Friday, March 14, 2014

Favsies Friday

Ok peeps… Let's get this party started! We are undergoing big changes with us and the blog. How do you like our facelift? There are a few different options we are testing at the moment at are super excited for what's to come! We will learn through trial and error and are sure to have bumps and bruises along the way, but that isn't going to stop us from getting back on the horse! So, with that is mind, we hope are you ready to ride or die with us kind folk.

 We wanted for you to get to know us a little better so we are listing a few of our favorite things as of right now and introducing our very own "Favsies Friday":
*links to products are above pictures*

Sheena's Favsies

1. First up is POREfessional. You know how you wish you could look younger? DONE. I have royally screwed up my pores from being terrible about washing my face at night. Let that be a lessen to you kids…wash your dirt. Basically what happens is, you put this on as a primer and it makes your face look like a baby's butt. A. Baby's. Butt. It minimizes pores and fine lines AND IT WORKS. 

2. Lock-it Tattoo Foundation by Kat Von D is fa-freakin-tastic. It literally gives you a blank canvas to apply your make-up. I've never had coverage this amazing! You can literally cover a tattoo with this! So for all my homies back in cell block C with the're welcome. 

3. Big Sexy Dry Shampoo is my partner in crime. She covers up all my lies about when was the last time I washed my hair. What I like about this specific dry shampoo is that it doesn't lave a white film and I can still get a brush through my hair after I use it. It also feel a lot lighter compared to the other products I have tried. For the love friends..PLEASE stay away from the dry shampoo powders. AND!!!! It is on Sale at ULTA right now for $9.99! 

4. The Originals is a spin off from The Vampire Diaries. I. LOVE. THIS .SHOW. It has all the eye candy and fan girl moments that The Vampire Diaries had when it first started. There is nothing like a good bad boy and this show has a few that you love to hate. One day…I'm going to merry Marcel's teeth. Don't judge.

5. Listen… sometimes us Mormon girls need to feel fancy too. You guys!! This is seriously such a fun drink! All you need is a fancy glass, sparkling water, your Crystal Like Liquid of choice, and some frozen fruit. DONE. Now put the kids to bed, curl up with a book, your favorite show, and give yourself some momma time. That's right… M to the E time. It exists. I promise. It's located sometime within the hours of 10pm-5am. 

BONUS- These Outlaw Riding Boots by Breckelles are too good to be true! They are super comfy and come in tons of different colors! The best part is.. you can get them for as low as $26 shipped! I have them in Taupe and get compliments on them all the time! Mine were $34 shipped. Any riding boot under $40 is a steal to me! Go check them out on Amazon and see if they have your size and color. HURRY! Options are getting limited.

Jamie's Favsies

1. Dear Mr. Reedus!  If only:)  Next month I (& possibly Sheena) are headed to SLC Comicon to meet our favorite celebs from The Walking Dead!  Have you seen it?  It's definitely a must watch.  I'm so excited my current celeb crush will be heading the entire thing.  Stay tuned for more on Comicon.


2. This is my release.  I am up for my 3rd Ogden Half in May.  The thing I'm currently on the hunt for is a great outfit!  What are your favorite running shoes?  Mine- Nike Freeruns!

3. What do I love about Smart Water? The electrolytes of course! It seriously is the best bottled water there is.

4. HD Foundation by MUFE is super light with great coverage that creates an amazing blank canvas. It's just a great everyday use foundation. Check it.

5. Bite lipgloss is highly pigmented and amazingly enough.. FDA certified. Yes, you can literally eat this lipgloss. But don't. That's weird. 
Anywho..  :)
It's also long wearing and contains Vitemin E that leaves your lips feeling silky smooth. AND it's not sticky! BONUS

What are some of your favsies?
Let us know what are YOUR must haves!


  1. Bubblebars from lush! Seriously! If you are a bath person, the comforter is amazing and you can get like 5 baths out of it. I highly recommend.

    1. I LOOOOOOOVE Lush!! Walking into their store is like walking into a dream!