Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Here's to killin it this year babes! We hope all of you have at least one common resolution of loving yourself more. 

Here are a few things on our list- (since apparently we couldn't come up with anything in our video)

1. Use our Cameras MORE
2. Make more/better You Tube videos/tutorials
3. Be more involved in charitable acts
4. Throw a party 
5. Get Taylor Swift Tickets

Jamie and I went to see Lacy from Laced Hair Extensions, Michelle Money, and Vivian the MUA for some sweet girl time. We vlogged a little after. Watch at your own risk. Hopefully you came up with some better resolutions than this....Maybe one of our resolutions should be to work on our communication skills :)

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And to start the year off being more "real". My (Sheena) number one resolution really is to be debt free and stop using my dang credit cards. It's a real problem yo. So you may see me start trying to make paper bags fashionable. 

For those of you wanting/needing some Poo-Pouri... You can find that deal 

Sheena and Jamie


  1. Sheena do you actually do laced extensions on your clients??

    1. I'm in the process of getting started right now!!! :):)