Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Should I go to Battle? Or Not?

Spring is S L O W L Y arriving here in Utah. Mother Nature needs to stop being such a tease. With warm weather on the horizon and a much needed trip to Vegas (The Hubs and I are going to the ACM's! BIG post on that later) I am thinking about my wardrobe. This time last year I was pregnant so my closet is going to need a pick me up. On a budget of course.

Ok Here's the Sitch… I am LOVEing Gladiator sandals! But I don't know what ones I love the most. So I need your help. And if everything goes right, you will love them by the end of this post too!

One day I saw my bestie Kourtney Kardashian wearing these fabulous shoes. Then I wanted them. 
The end.
But Seriously. So I went to my other bestie to see what I could find. All I wanted was a simple pair of Russel Crowe shoes. Then all these options popped up.

* I have a love/hate relationship with options. I can't make a decision to save my life. Just ask the Hubby… I'm not sure he even bothers to ask where I want to eat anymore…*

See?!! OPTIONS! 
-So we have the basic studded 
-All different colors of the rainbow
-Cut Outs
-Real/Faux Leather

And they range from about $20 and up. Obviously I am not KK so I will be searching the deals.

Ahhhh… Whats a girl to do? Ask her friends! What ones are you favesies? What color?
Or do you hate this trend? I love it. I am getting some. And that is that. :) I'll post on IG when mine arrive!


  1. I love them as well but like the more basic ones like the ones on the left or right in the first pic.