Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Little Mini

I often wondered what life would be like with a little princess. Most of the time I would hear people telling me "You HAVE to have a little girl! or "You need one!" As if I had much of a choice with the cards I was being dealt. Two boys down, I had to give it one more go.  I am so glad I did. I can't wait for future spa dates, shopping trips, and helping her get ready for her first dance while the boys go do their manly men stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love sports, but I doubt my sons will let me "get them ready" for the big game.

The other morning my boys were downstairs playing video games so Ari came upstairs with me while I got ready for the day. I'm sure it was like 3 in the afternoon..but at least it was being accomplished. She sat in the sink while I did my makeup. I was in heaven as she shook her little shoulders in rhythm to the tunes we were listening to, while playing with my makeup brushes. I could get ready all day long if this was my view. I had to take this shot of her in our fleeting moment so I could remember it exactly as it was. I think I will try to do this more often with my children. I know they grow so fast, so documenting the special times I have with each of them if sure to hold more value than staging the perfect photo. But are both for your enjoyment :)

Denim Shirt// Osh Kosh
Gold Sequins Tu Tu// Our Savvy Style
Leopard Slouchy Beanie w/ Faux Leather Bow// Fox Hallow
Necklace// Think Pink Bows
Black Bow Moccs// Baby T Moccs


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