Friday, March 21, 2014

Favsies Friday & A Giveaway!

Hey babes! Guess what? It's Favsies Friday! Part deuce!  Today is all about a favorite date night and boy do we have some sweetness for you and your honey buns! 
So how many of you have about this  [ ]  much time for dates? I know for me between …
-waiting for the hubs to get home from work so I can leave my army of destruction for one minute to get all fancy
-and the babysitting meeter that ticks away each minute we are gone
I sometimes need a speed date. And I have the perfect place to have one! With one man though..minus the other 47 that are on speed dates. What do we do you ask?  Well just have yourself a seat honey and let me tell you all about the Movie Grille!

The Movie Grille is a hot spot located downtown Ogden, Utah right by cozy little historic 25th St.
It is a movie theater / restaurant. You can either go enjoy their food in a traditional restaurant fashion or you can go eat AND enjoy a movie at the same time. Thats right friends.. What would normally take you about four hours, you can accomplish in about two!
Lets talk food. I honestly thought that in an establishment like this I would be trying to watch a movie while some lady with a menu would be distracting and and the food would be greasy pizza and a sub par burger. That couldn't be further from the truth. I barely even noticed the waitress And. You. Guys… They even do presentation with their food on their cute white rectangular plates! It was gourmet. I had the Balsamic Chicken Sandwich and It blew my mind. Seriously. I love that freakin sandwich! Their prices are very reasonable allowing you to also take the whole fam in for lunch and a movie should you choose. We have. It was awesome. 

The Movie Grille is so awesome that they have decided to giveaway two pairs of movie tickets to our followers! 
2- Facebook
2- Instagram

Here are the rules as follows:

2. Share our giveaway post

1. Follow BOTH Individual Rivalry and Movie Grille  
2. Like and share our Photo with the hashtag


Winners will be announced tomorrow!

This Giveaway has ended-
 Congrats Holley Baird and Ashley Griffin!

*Make sure to check out Moviegrille's Facebook page while you are liking them for some great deals! They also have a Groupon RIGHT NOW!

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