Wednesday, March 19, 2014

That One Time I Bought Overalls In 2014

So I bought some overalls. I saw Sadie wearing them over on Simply Sadie Jane
and I thought to myself.... I want to buy some overalls. I haven't had that thought since I was in junior high. It was a confusing moment for me. But for those of you that know me, know that I'm a risk taker when it comes to fashion. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Im totally A-OK with that.
Anyway.. I went to Rue 21 (one of my go to shops, I'll post on that later) with my 25% off coupon and I bought me some skinny overalls y'all. 
I put them on and showed the hubby..... It took a good 30 seconds before he said "are those really making a comeback?" And that was followed by a few mumbles and "I don't knows". Says the boy who hasn't worn them since he was like 4 so what does he know anyway. Right?
So guess what? I looked at myself in the mirror and I wasn't offended! I kind of love them! So my vote is.. If you feel good in them, rock 'em! There are a few different ways to style them and this was my fave.

I chose to rock mine with plain white tank, a crop tee, and black wedges. You can wear them with both straps up, one strap down, or all down. Sounds like a line dance ;)
I honestly was blindsided by these. I love this style and I am so excited to roll with it. What do you think? Should they all be burned along with our other junior high/ high school disasters? Or is it time we rid them of their ugly reputation?

Overalls- Rue 21/ Similar HERE
Crop "GEEK" Tee- Rue 21/ Similar HERE
Report Black Wedges- TJ MAX/ Similar HERE


  1. Im honestly thinking I need a pair of these! They're adorable!

    1. Do it!! They are so much fun! And you would look so cute in them!