Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014

I (Jamie) feel like I'm still recovering from one of the most incredible weekends of my life.  Where do I even begin?  

Imagine somebody called you up for your dream job and somehow all aspects of your life worked out so you could do it.   That is exactly what happened to me.  

I was asked by the Producer/Owner of Salt Lake Comic Con, Dan Farr, to help be his assistant during Comic Con the other weekend.  

What?  That was my reaction to the message I received from his office a few days before CC. 

If Batman asked you to be his sidekick, you don't say no!  I had no idea what I was about to walk into, but I knew it would be awesome.   The other crazy part is that I only have about 3 pictures from the entire weekend (yes, unusual for this photographer) but it really made me take in all the memories first hand.  
Ron Perlman (below) was so awesome to take a minute with me and snap a quick selfie. 

Sheena was great and took all the pictures (below) at the panels.  If you haven't experienced Salt Lake Comic Con, you should.  I'm not sure where else you can meet 40+ celebs first hand, but SLCC brings all the best right to you.

When going to Con, you have a couple different ways you can get a celeb experience.  
Panels- most of the panels are no cost other than your ticket price.  You will want to get in line early, even if you have a VIP pass.  Almost every celeb that comes to CC will sit down with a moderator and answer questions, talk about previous or upcoming work, and often share behind the scenes stories.   
Eliza Dushku (pictured below) talks about growing up in Utah. 

Alan Tudyk (below) answers audience questions and hands out signed memorabilia. 

Patrick Warburton (below) does impressions of all his most famous characters including Cronk, The Tick, Putty, and Family Guy's Joe. 

Simon Helburg (below) talks about his work on 
The Big Bang Theory.

Stephen Amell (below) answers questions about being the leading man on "Arrow."

John Barrowman (below) talks politics, Arrow, and all things funny with the panel.

The legendary cast of "I dream of Jeannie" paid a visit to Salt Lake.  Barbara Eden and Bill Daily.

At the age of 91, Stan Lee still draws the biggest crowd and declares Salt Lake "The Best Comic Con in the World!"

Meet and Greets are another fantastic way to get close to your favorite star.  Salt Lake CC lines all the celebs up on "Celeb Row."  
Celeb Row Tips
  • Know the schedule for the person you want to meet (varies per person and some celebs are only there for 1 of the 3 days
  • Get in line early: if you want to get time with him or her you might have to wait up to 2 hours before the signing begins.  Lines form quick
  • Prices may vary- each celeb has their own price for autographs and photos.  Some will not let you take a photo.  I've seen pricing as much as $80+ for a selfie and autograph.  
  • BRING CASH!!  Very few offer the credit card option. 
The dashing Manu Bennett (pictured below) was dashing and sweet with each fan he met. 

Lou Ferrigno gives his fierce "Hulk" look!

Celeb Photo Op is the other great option for a meet and greet.  Again, there is a fee and the photo literally takes 5 seconds.  Totally worth it if you want the perfect pic!  My sis-in-law, Missy snuggled up to Steven Amell!

The other amazing part of Comic Con is the Cosplay or Costume Play.  Many Cosplayers spend weeks, months, or years putting their perfect costumes together.  
Check out some of the stellar looks and other CC highlights below.  Maybe one day Sheena and I will actually dress up!

Well folks, we hope you enjoyed the photos and tips!  Until next year!

Jamie & Sheena

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