Monday, March 2, 2015

Liv and Hope

Words can't describe all the emotions that go into the process of adoption. There is literally every emotion coming from all sides. While growing up my best friend, whom also happened to be my cousin was adopted. I knew no difference. All I knew was that I loved her and we were family. 
Last year I had the beautiful blessing of becoming an Aunt to an adoptive neice. it was a time full of highs and lows for her sweet family. She is the most beautiful little girl and in my oppinion, she has always been a part of our family. She even looks just like her daddy. We have been so blessed to have such selfless women in this world with a willingness to put the needs of their children's first. Every wanting and willing woman deserves to be a mother. We feel that if there are mothers out there calling for our help, then we should, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, do what we can. Whether it be monetary or just simply spreading the word. 

Last year Jamie and I had the opportunity to meet such a willing and wanting woman, Amy. She also has a wonderful husband and the most beautiful daughter that would undoubtedly make and amazing big sister. Amy is smart, loving, giving, beautiful, a fantastic dancer, and a mother through and through. When you have been blessed with such an amazing little human it is hard to stop at one. That is what happened when they were blessed with beautiful Hope. You can read more about their story 

Recently after a long road of twists and turns another miracle finally came knocking at their door and they have the opportunity to share their love with another tiny human in just a few short weeks. The baby is arriving fast so they are needing all the help they can get. This week there will be auctions, fundraisers yard/bake sales, and their go fund me account.

Amy also has the cutest clothing shop that was inspired by their journey. You can read a little more about their journey here: 
Another way to show your support is to shop their amazing line over at Liv and Hope buy their shirts. They are so comfy and are sure to become a go to! 

 I am wearing the "Work It" tee in a size small. 100% of the proceeds go towards their adoption fund. Sadly this shirt already sold out but make sure you go check out all of their cute womens and childrens shirts here:

They are amazingly comfortable and long! 
After you have a look at her website make sure you head on over to Liv and Hope's Instagram page for a ton of beautiful items up for auction including a Target GC from us.  
Let's help this family out babes. 

Speaking of adoption.. I had to adopt this little miss during my photoshoot ❤️ Oh how I adore little Ava. She insisted that we took some photos together. 
Sheena & Jamie 

Work it Tee// Liv and Hope
Neon Yellow Statements  Necklace// Kiss Me Mint

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