe.  Well, the salt keeps the water clean, so that wasn't an issue for me.  You can float in your swim or birthday suit.  It's really up to you.  I posted the video below so you get the full idea.  

A lot of people asked if it was claustrophobic, but Tim and I both felt like it was very spacious.  You can also float with the lid open and lights on.  I floated in almost complete darkness to get the full effect.   The floating feeling the salt gives you is nothing like I've ever felt.  The salt supports your body at every angle and you feel weightless.  This was nice, especially since I felt about 2 years pregnant.  I lasted about 45 minutes, fell asleep a couple times, and came out rejuvenated.  It's not something that makes sense until you try it out.  I would recommend trying the entire spa experience together.   

InSPArations was super affordable and located in Layton!  Check out their facebook here for location info and current specials including the $99 sauna, 1 hour massage, and float!  You won't regret it.  
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