Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'll Eat You Up I Love You So

We are anxiously awaiting baby boy H.
Last month we had the honor of celebrating the soon arrival of Jamie's baby boy. We decided to go with the theme of "Where the Wild Things Are". It turned out AMAZING. The colors of the book are pretty dark. So to make it a little more feminine for her I added white and gold to the decor. It was just the perfect touch. 

I spray painted some mason jars gold and went scavengering for twigs in people's yards. People, you are welcome. It wasn't weird at all. The little boxes are from my kids Melissa and Doug Toys.
How amazing it this little personalized binky clip from Cranberries and Capers? They have adorable other leather options too. The little twig pencils I ordered from Eva's Feathers and painted the ends gold. I had everyone who attended leave a little message for baby and mommy inside the book.

The garland I made from various yarns. The backdrop is one of Jamie's Photography backdrops.
The pennant garland was made out of burlap.
I am so proud of these little desserts. I conjured them up in this head of mine and I am so happy with how they turned out. I will have to do a tutorial on them. I wanted to incorporate green in the desserts and it worked! YES! Don't you love it when you fly by the seam of your pants and it turns out. 
*Air Fist*
These little decidants are dark chocolate toffee truffles topped with more toffee. You can find that recipe from My Baking Addiction HERE
Now THESE.. These round pieces of heaven are homemade "Swig" sugar cookies. They are everything. Swearsies. Swig is located in Bountiful and St. George so if, like us, that is quite a drive this is your next best option. The recipe is by cute Corrine from Mint Arrow's momma over at A Bountiful Kitchen.  You can find that recipe HERE. It did not disappoint... anyone ha ha.
How about that beverage bar?! This concoction is what has been helping me cut out Diet Coke from my life. It's been a long hard breakup but this definitely makes it easier. I will be posting that/those recipes soon. Your gut will thank me. 
For a little touch of a lite healthy snack I got a few bags of salad from Costco.

I came up with this little side table decor to rep the little man. It sat on top of a pretty white leather remnant and burlap I found at Hobby Lobby.
The wood slice and "H" are from JoAnne's.

These invitations by Paper and Pleats were Perfect! Obviously this one is for a birthday but she will custom that for you. Not to mention that Tiffany is like the cutest person ever and crazy talented. Check them out on Etsy HERE

Here are the three prints I used. The first one I found online (I can't remember where?!!!) and the other two I made in Photoshop

Feel free to use em if you need em.

Jamie you are just the best and we all wish you a happy, healthy birth of your sweet baby boy. You got this momma!

Sheena & Jamie

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