Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Target Tees (say that 5x's fast)

Have you eve gone to someones house and it was super clean and decorated perfectly AND they have kids? That happened last night. I went to my monthly BUNCO night and my friend's house made me want to burn mine down and start all over.  Now don't get me wrong.. I am totally blessed with what I have. But times are a changing folks and I'm sick of my once "crepe" colored walls that are now a smoker yellow. No one smokes at my house! What the heck?! Seriously I am tired of the warm tones. Bring on the cool and clean! Anyway, I am hosting next month so now I have to get my rear in gear! This only includes:
*Re-painting my whole house
*Painting our kitchen cupboards 
*Planking our wall
*Putting a brick wall in our kitchen
That's all totally doable right?! In one month? Sigh…..Bring on the pink rockstars I suppose. And a tree that grows money. Actually a tree that hands it out would be better..who has time for picking? How about just direct deposit please. 

Today I wanted to talk about the perfect plain Tee. 
Sometimes you just need a comfy yet stylish tee that you can either dress up, or dress down. A dependable tee. One that has your back whether you've got a hot date, an interview, or  one that won't judge as you realize that you are going to bed in the same thing you woke up in. This shirt fits all those needs and is normally on sale for $5 in stores at Target. Dead. Serious. You guys I promise you can't go wrong with this Tee. They are made by Mossimo and feel and fit like a dream. They are 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester so you can totally toss them in the dryer and not have to deal with shrinkage. This is a seller for me because I literally hang dry almost every shirt I own.

You choice of colors online aren't great. However, in store there are more available options. The one I am wearing here is a salmon color. When I checked this weekend they had gray, salmon, black, white, jade, and a few different striped options.

A few ways to wear:

*Pair them with jeans and pumps (like I did here)
*Your favorite blazer over your favorite tee
*With pajama bottoms… duh 
*Worn tucked into a pencil skirt with a thick belt
*Paired with a maxi skirt 

Boyfriend Crew Tee- Target/ HERE
Premium Skinnies- Rue 21/ Similar HERE
Love Necklace- Rue 21
Feather Chain Necklace- Old Navy
Vera Wang Nude Pumps- Kohls
 Watch- Covet Boutique 

*photos by Jamie Healy Images*

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